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Howdy partner! Welcome to the Chihuahua Cowboy Wagon Train Room.
Use your mouse to drag all the pieces anywhere in the scene and off of scene. (((YOU MUST HAVE A MOUSE TO PLAY THIS))) This WillNot Work Without A Mouse!!! All the pieces are just below the Chihuahua wagon train scene.
Have fun with the little Chi's and their little friends. Place them in their tents to bed down for the night. Or on the logs around the camp fires and cooking fires. Place them on their ponies or on their wagons sit them at the barrel table for chow or at the chuck wagon.
Place their cooking pots and coffee posts on the fire and cook them up some grub.
or give them a guitar to play. Give the ponies a bucket of water to drink.Hitch their ponies up to the wagons to hit the trail.
If some of the images don't load Click on on the red-X with your mouse and click on show picture or you can press F5.
Enjoy your visit! Have a Chi-rrific time! :)
Use your mouse to drag items around.

You can drag items anywhere on the screen. You can drag items off the scene.

Press F5 (or right-click an "X'd" pic and choose Show Picture) if some of the images haven't loaded.