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*~Rachels site!!~*

Hi evry!~welcome 2 my site. I hope u will find all u want here! I keep an online diary if ur interested in taking a peek....Of course, i only write sum stuff cuz if i wrote it all thered b no secretz 2 tell ne1! OH and i dont want my whole life like an open book. Ya its kewl tho. on here, Ill just add ^dates, like, when i write in my diary, when i make a new page, and more. this is my main page. the others will show stuff like...

*wut my personality iz*
*wut kinda guys I like*
*my diary*
*wuts important 2 me in life*
*wut i do in my free tyme*
*and soo much more! Its like almost everything u could ever wanna no!*
welcome 2 my world. My crazy world. have any questions? send them 2 me. my email addy is listed after all my other crap! and...heres linx 2 my other stuff:

*~My diary!~*
~*Who I am*~
*~wut i like in guyz~*
~*my free tyme*~

~*sites i think u should see!*~

~*Mandy Moores site!*~
*~advice 4 teenz!(luv it!)~*
~*t.A.T.u- All The Things She said!*~
*~Seventeens site!~*

My Favorite things about guys!!!