Yad Leachim

Text Box: Beware they are missionaries… Beware they are missionaries… Beware they are missionaries…

Chief Rabbinate
and Religious Council


Go gather together all the Jews

Citizens of Arad,

In view of the increasing missionary activity in Arad
the citizens are called to attend an information meeting on

Action against the Mission in Arad

Which will take place on Sunday, Shvat 28th (26.2.2006 according to their calendar) in the hall by the Sepharadic Synagogue, 5 Shimon St., at 19:15.


Text Box: Citizens of Arad, let us come together in our fight against the missionaries who want to annihilate any remnant or memory of the nation of Israel

Closing words and outlining plan of action
Rabbi Shalom Dov Liefschitz
Chairman of “Yad Leachim

Rabbi Alex Artovski
Director of the anti-missionary department of “Yad Leachim


Main Speaker:
Rabbi Yehuda Deri
Chief Rabbi and President of Court, Beer Sheva


Words of awakening
The Cabbalist
Rabbi Yoram Aberjil


Mr. Bezalel Tabib
Former Mayor


Rabbi Ben-Zion Lipsker
Chief Rabbi of Arad


Rabbi Yosef Elbo
Chief Rabbi of Arad