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Central Chapter of the American Jeepster Club

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Join us in becoming the largest (and only) Jeepster Club. Recently, due to a growing membership, the club authorized the formation of chapters. The Central Chapter is now forming and we are gathering member information for this chapter. Membership is free at this time. Later as we grow, dues will be required. To submit member information (ie Name, Location, Jeepsters you own or have owned and their years, address, Phone # optional, and any other information. You may want to include - PICTURES for our members rides)
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The Central chapter includes the following States
Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota
Thank you for visiting the Central Chapter of the American Jeepster Club. The American Jeepster club was formed over eight years ago to help other Jeepster owners "network", and find and sell parts. The club has over 300 members from all over the USA who own 1966 to 1973 model year Jeepsters, Jeepster Commandos and Commandos. Sorry, but because of the original intent of the club, we must limited our club's membership to U.S. owners of only these model years

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