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I don't work on my site that much anymore because i made it a few years ago,but every once in awhile check back and there might be updates.Thanks!If you wanna you can IM me on "luvableluvbugg7"...oh yeah any guestbook entrys that a crude or inapproirate will be deleted and reported.

Making Dolls
  1. Drag and drop clothing that you pick on to a body that you chose.
  2. If you desire, add accessories and various things like that.
  3. Put a head on the body, and if necessary a pair of shoes that you desire.
Saving a doll
  1. After completing your doll hit the button next to the F12 button that says "print screen/SysRQ". This will take a photo of your screen.
  2. Open up a photo editor. I use Microsoft Photo Editor. Some other choices maybe: Paint Shop Pro, Paint, or Microsoft Photo draw or some other photo editor.
  3. Than go to the edit menu and click paste.
  4. Than you must crop the image and SAVE!
  5. AND your DONE!


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