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Matala, Crete


The beach at Kommos.

Kommos is located 71km from southwest of Iraklion on the sea, just north of Matala. Leaving Matala, you go round a curve and after the campgrounds on the hill and before the village of Pitsidia, there are left turns to the area of Kommos. These are dirt tracks you can walk in 15 minutes or you can drive down from the main road.

The water and the sea, and in the distance the Paximadia islands.

Finally a picture of me :)....

Kommos has a very big and beautiful sandy beach east of Matala. The beach is quite spectacular and surprisingly undeveloped, probably due to the archaeological site and restrictions on private enterprise in the area. It's much more quiet than the Matala beach, and there's room for nudists.

The yellow coloured rocks.

The escavations in front of the beach.

This is the site of on-going archaeological excavations of a Minoan settlement on a very beautiful sandy beach east of Matala. Kommos was a Minoan harbour from the early time of Minoan civilization. It was probably the major port of entry in the Mesara Plain, and monumental buildings near the shore and paved roads towards Mesara suggest a customs house. Remains from the Greek era have also been found in Kommos. A temple built here in the tenth century B.C. is one of the oldest known in Greece. Remainders of later temples dating from the fourth to the first century B.C. are now visible.