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Super Denny Laine! Discography



ENJOY THE NEW SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE! DENNY LAINE AND HIS FANS is here to show the precious pictures you took of Denny Laine, or even better, the ones you took with him.

note: almost every picture has captions. put the arrow upon the pic and wait for the captions. enjoy


The Moody Blues, Denny's first succesful band, did Coca-Cola Commercials twice. Click here and download the jingle sang by Denny.

Denny was the lead singer of the Moody Blues in the beginning. Click here and download the song Boulevard de la Madeleine, by the Moodies

Before joining Wings, Denny was a member of Ginger Baker's Airforce. Click here and download the song Man of Constant Sorrow, written and sang by Denny (live)

In the 70s, Denny recorded an album with only Buddy Holly songs. Click here and download I'm gonna love you too, a song that didn't make it to the album.

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separated at birth or is Edward Norton Denny's clone?

Denny's the guy in B&W picture. The other one is actor Edward Norton. They are soooo like each other!


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