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Almosta Ranch

*~*~* Warning: This is all a part of a really cool game, none of this is real!*~*~*

Welcome to Almosta Ranch! We are part of TROT and a min-barn of Running Freely Ranch. You are met at the gates of Almosta Ranch by my friendly Rottweilers, Reba, Tank, Chev, and Emmy. They will then lead you down the hill towards our complex. When there I will greet you, you will also be greeted by some of our friends, most being equine. Our complex was finished in May of '98, we then had some painting to do and other finishing touches. I keep between 50 and 75 horses on our farm. Most of the time it's about 50, but then foaling season comes around and that number goes up quickly. In our facilities we have three inter-connected barns. We also have two indoor arenas and two indoor round pens. The first image you get of the farm is WOW!!!!! You walk down the path leading to the show barn, and as you walk you pass many turnout areas and a large outdoor arena. Once in the barn you pass our horses, that are in training and being shown. You also see the main indoor arena that we have which has the first round pen connected to it at the far end. As you walk past the rest of the stalls you enter a covered walkway. That leads past the other smaller indoor arena. You then realize you're in the "young horse" barn. Here you see weanlings, yearlings, and a few two, three, or even four year olds that haven't started training or there isn't room for them in the show barn yet. As you walk past those stalls you enter my small vet clinic. There you find my office and the very small clinic I run. You notice there isn't a horse, or any animal in it so you keep walking. As you walk down the next covered walkway you see the second covered round pen and you then enter the stallions and mares barn. There you first see the stallions that are kept on our farm, which we pride ourselves in having very nice stock. After walking past all of the stallions you walk into the second half of the barn that has the mares that are retired to breeding or on leave from showing after having their foals. After looking in on the mares you walk through the last covered walkway and realize that you've made a comple circe and are once again in the show barn. Here at Almosta Ranch I am very proud of the horses we have. Some are based off of real horses that I have met throught my life, some are "real" horses put into the sim world and others are all creations of my imagination. We are proud of all of our horses, but there are a few that are very special to my heart. these include:

Truly Dunnit Right (TEAS) (POA)
has to be the most special to me, he is based off of my last pleasure pony, but Dunni is really a gelding, he was fun to have and he is now winning with a new rider since I am no longer a youth.

A few other horses that are special to me are:
Tym's Innocent Magic(QH)
Zippo's Standing Shadow (QH)
All Hands On Zip (Appy)
Heza Rugged Rose (Paint)
These are not the only ones that are special to me, they all are, but I can't list them all here. Enjoy looking around!

We are proud of all of our horses and we hope you will visit their pages:

Colts and Fillies
Sale Page

OK, Everyone. I decided Almosta Ranch needed a new look, so I changed a few things on my pages. I'm not sure if I'm happy with them yet, but we'll see how this works. Please give me any feed back you might have, I'd love to hear what you think. Please bear with me. ~Kim

Now a little about me... I am Kim, and I have been part of these games for about 8 years now. I have had Almosta Ranch, my mini-barn for 5 years. I have been with Adrienne since day 1 and she is a wonderful mentor and friend. In real life I am a 20 year old college student at the University of Minnesota. I have been riding horses since I can remember. I have mostly shown POAs, but have done some open shows and 4-H. Since I am no longer a youth I am now riding junior ponies (2-4) and selling them to youth after I show them for a year or two. I am also working with some yearlings for halter and lounge line. My first POA, Glory (in TROT she's Just In Time For Glory that Sam owns) is due to have her first baby in March, so that's pretty exciting, hopefully I'll get some pictures up once she has it. Well, that's about all about me.

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