Award winning airbrush artist located in the North Valley of Phoenix, Arizona.
Originally from Buffalo, NY, I've been doing custom paint and airbrush for over 25 years.
I've been an artist since I was old enough to walk.

I've been in Phoenix over three years now, and have been very happy
with the customer response to my skills with an airbrush.
Motorcycles, Custom Choppers, Rhinos, Sandcars, Hot Rods and Trucks...
All get my airbrushing skills laid on them.
My prices are more than fair, my quality is up with the very best,
and my turn around time is very good. I promise you will be
happy if you choose me for all of your creative needs.

For any information, send inquires to:
All inquiries will be answered. Or Call me at 623-780-4614. If I don't answer,
leave a message. I WILL call you back! Being just one guy, it's tough to get work done
AND answer the phone sometimes! Thanks for understanding!

Chargers - New Bikes - Super Dump Truck - Pinups - August 2008 - July 2008 - Jackpot - December 2007

Titan Iron Maiden - The Dark Side - New Bikes - May 2007 - The 911 Bike - Friends

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