Messianic Jews file a complaint with the police:


“Rabbi Lipsker incited and authorized the shedding of our blood”


The Ashkenazi Rabbi of Arad, Rabbi Lipsker, will be called soon to the police station for questioning, following a complaint filed by the Messianic Jewish congregation concerning the Rabbi’s statements about them.


Complaints were filed against the chief Sepharadi Rabbi, Rabbi Albo, as well as the leaders of the Orthodox organization “Yad L’achim”.

As recalled, for many weeks the Gur Hassidim and the organization “Yad L’achim” have been campaigning vigorously against the Messianic Jews in Arad, by demonstrating, putting up notices warning against them and more.


The height of the attack was a large demonstration that took place in front of one of the congregants’ home, in which the city’s Rabbis and public figures from the Orthodox and the religious sectors in town participated.


In their complaint to the police, the Messianic Jews argue mainly against Rabbi Lipsker, whose words to the public were close to, seemingly, wild incitement. In their complaint they quote the Rabbi who called to drive them out of town and puke them from Arad.


“Rabbi Lipsker, in his statements, has permitted our blood, only two weeks after Sheik Ahmed Yassin’s elimination in Gaza, he stands before a large crowd and compares us to that Yassin,” claimed the leader of the congregation, Yakim Figeras, in the police station, “and what do his followers suppose to understand from this?  That if Sheik Yassin was eliminated, we need to be eliminated too?!  We are talking about a great blow to the freedom of religion and about advocating the elimination and murder of members of the Messianic congregation.”


We couldn’t get the police’s response by the time the paper was due in print.


Since the demonstration, the Orthodox held another large demonstration to which 600 demonstrators came by buses from all over the country. In the last week the Orthodox chose more minor harassments against members of the congregation including smaller demonstrations of 2-10 people in front members of the congregation’s homes.