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Bios: The Thompsons

The Thompsons. They are prehaps, the funniest characters. Thomson and Thompson are identical twins. They live in England. They are detectives, part of a special branch of police. They look exactly alike, except for one small ditail. The ends of Thomson's mustache is a little curled, while Thompson's mustache is completely straight. The rest is the same. They always dress the same, too.
First of all, the Thompsons are clutzes. They are always triping, falling, or bumping into something. They've stepped of a moving boat, got out of a moving jeep, dove face first into sand, bumped into signs, poles,and all sorts of other things, they've fallen of a plane; the list goes on forever.
The Thompsons speak in funny ways. When one says one thing, the other will say "To be precise:" and twist the words around! For example, Thomson said: "Something very odd has just happened!" and Thompson said: “To be precise...we just happen to be very odd!” Here's another time: The Thompsons are having the handcuffs, cuffing them together, broken. Thomson: “ Just wait till I get my hands on him!” Thompson: “To be precise: ... just wait till we get our hands!”
The Thompsons aren't the smartest people. They often act dumb. For example, once, they tried to talk into a cane, thinking it was a phone! But they act more dumb than they are. They do stupid things quite often, but they can think things through, figure things out, put two and two together, make plans. But their problem is that they always mess up! They sometimes are ealsily fooled, and othertimes they aren't. They can, on a good day, spot the knot. So you have to give those two clutzes credit.
Many times what they think, do, and say doesn't make sense. They may think they figured something out, but are completely mistaken, and their wrong figurations don't make any sense.
The Thompsons take their job duties very seriously. They have arrested Tintin many times, but he always gives them the slip. Even though Tintin is their friend, they still do their job of arresting him. Especially if that's their orders. Once when they came to arrest Tintin, Tintin says to them, "My old friends", but they said, "In our job we have no friends." Once all the evidence pointed to Tintin because he had been setup. So they arrested him even though they felt he was innocent. After all, that was their job. And when Tintin's innocence is proved, they're happy. Because he is, after all, their friend.

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