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We play acoustic alternative music. We've been playing together for around 5 years now. This website is for our fans, who give us a reason to keep playing. Thanks.


October 10th 2001-Sorry we haven't had any changes for a while. We've been recording and working on putting together a CD. We recently had two songs played on a college radio station in New York. Right now we're just recording, and it takes a while. When we have a CD, we're planning on launching a new website with lots of fun things to do. Stay Tuned! -Tom

September 17th 2001-We decided to call the band "second nature." Soon a bass player named Ryan will be joining the band. Battle of the bands is tomorrow night!!

September 11th 2001-We signed up for Battle of The Bands at Oyster River high school. It will be taking place in the cafeteria at 7pm. Hope to see you there.

September 9th 2001-Last night was RUSTIC AT RED HOOK!!!!! they were awesome!!!! We also bought some incredibly nice digital recording equiptment. See our * 8 Track *

September 7th 2001-Today we ran through some songs and decided to play at the Oyster River Battle of the bands. It is happening in about two weeks (check the shows section soon for a date) And we're working on buying new equiptment and recording a CD sometime in the near future. See ya :)

August 27th 2001-We spent the last two days recording music and throwing hay around. We have a lot of new stuff, some of which is going in the music section. We're probably gonna buy some good recording equiptment soon and record a full CD. See ya!!!

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