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Bios: Captain Haddock

Captain Archibald Haddock. He is known as Captain Haddock, though. His first name might as well be Captain. That's what Tintin, Professor Calculus, and the Thompsons call him. His age is also unknown. My guess is somewhere from his 30s to 40s. He lives in Marlinspike. He is the president of the S.S.S.; the Society for Sober Sailors. He is a retired captian, but still sails when the adventure calls for it.
He owns Marlinspike Hall, which is where he lives. Living in the mansion with him is Tintin, Professor Calculus, and Nestor, his butler. He and Tintin got rich when they found Red Rackham's treasure. Their mansion was bought for the captain by Professor Calculus. At first Tintin didn't move in, he continiued living at his apartament. So when Captain got the mansion, he also hired Nestor. At first he tried to act rich and sophisticated. He dressed differently. He even went horseback riding. But that didn't work. It just wasn't him. So he just stayed himself. He was back to normal after Prisoners of the Sun.
Captain has an easy temper. He is easily upseted. And when he gets mad, he name calls. He yells long lists of names like pirates, baboons, wippersnapper, road-hogs, anthracite, jelly fish, swine; things like that. But most of the time he gets mad for good reason. For example, once someone was knocked out, and something was stolen. Captain and Tintin rushed to the scene of the crime. Soon came the Thompsons, and they acused Captain Haddock of doing it! He got mad for good reason, but controling one's temper is best. And he can get really mad. Normally he calms down soon after, but when he's really mad he goes on and on! After the Thompsons acused him, he got really mad. He yelled and called them tons of names! The Thompsons ran away from the room, but they didn't get far enough, Captain threw their canes at them, hitting them on the heads!
Captain is kind of ginxed. When ever something happens it's always to him. He's always getting hurt! He trips, things fall on him, he falls, stumbles, every thing! When it comes to getting hurt he's always the unlucky one. Things constantly happen to him! And when Abdullah's around he really gets it. He is the victim of most of Abdullah's pranks -- poor Captain!
Captain Haddock smokes a pipe. He drinks too. Before meeting Tintin he was a pathetic drunkard, bullied by his first mate. But when he met Tintin his life changed. He no longer was a drunkard. He even tried to quit completely. But he didn't. Now he can control himself from drinking a lot more than he could before. But he would defenetly rather have it than not have it. On many of the adventures he's in with Tintin, he can't have a drink at all! He does get drunk on occasion and messes things up! Sometimes Tintin has to be so patient with him.
Captain Haddock is a complex character. He also has a kid's playfulness.
The Captain is also a rough person. He gets mad often. He says things roughly. And even though he isn't always nice, he is a good person. And even though he doesn't always show it, he is kind. For example, once he saw that the only place a group of gipsies could camp in was a garabage dump. So he invited the gipsies to camp at his meadow. And they did. And even though almost everybody protested and said it was a bad idea, he let them anyway. He also stood up for the gipsies. It was a very generous thing to do. That shows that he does care. And that deep inside, he has a heart of gold.

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