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Bios: Snowy

Snowy is Tintin’s pet dog. Snowy is a very loyal dog. He never leaves Tintin’s side. Once Tintin had to leave Snowy behind on a ship while he went away in a seaplane, and Snowy was in despair! No matter what the Captain and the others tried to do to cheer Snowy up, they couldn’t. They tried offering him food, but he still howled in sorrow. But then the seaplane, which Tintin was in, came back because they had forgotten something. And once it landed next to the ship, Snowy jumped from Captain’s arms, and off the ship, and onto the seaplane’s wing! And that wasn’t the first time Snowy’s done that.
Snowy has saved Tintin’s life more than once. He defiantly earns his keep! And Tintin has risked his life for Snowy too.
Snowy’s bad habit is that he has a taste for whiskey. Once there was a broken whiskey bottle in Captain’s backpack and if was leaking onto the ground. Snowy drank all the spills and got drunk. He was walking on a narrow path by a cliff, and he fell off into a river! That time was Tintin’s turn to rescue Snowy.
Snowy, unlike Tintin, does not like getting involved in adventures. He’d rather stay in Marlinspike and chase the cat around.
But dogs will be dogs. He loves bones, while Tintin doesn’t like him to chew them. And his love for bones has landed him in all sorts of troubles. Once Tintin’s life depended on Snowy delivering a S.O.S. message to a nearby monastery (Tintin in Tibet), but on the way he came across a big bone. In order to chew it he would have to drop the S.O.S. note. His conscience told him to bring the note to the monastery and ignore the bone, but he didn’t listen. Soon he let go of the note and it blew away in the wind. He realized what he’d done and left the bone. He led the monks at the monastery to Tintin (who was wounded) even without the note.
That brings up another subject; Snowy doesn’t always do the right thing. He many times disobeys Tintin or gets drunk. He’s been spanked for bad things. But Tintin never stays mad at Snowy for long. He soon forgives Snowy.
Snowy is indeed a funny character, too. A funny thing is that he’s not scared of a big gorilla, but he’s terrified of a small spider!
Snowy can follow orders very well, most of the time. It’s as if he understands every word everybody says. He has chewed through ropes bounding his master many, many times. He has bitten crooks countless times. He has helped Tintin escape many times too. But one thing Snowy does, and is expected to do most is follow peoples' scent. He’s led Tintin to things and people Tintin tries to find. Tintin has a lot of trust and faith in Snowy to do his part. And why wouldn’t he? Snowy is an incredible dog! It’s no wonder Tintin loves Snowy so.

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