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Billís So Simple Diet.


Welcome to Billís Site.
I have found a diet that works for me. The chances are that it could work for you.

I want to share my experience with you because I believe that I have found an answer to the weight-loss, weight-gain round-a-bout that usually happens on fad diets.

This is my experience with an eating/exercising routine that I have been following for the last 6 months. I achieved my goal after 3 months and Iím so pleased that I intend to continue the routine.


Very important Ė if you try this it could affect you health.
I must say right now that even though it works for me, it may not work for you. It may even be dangerous for you. Consult with your health care professional and find out what suits your own personal circumstances.


Why did I want to loose weight?


Medical experts say there are dangers in being overweight. Being within the recommended weight for height limits is the desirable thing. Maintaining a level of fitness for age group goes hand in hand with this.

General well being

I feel much better physically and mentally when Iím around my goal weight and fitness level. I feel empowered because I have taken control of myself. I am in control.


When I look at magazines and advertisements, the constant image is the lean, athletic individual wearing the latest fashion. Canít help it. Itís everywhere.
In recent years, some lobby groups have succeeded in getting big-size models featured on the catwalk and in print. It hasnít taken the world by storm, now, has it? Work out you own reasons for this.


I had some favourite clothes that had become a few sizes too small. And how I wanted to wear them again. This was not trivial for me. It really helped me in the early stages.

The Practice in brief.

1. I walk my dog for 30 minutes before breakfast most days.
2. I eat my carbohydrates before 5:00pm.
3. I avoid chocolates, sugary desserts, sweets and lollies, soft drinks and junk food in general.
4. I gave up smoking a long time ago.

Some explanations

I do my walking before breakfast.
Gets the body systems rolling, releases endorphins in the brain that make me feel good, builds muscle that burns energy faster than fat Ė all good stuff.

I eat my carbohydrates before 5:00pm.
Carbohydrates are in foods like pasta, rice, bread and potatoes.
A body builder told me that carbohydrates generate energy. The idea here, is that if I donít use that energy, my body will store it as fat.

The things that I avoid are my enemies.
I do not want them in my body.

My daily food

I have a generous serve of cereals and milk/soy for breakfast. I like a mix of bran and muesli and any low sugar types. I go for a muesli that has a good mix of nuts, dried fruit and cereals. As much variety as I like. I usually have 3 different cereals in the bowl. Could be cornflakes, bran and muesli. Different mix each day. Sometimes I add fresh fruit. I read the packs and avoid the high sugar confectionary type cereals.

Lunch can be a mix of pasta, meat, fish and salad/vegetables. Or a well-filled sandwich. Check the good food pyramid as a guide. My version of the pyramid excludes sugars, confectionary and desserts.

After 5:00pm, I eat protein foods like meat, fish and cheese. As it turns out, I only need a small serve to be satisfied. I nibble at my cheese platter that I keep supplied with lots of variety including, smoked, soft, blue, slices, chunks, etc. Sometimes I go for cold meats or hot chicken. Maybe some carrot or celery for the crunch factor. When I eat out with family or friends, I choose a salad. Alcohol in moderation. Usually a light red wine at night and some beer at the weekends.

If needed, in between times, a small sandwich, fruit or vegetable snacks are good and remember only proteins after 5:00pm.

I try to avoid eating 3 hours before bedtime. I found that if I eat a heavy meal just before bedtime, I get indigestion, heartburn and nightmares. Terrible combination and it helps to stack on the weight.

I eat a mixture of lean and fatty meats Ė bacon, salami, and a mix of low fat and regular cheeses.

Getting started

I expected to feel a bit hungry during the first 3 weeks and, yes, it happened. I was also eating less than usual Ė especially at night. I countered with lots of fresh and tinned fruit. Carrot and celery snacks. Lots of water. Also, lots of congratulations. ďIím hungry therefore, itís workingĒ Hooray. I knew that my body would settle down when it got used to the new rhythm.

I left out a time limit to achieve my goal because this is a choice to last a life time. I did have a short term milestone so that I would be reassured that my routine was working. The milestone was a favourite pair of trousers that I could no longer fit into.

Breaking old habits

I had to replace some of my usual eating routines and preferences. For example. I replaced my chocolate bar after lunch each day with a small bag of carrot sticks. Sometimes celery, an apple, a pear, etc. I much preferred the chocolate but after a week or two, I kind of looked forward to my Ďhealthyí alternatives. (Now, six months later, I donít even think about any dessert after my meal.)

I knew this habit change would happen because of a past experience. I used to drink coffee with milk and two sugars. Try drinking it black with no sugars. Unthinkable. As it happened, the coffee machine at my work would regularly run out of milk and sugar. In desperation, I decided to go black, no sugar to see if I could get used to it. Then after a couple of weeks I tried the old way. Yuk, terrible. I was converted to black, no sugar. It does work. I just had to give my body and taste buds time to adjust.

Try this one.

Pick the driest cereal you have and eat a bowl full without milk. And donít drink anything until finished. Chew it well. Just dry cereal. I noticed a few things. I tasted what the cereal was really like. After a few minutes eating, my mouth produced enough saliva to do the job.

There is a certain amount of craving that kicks in when routines are changed. I drink a large glass of water to chase craving away and I persist with the change until I feel comfortable with the new routine. Changing eating habits takes time and some discomfort. The reward is my new waistline.

Here some interesting by-products of my new diet.

My wife has lost about 2 dress sizes. How did this happen? I think itís because I do my little cheese platter thing at night while she nibbles at a few tasty snacks of her own choosing.
The big evening meals and desserts have gone.

In six months, I have resisted the consumption of over 180 chocolate bars at lunchtimes alone. I have saved around $270.00.

Some general guides.

If you need to be more severe to get results, check the foods you are eating and drinking for fat or calorie levels. Find lower level replacements for the top scorers.
Put more effort into the exercise time and burn more fat.


This is a diet of variety, of healthy foods, timing and a little exercise.
It took 3 to 4 weeks training for me to get comfortable living without biscuits, chocolate, desserts and rubbish. For me, itís easier not to eat any of these at all. Iím not then craving and waiting for my next little allowance.

I feel empowered.

It is a diet that I feel happy to say, ďThis is the way I eatĒ.

And I really enjoy wearing my favourite clothes again.

This is a shareware idea.

Take care and if you find it successful, please let me know and send a donation in Australian dollars, whatever you think itís worth to you, to

Perry Creative, PO Box 707, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia.

Enjoy the new you for the rest of your life.
Good health, live long and prosper.


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