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These two properties can be sold together or separately.
Cavendish Cottage
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This two bedroom waterview cottage is built on 0.5 acres of land that overlook the sand dunes and the North Shore. Situated 500 yards from the Cavendish Beach and less than 2 miles from other Island attractions such as Anne of Green Gables House, Cavendish Golf Course, and Rainbow Valley.
Lincoln Green Miniature Golf Course
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Lincoln Green miniature golf course is built on 4 acres of land in Cavendish. This parcel comes with 3 buildings: 2 enclosed gazebos (1 office, 1 canteen with 2 restrooms in the back), and 1 open gazebo. The lucky purchaser of this property will be glad to know that golf clubs, a lawn tractor, a lawn mower, and a fridge will be going with the property.