The Octapus Garden

(aiming to please...with 34.76% accuracy!)

This place is currently just somewhere to stick my stuff so it doesn't clutter up the forum.

If a link is broken, my spelling is wrong or you just wanna tell someone about this really cool movie you just saw, email me at reapunzeltowers@(spam break here to prevent spamming)

Updatingness happened on this day of May the Fourth.

Well, I've finally got the Class Menagerie Rejected Lines coded up all pretty. Why don't you go check 'em out?

No Longer NEW! Bow before my lack of art skills with Ro-chan!

The Forum Straightjackets have been locked in Fanstuf for their own safety.

All fanstuff has been moved into the so-labled link below.


May 6th is the Day of Silence