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The Very Cool MOD Chip

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WHAT IS A STEALTH GAME ENHANCER ?     hot.gif (1620 bytes)

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Enhancer plugs in the parallel port on the back of the PSX

Bust Open your games with the New Stealth Game Enhancer!

The Stealth Game Enhancer for the Sony PlayStation is a powerful game enhancement tool! Want to play back-up copies and imports? Want to have access to thousands of cheats for games - many of them impossible to attain using normal in-game cheat codes? You need one of these!! Infinite lives, faster lap times, invincible aircraft, hidden levels and many more possibilities are made easy using the Stealth Game Enhancer! Connecting to the parallel I/O port of your PlayStation, the Stealth Game Enhancer is ready for use immediately to help you bust every game wide open!!!

Once connected, you have access to the following functions:

Allow you to play your Back-up copies and Imports without the need for a soldered mod chip.

Game cheat system. Thousands of cheat codes for popular games come built in to the Game Enhancer, ready for you to select and use immediately.

Custom code storage. Using codes published on web sites on the Internet, in magazines and by other users, you can obtain new codes and enter them yourself. These are then stored after "Power Off" for use at any time in the future. Editing features included, so you can add, edit and delete codes as you wish to create a list of just the codes you use for your games.

A fully featured memory card management tool that allows you to copy saves, copy whole cards, format cards and even collect together saves and compress them for storage. Thus, your little-used saves or backup saves can be compressed down and stored in much less space.

Connector to allow you to connect your Stealth Game Enhancer to your PC, enabling many more functions and giving you the power to find and create your own cheat codes. This requires the optional PC Comms Link package.

Eliminates those slow annoying Sony boot up screens (White and Black Screens).

Why the New Stealth Game Enhancer instead of soldering a Mod Chip?

With the game enhancer you will NOT void your warranty. Why void the warranty on your PlayStation console because you installed a mod chip to play imports? Installating a mod chip is not for everyone, not only does it void your warranty from Sony, but also it can be tricky to install if you don't know how to solder. With the New Stealth Game Enhancer there is no soldering involved, and you'll be playing back-ups and imports in less than 5 seconds! There are many more advantages that the Stealth Game Enhancer has over the mod chip like: keeps warranty safe, plugs and unplugs in seconds, uses cheat codes, has a v-ram viewer, folder and file viewer, internal memory card manager, skips the white and black Sony screens and more!

Control every Game Enhancer Feature with TV screen controls:

     Screen shot of Enhancer Main Menu           Screen shot of Enhancer Cheat Code Menu

     Screen shot of Enhancer Memory Manager Menu           Screen shot of Enhancer CD Viewer Menu

Summary of the Game Enhancer

  • Use any CD-R drive (CD writer) to make back-up copies of your games.
  • Game Shark and a Stealth Mod Chip contained in one amazing plug in unit.
  • Game Shark, Game Enhancer, Action Replay and Explorer cheat codes work in this device!
  • Cheat Codes allow - Infinite lives, Unlimited Energy, Hidden Levels, Secret Passages, Extra Scenes, Invincibility, Faster Cars, Programmers Secrets and so much MORE!
  • 1000's of preloaded cheat codes. You can add more via your controller or Com-Link.
  • High speed com-port for Com-Link unit to download Thousands of codes off the net!
  • Allows you to play single and multi disk Imports too!
  • On Screen (TV) controls. Control Downloads, Cheats, CD Files, Memory Etc.
  • CD Viewer: Play any game movies (video clips), game music, sounds, graphics or FMV. View every CD file and folder on the game disc from your Playstaion!
  • Memory Card Manager - transfer saved memory card data to other memory cards!
  • Works in every 100x, 550x, 700x and 750x Dual-Shock model Playstations!
  • Plugs in and out in seconds! Completely portable - Fits in the Parallel I /O port of your Playstation!
  • Skips the White and Black Intro Screens. Faster boot ups & CD disks smoother!

Now you can own the NEWEST most POWERFUL device ever offered for the PlayStation!

How Does It Work?

Before you try and copy a Playstation CD, you must be aware that you can't just copy-and-play. It is critical that you understand the copy protection used inside the PSX, and what you must do to play copied CDs. Authentic CDs for the PSX have black bottoms, as compared to normal CDs with silver or gold bottoms. This is to distinguish authorized CDs from those made with a standard CD recorder. Despite the coloring, PSX CDs can be read in any PC or Mac CD-ROM.

The black CDs are made with special recorders made by Sony, which are able to write special CDs (through the use of bad blocks). Bad blocks are segments of data on the CD which have been marked as invalid. Normally, you do not want these on a CD as any data which is located in a bad block is lost. Because of this, all consumer CD recorders are designed to correct bad blocks when they read them before writing them to new CDs. Only Sony's special development recorders will re-write these bad blocks on new CDs, and these cannot be purchased. Understanding bad blocks is the key to understanding the Playstation's copy protection scheme.

When the PSX boots up, it performs two checks on the CD inside the PSX. One of these checks looks for the country code, which tells the PSX what country the CD was created in. If the code matches the code that is located in the PSX BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), the boot procedure will continue. For example, a Japanese CD is not playable on a US Playstation because of the country code check. The second check looks for bad blocks at certain locations on the CD. Since only Sony's CD recorders can produce these, the presence of bad blocks tell the PSX that the CD is authentic. If they are not there, the PSX halts the boot process.

Will my Stealth Game Enhancer / Game shark / Action Replay / Modshark  work with
a Mod Chip?

Yes! However you will need to follow the following procedure to boot your games.

1. Open the lid, put the cd in the unit, leave the lid open.

2. Turn on the playstation.

3. Pick whatever cheat codes you want to use.

4. Close the lid and press the button to start the game within 1-2 seconds of closing

You must do this procedure because the units like the Game Enhancer / Game
Shark take over the boot process and since the Stealth Mod Chip must go into Stealth mode in order to beat the new protection you must tell the chip to wake up before you tell the game to boot.

The STEALTH GAME ENHANCER is an 'upgrade' that allows you to use CD's from every country in every format possible. Play the import titles from America, Europe or Japan on your Playstation! Now it's also possible to use your personal back-up CD's (CD-R's) and import CD's. Fast and easy to install! Compatible with  U.S. and European Sony PlayStation models - 100x/550x/700x/750x PAL/NTSC!

NOTE: Will not work with the 900x, PSone or PS2 series PlayStations.

WARNING: It is illegal to make backups of games you don't own.

" PlayStation"  is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment and "Dreamcast" is a trademark of Sega Corp. to which we have no affiliations. Our company is not affiliated with Sony or Sega in any way. The modifications, MOD chips, Stealth Game Enhance or any other item's listed on this web site was not produced, manufactured or endorsed by Sony Corp., Sega Corp. nor any of its affiliates or representatives, therefore they hold no responsibility for the use of this modification with their product.