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I've updated the TRLE chatbox with new colors and also made an image link on the top right of the page that has an icon from the Eidos forums, which opens a pop-up window with a little help page. I was pleased to see that my guesbook has reached 100 entries already! I woud like to say thanks to Tim and also everybody else who were so kind to give me feedback about my site design and content. YOU are the reason I've been working my behind off to make this site look good and have something to contribute to the rest of the world.
Today I added a few tricks to the tutorial in the TR section. I've also deleted all the rightclick errors from my site. Although is was fun, I (and other people) thought is was pretty annoying, so I've taken it off as I found myself using rightclicking very often.
It was only a few days ago when I moved to Angelfire and it's already old stuff, because I've moved to a new one (oh, if I had a nickel for every time I changed webspace server......I'de almost have a Thanks to GeckoKid from the Eidos TRLE forum, I managed to get my site on a bannerless and fairly fast server. I finally got rid of those damn banners!!!!!! I've also added Eidos's official revised and new wads to my tools page, because I've heard that a lot of people were having problems downloading them from the Eidos website. So now that I'm on a good server again, I will work on getting the download up and running very soon!
Today I've moved my site to Angelfire, because a lot of people (including me) were complaining about the massive amount of pop-ups when visiting my site. So I upload the entire Tomb Raider section and other sections to Angelfire. For now, only the Manga pages remain on topcities, because Angelfire doesn't give that much space.
Moved the counters to the main menu for better integration with my new design, which I'm working on for some time now. Seeing those counters on my new design gave me an inspiration to get some work done on them. First, I wanted to remove the bravenet text, because it doesn't look good with the counter. So I did some testing in Photoshop and the result will be shown when I get my new design all done. The new layout will probably air in the next few weeks.
The webspace server has changed back to again, because I really need the unlimited webspace for all my downloads, as there's nothing worse for a webmaster like me than having dead links on the website. So, I've been leaving my pc on this night to upload the whole site to nbci again and let's hope it can stay there for a while! The old website will not be in vain though, because I'm keeping that one for a backup site. So just in case is starting to jerk around with my site again, there's now a mirror site, witch has the link on the portal page.
In this update I have modified the chatbox network page. I made a new chat page with the banners of the people who are also hosting the chatbox on their sites. I also worked a bit on the Spinchat, so the chat buttons will show, without the link to Then I took an wallpaper of Lara Croft where she was laying down and edited it a bit, so it could be placed on top on the link. For the chat page I used a sneaky Layer & inframe-trick, so Lara's foot would stick out of the chatbox, with is actually a separate page for the original pop-up window.
Today I've been working on my chatbox. There seemed to be a need for a central chat point on the community of the TRLE forum. So I changed the name of the dying "Dribers Chat" to "TRLE". Now a buncha people added a Spinchat to their site, running on the TRLE channel. I've also fooled around with a Java script from Colin Grigson, witch turned out to become a pretty cool pop-up for the chatbox. Now the browser can be safely closed, without loosing the chatbox! This pop-up window also gave me the opportunity to remove those annoying ads on top of the Spinchat box. The TRLE chatbox can now also be accessed from the staring page as a shortcut.
The last couple of days I've been working like hell to find a new webspace server, because deleted my site. All that because their banner wasn't visible after the first page....buncha *ssholes! Well, I've found a new one that only provides 150 mb, so I had to cut some things. The bitmap versions of my Bryce images has been deleted along with some software from the downloads page, witch now only have a link to the site where it can be downloaded. Now, let just hope this server will remain a stable one, without any problems. On the bright side, I've added a page to the Tomb Raider section, witch can be reached by clicking on SLOPE TRICK on the TR tools page. And last but not least, I made 2 new graphics with Photoshop. A background for the TR menu that fits well with the top bar and a little logo that I placed at the bottom of every page of the TR section.
Today I added another tutorial in the Tomb Raider section. The 2 Tomb Raider levels have been moved to another server and now they can be downloaded with programs like GetRight or Download Accelerator. I've also created custom logo's for the level editor and those have been added to the levels page.
Grand update! The last weeks I've been working on a new layout for my Tomb Raider page... well, it became 10 pages now! This is done specially for my new and upcoming game: Ancient Legends. I'm working on custom Tomb Raider levels and it will become a full game with a story line and all. So check these pages one in a while for new levels.
A long time has past since my last update. This time I've made a little flash animation at the bottom of the menu and I've also been working on the Manga pages. I selected the best pictures and used Photoshop 6.0 to make a "web photo gallery" and altered it so it could be placed on this site. I'm still working on the music and the archive pages. The archive page would've been done, if Xoom didn't move to NBCI (the new address of my webspace server), because NBCI doesn't support folder browsing. So for those two pages ya just have to sit tight for a while :)
Today I've been turning the menu upside down and after some time fooling around in Photoshop I've uploaded the results you can see on the left side of your screen. The menu also connects now with the top frame. I think it's a kewl look and I'm happy with how it turned out.
Today, I've been changing this page. The dates are now in a marine-blue background cell with some windows buttons on the side. Also, I've deleted the rest of the cursor trails from the site. The only cursor trail is now on the start page, because that page doesn't have to scroll.
Some dramatic changes have been done on the site. First of all, I've improved the site-logo with the new version of Photoshop (6.0) and I gave it a kinda banner look. Also, the whole site has been converted to 800x600 view. Now there's no more choice on the Space Portal for different resolutions. The reason I did this, was because it was getting too much work to update my site in both 800x600 and 1024x768. Now the site will look good on 800x600 and also on 1024x768! The Flash scroll animation on the start page was deleted and the background on that page has been modified. There were some cursor trails deleted, for example on the Bryce Art page, because it was considered annoying for some people. I made a kewl button for the guestbook page and last I deleted the chat frame on the chat page, it was too big and didn't have time to modify it.
WOW, the guestbook has reached it 50th entry! TNX 2 Daisy and all the others that were so nice to write something in my guestbook. Well, it's been almost 2 months since my last update. I've been able to insert a kewl cursor trail into all the pages. It's a little worm or something that keeps you company while browsing the pages on my site. The new school year started last week and I'm working at a computer store for a half year for my school (although I've been sick the last week and only been one day yet). So because all of this I think this will be last update for a while. I need all my time and I'm also busy with Final Fantasy (started all over again). Well.... until then :)
The last couple of days I've been busy with the Bryce 3D art pages. I made a new menu that opens in the whole browser instead of a frame and I used dark colors, because I'm planning to use pictures with spotlights in the future. I also used Photoshop to create a transparent square for the blue effect seen behind the text on the menu page and the picture pages. The red-blue-green light effect I used from the "Colored Trefoil" design I made some time ago in Bryce.
Added a picture to the Bryce section: Shallow Waters. I saw a 3D picture somewhere where a low platform stuck out some water and that gave me the idea to make this one. It's actually a symmetric shape of objects that looks kewl, so check it out!
I've been very busy with skool the last month, exams and crap like that, so I haven't done much on my site for that time. This page has been improved with some slick color-differences, I've been working on the guestbook pages to improve it a little. I'm gonna put a pic of a real guestbook in the menu, so it will look better.
Joined the "Banner Exchange Program" from to get some more traffic on this site and putted the banner on the Space Portal page.
I've noticed that almost half of the peeps that visit my site uses a resolution of 800x600, so today I've finished the 800x600 version of my site. That version is somewhat crippled, but at least it looks good and everything fits on the screen. The buttons around the main flash movie were deleted, but I'm planning to make the main page entirely with flash and make a kewl 3D layout with some spacy animation's. I've also made a front portal so you can choose the resolution you wanna view. I've got a new redirect server ( because this one doesn't pop-up an advertisement-window and it's much faster than the old one. On this page the font has changes to Gothic, it looks much better now!
Uploaded more live sets, this time DJ Jean at Trance Energy from a couple of weeks ago and David Morales - Ministry Of Sound. Now I have 4 MP3s with a total of 201 MB on the music page!!! Well, go check it out, it's free for download.
Added the music page and uploaded a little house-record I've made with music maker and also the live set of Paul Oakenfold at Homelands. Designed a logo for the page and made a flash animation turning the logo in 4 different textures. I also had to move my entire site to a new address, because my old address was down.
Well, it seems like somebody has gone through a lot of work trying to send messages in my guestbook as somebody else. The first two second I was thinking "Is somebody actually pissed off by my site?" But then I realized this page is the best there is on the web, so that's just impossible :)
After 1 minute I figured out is was all from the same person, and 3 seconds later they we're deleted with one simple click. I think it's funny (I was even flattered) that somebody has done so much to actually trying to ditch this site, but he (or she) was just wasting time. Well, that's all, check my guestbook now and then for new (REAL) messages.
This is my first entry at opening my site after building it for about 5 months. This also is a new thing, because on my other sites I didn't have this news section. This is my fourth homepage and I must say they are getting better every time! New in this site is the Bryce 3D Art section. Recently I've been busy with this cool program designing all kindsa cool 3D stuff like landscapes, futuristic scenes and other abstract things. The wallpapers are free for download. The whole interface has been turned upside down. My previous sites were all "black in space", but this time I thought bright colors would do the trick and it also gave me the option of using shadows in banners and pictures.


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