'Please Pray for us'
Christmas time is here again!

I used to look forward to Christmas: the family gathering, presents, pies (apple, sweet potato, pecan, lemon) laughter, dinner, warmth, Chistmas tree, lights, etc, etc, etc. But as a Follower of Christ in the Middle East itís a different story. In fact, I ask you to pray for us and all Believers around the world. I can only compare the feeling to Halloween. A day that itís customary for many to vandalize, sacrifice animals, you name it. Christmas approaching also reminds me of each approaching 9/11 since ground zero, eerie, not knowing, scaryÖ Christmas in Israel is a time when all know Christians/Messianic/Messianic Jews must watch and pray!

It must be a Middle East thing! When the Arabs got mad because of those cartoons about Mohammad and when they donít like what to Pope says, they go on a rampage of destruction. Likewise, we catch it from the Pharisees (the ultra-Orthodox).

For example, the day after we did the Jesus video campaign they slashed all the tires on our vehicles. When President Bush got re-elected, and when ĎThe Passioní came out we also caught it on this end. And on Christian high holy days, like Christmas, Easter and Passover the Pharisees (the ultra-Orthodox) and anti-missionary inflammatory groups like the Yad Líchim, Jewish Defense League, and the Jews for Judaism are apt to wage a barrage of hate crimes against Believers, our places, and things.

Ironically, we donít have any problems from the Israeli Arabs and Palestinians because they view Jesus as a Holy Prophet and respect Him.

It seems like those who hate Jesus with a passion hear a little voice in their heads saying ďOn Christmas, His birthday, letís wait till then!Ē

Israel passed its anti-mission law (5 to 7 year jail term for witnessing to anyone under 18) on Christmas Day 1977.

Christmas Eve 2005 a huge mob of Pharisees (the ultra-Orthodox) entered the Beersheva congregation throwing the pastor into the baptismal pool, slapping some of the old women around, and wrecking the place. Youtube Video: click HERE!

Christmas 2006 fell on a Monday. Monday is when we distribute used clothes in the marketplace. It was a wild and crazy day. Lots of Pharisees (the ultra-Orthodox) came out to harass usÖ but prayer warriors worldwide did what they do, and all was well, and to all a good night!

We survived Christmas 2007 & 2008 thanks to God answering your prayers!

Edwin Beckford
December 7, 2009