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Whitetail Bow Hunting

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Hunting Season

As I sit here making this page I can think of nothing other than hunting season being just around the corner and thoughts of past hunts are running through mind. I can vividly remember the exact tree the deer came around and where he stopped and offered the perfect shot. I can remember the release of the string from my bow and remember watching the arrow as it flew harmlessly over his back. This would have been a disaster for some and just another miss for others but for me it was a memory to dream of until next year when even more memories will be made..

Past hunts

Click on a thumbnail in the left column to view a large image.

Here are a few of my deer from last year and as you can see I can feed my family but some have a little more meat than others!

As the season starts and new pictures are taken I will update the pictures on this page.

Deer as Pets?

Bow hunting whitetail deer has become an addiction. I hunt not to only harvest an animal but to relax and become more in tune with the animals I hunt. this has led to seeing many things a lot of hunters I know have not seen. Being a bow hunter has a lot to do with this, the gun hunters worry about seeing deer out to 200 or 300 yards, But being a bow hunter you have to get them in at 20 or 30 yards. Being this close you see and hear things that most people do not even know happens. Watching a scrape being made at 30 yards is different from seeing one made through binoculars. there are low tone noises that are heard close up that are not even noticed from afar. Some of the stands I hunt on my buddies land I hunt often. You learn that there are different deer every time you hunt but there are also the same deer day after day. this is not always good when it comes to the end of the season and you have not filled a tag and one of your PET deer walks by well within bow range but you cannot shoot because 2 months earlier you had named it and now it's like a pet.( I wouldn't shoot my dog. some of the deer get to be like pets, Some not much bigger than a dog.). I am not much of a trophy hunter. When I feel like it's time to harvest an animal I do so when the shot is right, on the right deer. I do not wait for a big rack to walk by, I do not always wait for a rack to walk by at all. I am not below taking a doe.

As you can see in my pictures "size does not matter" but I get as much enjoyment out of my deer as any trophey hunter with the biggest rack does.

Deer stands

sighting your bow
Broadhead selection

taking the shot

Traditional bows

More pictures

It's not just killing!


check back for more tips and information on whitetail deer and bowhunting.

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