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*Black, White, Cuban and asian*

Interracial Marriage, dating, and love

Interracial relationships are a social issue
because they causes turmoil and controversy amoungst    
people of all ages and ethnic backrounds.

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I interviewed SRHS Freshman, Sheena Johnson, for her personal insight and experience on this issue

1.) What races are your parents?

African-American-Father, White/Puerto Rican-Mother

2.)When did your parents meet?

in college, around 19 or 20

3.) Did anyone in either family oppose the marriage?

No, both were fine with it

4.)What were the positive and negative aspects of growing up in a multiracial family?

Some negatives were that my mom got threatening phone calls when she was pregnant with me- Some man called

and would tell her that if she had me he was going to kill her and me, so that kind of scared my parents. Also, the way other people

took my parents being different races. It was OK in elementary school, because everyone is too young to care, but in

middle school when people saw me with my mom and asked me i would lie and say she wasn't my mom. It's ok now because i know

that its OK that my parents are different races.

Some positive aspects are that i have been exposed to alot of different cultures and people and it has shaped me as a person.

5.)Do you think that interracial marriages are hard on the children?

Yes, it makes it hard for the kids, but if you're inlove than there is no reason you shouldn't get married



    EXPERIENCES AND ATTITUDES (based on 496 teens who have dated)
    Have dated someone of another race
    All: 57%
    Whites: 47%
    Blacks: 28%
    Hispanics: 90%
    Have not, but would consider it
    All: 30%
    Whites: 36%
    Blacks: 28%
    Hispanics: 9%
    Would not consider it
    All: 13%
    Whites: 17%
    Blacks: 12%
    Hispanics: 1%
    Percent of whites who have dated a
    Black: 17%
    Hispanic: 33%
    Asian: 15%
    Percent of blacks who have dated a
    White: 44%
    Hispanic: 38%
    Asian: 10%
    Percent of Hispanics who have dated a
    White: 82%
    Black: 40%
    Asian: 25%
    How parents say they would (or did) react if (or when) their teen dated interracially:
    Totally fine with it: 62%
    Would/did mind: 34%
    Depends: 4%
    How teens say their parents would (or did) react if (or when) they dated interracially:
    Totally fine with it: 64%
    Would/did mind: 34%
    No opinion: 2%
    Percent of adults who agree with statement: 'It's all right for blacks and whites to date each other.'
    1987: 48%
    Now: 69%
    Types of  interracial  dating most likely to cause problems with other teens of the same race/ethnicity as the person dating, based on the percentage of teens who say it would cause problems:
    White dating a black: 24%
    Black dating a white: 23%
    Black dating an Asian: 21%
    Asian dating a black: 19%
    Black dating a Hispanic: 12%
    Hispanic dating an Asian: 11%
    Hispanic dating a black: 11%
    White dating an Asian: 11%
    Asian dating a Hispanic: 10%
    White dating a Hispanic: 10%
    Hispanic dating a white: 10%
    Asian dating a white: 8%
    Percent of teens who give these reasons for  interracial dating:
    Find the person attractive: 97%
    Care about the person: 91%
    Are open-minded: 89%
    Are curious: 75%
    Trying to be different: 54%
    Rebelling against parents: 47%
    Trying to be cool: 46%
    Trying to get attention of parents: 43%
    Source: USA TODAY Poll of 602 teen-agers ages 13-19 currently in grades 7-12, conducted Oct. 13-20 by the Gallup Organization. Margin of sampling error: +/- 4 percentage points. The poll included 285 non-Hispanic whites (sampling error: 6 percentage points), 188 non-Hispanic blacks (8 percentage points) and 103 Hispanics (11 percentage points). Adult responses are from a USA TODAY Poll of 500 adults (18 and over), conducted Oct. 27-29. Margin of sampling error: +/- 4 percentage points.

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