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We must let the government know we are not happy.

To all my friends out there!

You all know that I left Washington state and moved down to California with the full intention of heading across country to bring attention to the plight of our retirees and vets.

A little hitch has entered my plans. A little over a year ago, I heard an announcement on KIRO 710 radio station telling people to get tested for HEP C, if they had a blood transfusion before 1992. (Other things were "ever shared needles or done IV drug use or snorted cocaine.") Well, it so happened that I had several surgeries within the time frame, so I went to my doctor and insisted that he do the HEP C test. KEEP IN MIND, THIS TEST IS NOT DONE, UNLESS YOU ASK. IT IS NOT A ROUTINE TEST NO MATTER HOW MANY BLOOD TESTS YOU HAVE. The test came back positive. I have HEP C. Neither my doctor's or I seemed to think much about it, because I had no symtoms and my tests seemed ok.

I got to California and they ran more tests and the tests still seemed ok. Even had a low viral load. The CT Scan came back with "normal" under the liver scan, but I had a growth (huge growth) in my spleen, so they ordered an ultra sound. Yep, big growth, not consistant with a cyst.

Then came the liver biopsy and a spleen biopsy. The results of the spleen biopsy was "I don't know what that is." The results of the liver biopsy was the dreaded Stage 4 Advanced liver damage. I have cirrhosis.

I am here to tell you,
I don't care if you feel fine. I also don't care if you did drugs once. We have a friend who has HEP C liver cancer right now and is in ICU and he was only diagnosed in the last few months with HEP C. Don't listen to the people who tell you that you will probably get hit by a car, before you die of HEP C. In some of your cases, it may be right, but in the rest, you need to keep on it.

It is estimated that 4.5 million people in the US have HEP C, and I think those estimates are low. Very low. It is also assumed that HEP C is not sexually transmitted but facts are coming out that it may be.

Let me say, again,

If anyone is interested, and I hope you are, please, download and distribute to everyone you know and everyone you don't know. Please, educate everyone you care about!

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION: The Nationwide Petition Drive To Reform/Repeal The Feres Doctrine

I received this in a newsletter and thought it was appropriate to put it on my site:


"In 1995, Roger Charles, Secretary Treasurer of SFTT, got a tip that Admiral Jeremy Boorda, then Chief of Naval Operations, was wearing Vietnam combat decorations to which he was not entitled.

Roger researched the information for more than a year, and when he became convinced the reports were true he passed the information on to David Hackworth, founder of SFTT, and, at that time, military correspondent for Newsweek.

An appointment was set up between Newsweek editors and Boorda to ask him why he was wearing two Combat Vs standing for “valor” when there was no record he was entitled to these decorations. In the military, wearing an unauthorized decoration is a severe breach of military protocol. Instead of attending the meeting Boorda went home for lunch and committed suicide. This was in May, 1996.

Several events followed quickly. Hackworth’s formerly appreciative editors at Newsweek couldn’t get away from the story or Hackworth fast enough. Roger Charles lost his job with the National Security News Service. Next, Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., former Chief of Naval Operations and Vietnam veteran, plus John Dalton, Secretary of the Navy, led the drive to the spin the story and claim “a ribbon authorized in a combat area carries with it the V.”

What came later was even uglier, and it has taken two years for the truth to come to the top. First a story was circulated that Hackworth was wearing the Ranger tab to which he was not entitled. This was the subject of a long segment which ran on CBS. Then CNN interviewed Hack who insisted, “I never wore a medal the Army did not give to me. When the decoration was questioned I took it off immediately.”

Hackworth had pleaded with the networks for time to secure the records which would prove his assertions, but the segments were aired anyway. Waiting and learning the truth might ruin a good story. Besides, the anniversary of Boorda’s suicide was approaching. Since Hackworth is this nation’s most highly decorated living veteran, these attacks on his integrity were very damaging.

Finally, Hackworth requested the Department of the Army to review all his medals and decorations to verify their validity. After a long wait, in January, 1998, the listing of awards was received. The Ranger Tab in question had been issued to Hackorth, but it had been an ERROR BY THE ARMY.

During this Army review it was discovered that Hackworth was entitled to a TENTH silver star which he had never claimed.

Almost no newspaper or television network printed the press release which detailed the results of the Army review. Lawyers were able to persuade CBS to admit their story had been erroneous, but there was never a retraction.

Last September the Boorda family petition the Board for Corrections of Naval Records to change the record to show Boorda had been entitled to wear the Combat Vs. Their petition had the supportof Dalton and Zumwalt, both of whom placed letters in the Boorda file.

On Friday, July 2, the three civilians who make up the Boad ruled that the official record would remain unaltered and continue to show that Boorda had not earned the Combat Vs."

I, of course, asked for permission to reprint this story, and received the following response:
"Woody, tell yer yes. I am delighted. The more the story gets out and Hack and Roger get some salve on their wounds, the better. Neither man, incidentally, knew this story was coming.


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This is to let you know, that this is now developing into a very STRONG and active movement. YOU will hear us, and YOU will listen. We WILL have this law changed, and we will NOT give up until it is done. Please, do not forget that you are dealing with the men and women that YOU used and TRAINED.... QUESTION: Is your training in psychological warfare effective?

WE will be the test of that....THIS IS A NON-VIOLENT WAR, AND WE ARE GOING TO WIN, SO PLEASE, DO NOT DISCOUNT US!!!!! Save the taxpayers some money, and change this law, effective THE BEGINNING OF TIME. This is YOUR training in action. The people WILL see how effective boot camp can be to our military.

We can make a difference in the quality of the lives 
of our military!
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I took this out because I am not convinced of the security of it. Hopefully Jim's works will come back, but only when I am sure they are safe.

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