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Aliko beach on the island of Naxos
Aliko beach on Naxos Aliko beach on Naxos Aliko beach on Naxos Aliko beach on Naxos Aliko beach on Naxos

The beach next in line is called Aliko Beach or Alyko Beach, and it is just below Glyfada Beach. The area of Aliko Beach consists of a number of small turquoise coves with beautiful white sand beaches. There are tamarisk trees to lie down in the shade. Here are no beach beds or umbrellas for rent. Above Aliko Beach are sand dunes and there is a beautiful cedar forest, which has been declared a nature reserve. Aliko Beach can be reached by car, but there is also 6 times a day a bus from the capital to the beach. The distance from Naxos Town in about 19 kilometers. Nearby are a few accommodations and a couple of tavernas. Aliko Beach is a good place for people who want peace and quiet and it is also a good place for naturists, even during the high season.

Hans Huisman, 2015
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