7th Conlang Translation Relay

PositionDue DateNameLanguage
004-SepBob GreenwadeRav Zarruvo
Group One
106-SepRoger MillsKash
310-SepPhilip NewtonVerdurian
412-SepChristian ThalmannObrenje
514-SepAmanda BabcockToma Heylm
616-SepDouglas KollerGéarthnuns
718-SepAmelia ChampionZiotaki
820-SepNicole Dobrowolskinarethanaal
Group Two
1024-SepSylvia SotomayorKelen
1126-SepChristopher WrightTallefkuel
1330-SepDavid PetersonKamakawi
1504-OctRobert WilsonKinsi Rorotan
1606-OctJosh RothKar Marinam
Group Three
1912-OctYoon Ha LeeTasratal
2014-OctNatalia LaurilaMango
2116-OctJesse BangsYivrian
2218-OctH. S. TeohEbisedian
Group Four
2320-OctJoe HillZitwbata
2422-OctTony HogardNesheti
2524-OctNihil SumRhean
2728-OctJan Van SteenbergenHattic
2830-OctJonathan North WashingtonTjelwu
2901-NovMuke TeverTrentish
3003-NovSteg BelskyRokbeigalmki
3105-NovHerman MillerTirelat
3207-NovElliott LashSilindion
Group Five
3513-NovShreyas SampatSeinundjé
3615-NovClint Jackson BakerKayasanoda
3717-NovIrina RemptIlaini
3819-NovBob GreenwadeRav Zarruvo

The groups are ordered as follows:

Group One: Those who wish to participate, but don't want to deal with a text that's become mutated beyond recognition of the original text.

Group Two: Those whose languages have some unusual feature (such as not having verbs, or even something simple like an unusual way of expressing numbers).

Group Three: Those whose languages spring from "concultures" (constructed cultures) with some unusual feature that could affect how something is expressed.

Group Four: Anyone who doesn't fit into the any of other groups.

Group Five: Those who joined the relay after it started, or who missed their deadline(s) the first time through but still wished to participate.


General Rules

1. Upon receiving your text from the preceding person, you will have until midnight (Pacific Time) on the day of your deadline (as listed above) to translate the text into your own conlang (constructed language).

2. The package that is sent to the next person in line should consist of, at the very least, the new text in your own conlang; and a list of words, affixes, and other grammatical elements with their English translation.

3. The coordinator should receive the same package from you, along with a "smooth" translation (that is, a rendering in English of the text as you understand it).

4. Any additional items are optional, but encouraged if you think it would help with the translation. Examples of items that have been included in the past include GIF and PDF files of "native" text, WAV and MP3 files of the text being read aloud, and the like.

5. Once you've sent your packages to the next person in line, send a note to the coordinating list (here) letting everyone involved know that you've sent on the text.

Rules Specific to This Relay

1. When doing your translation, if you come upon a phrase that you can't seem to make sense of in a transliteration (word for word translation), assume you're working with a linguistic idiom and try to express the apparent conceptual meaning rather than just the meaning of the words.

2. If the person ahead of you gets done early, your deadline is not moved back -- it will give you more time to work on yours. By the same token, if you can get yours done ahead of time, be nice and send it to the next person early.

3. If you cannot finish your translation before the deadline for any reason, just pass what you got from the person before you directly to the next person in line. You may then be moved to the end of the relay, or dropped altogether (your choice).

4. When you send your package of materials to the coordinator, please use "7th Relay, Step ##" as the Subject header, with ## being a two-digit rendering of your Position number from the table above. (This will help tremendously in sorting through the results later on).

5. For the period after you send your materials on to the next person, try as much as possible to be available to give help, answer questions, and so forth.

6. If the person after you is more than 12 hours late and hasn't yet acknowledged the fact on the list, just send your materiels to the next person after that. (You're not completely off the hook until your text has been translated!)

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