It's All About BIKES!

At the Buffalo Bike Blast, I was able to get photographs of some of the bikes we have done
over the past year that I never got photos of. More bikes are out there, I just need photos of
them! So if we did your bike, and you don't see it, Send me a photo or two!


The Bottom Bike is all original artwork "outta my head". You will not find this artwork anywhere
in any magazine, album cover, or where ever. I will say that I am heavily influenced by Boris and Frazetta,
Louis Royo and a myriad of other Fantasy Artists out there. Someday, I hope to be as good as them!

The above bikes were based and cleared by Bill at Riverside Motorsports, Buffalo, NY. 716-877-9083
If the photos are hard to see the artwork, I apologize. Bills paint and clear is so deep and polished, it's
HARD NOT to get tons of reflections!

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