Making a background using tables To make a layer of tables you will need the HTML code below as a guide... feel free to addapt it as you need. The Table demonstrated at the botom of this page demonstrates the final product. Select it by clicking and Draging the mouse to the end of the code - Copy it by hitting Ctrl and c on your keyboard at the same time - Have open the MSN 'a custom web page' and check the tick box just below the Text area - Paste into the text area using Ctrl and v on your keyboard at the same time. Read through the html code below and try to understand what it will do. where you see numbers with % it indicates a percentage of the entire monitor screen. Where you see plain numbers it represents pixels 0=no pixels, 1=one pixel ect. so a cellspacing of 25 is 25 pixels wide. HTML coding is a combination of english and maths so its not to complicated to understand, have a go it cant hurt.
Now you can go about editing the table to suit your personal taste, you can change the backgrounds colors by changing the address mentioned in each table (the blah) to another address of another image... the key is experimentantion and practice. Go back into the normal veiw, by clicking on the check box the same as you did to enter the HTML edit view and you will see your table start to come to life. Once you have laid the foundation you can insert your images just the same as you insert images into a message post. This is your example To create a table on your own you need to hit the Insert Table Button and have your table have 1 Row and 1 Column. Make the first table have a large CellSpacing (i recommend 25-30), have your Boarder width at 0 and then go to the background... this can be a little tricky so read carefully... Open a new internet explorer window and go to the picture albums where the backgrounds are saved. Go to the background you want and click on it... now right click it and go to properties in the menu. In the properties there will be a URL (the address for the images location) select this and right click, then copy. Move back to the first window and in the Background section of the 'insert table' paste your url by clicking in the text area and pressing 'ctrl + v'. This will paste the url into the background. Now hit OK. A small little box will appear with a hint of the background you selected inside. click inside the table and delete the space bar entry that is in there automatically, it will just stuff things up. To make a multi-layered table, once you have done the above, repete the create table button. The second table is effectivly a border so it has a VERY small cellSpacing (i recommend 2 or 3). Again choose your background and paste into the backgrounds. The next layer is what i call the frame, its cellSpacing is smaller than the bottom layer and larger than the border layer (I recommend 10 to 15) This can be repeted as may times as you like. Make the last layer you want be something that text will stand out on. Now we will get into the slightly tricky part of HTML. Hit the check button at the bottom of the page. now you will see or something close to that effect. in the first one- click just after 'TABLE' and type in width=100% align=center. Make sure your spelling is just like this, one spelling mistake will make the table screw up. a space bar seperates the commands make sure you use it. Select - copy and paste this into each reference about TABLE. now go back to the normal veiw my clicking the HTML check box again. Looks different?? Now you can add your Images and Text just as you please and when you save it, it will look BRILLIANT.