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My Pics
My Pics
Well, because on most profiles I can only show one or two photograps, I thought, lets put together a photoalbum. Here it is!!! Enjoy!
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Romy you are a very beautiful, charming and sexy girl!
frank | | December 05, 2005

OMG!!! Hun, you are so gorgeous. Try me sometime on Yahoo IM as leesagrrl. I'd ask for your secrets... but I think it may be genes... giggle
leesa | | December 23, 2005

Miss Romy, you are most beautiful. God girl, go fulltime. Hugs and Kisses and Happy Holiday Season, Toni
Toni | | December 24, 2005

Hoi hoi,

Ik ken je van jouw profiel op,ik schrijf nu als Maurice,maar dat had net zo goed Moniek kunnen zijn.
Wat ik wel kwijt wil,is,dat je een verschrikkelijk mooie meid bent,pfff..kan ik nooit aan tippen hoor!
Ik sta zelf ook op Kok).

Lieve groetjes,
Maurice | | December 28, 2005

Happy New Year babe , so beautiful girl I couldn't believe my eyes .
Wally | | January 01, 2006

Hello Rony
U are a real hottie
I am a trannychaser in search of a tgal like u to make love to
I am a tall, muscular guy and a very passionate kisser
Seduction is my game
Please contact me
Peter | | January 01, 2006

U r so gorgeous...I would love to talk to u sometime. Hit me back.
Christopher | | January 02, 2006

Je bent een mooie dame,en ik wens je veel succes met de rest van je veranderingen om een nog mooiere vrouw te worden.
1 puntje nog: vindt je met lang haar toch mooier.
JeanineO | | January 23, 2006

It is Japanese who thinks that the mind is a woman while my having
man's character.
I read the photograph.
I was all surprised in a beautiful photograph all.
Please hold out in the future.
anju | February 16, 2006

Heee beauty,

Mooi stelletje foto's bij elkaar!! vooral de eerste afbeelding is super.
Ben tegenwoordig ook een beetje met modellenwerk bezig. Mischien eens samen een fotoshoot???

X-je Iris!
Iris | | March 06, 2006

I think you are the loveliest, prettiest girl I have seen in ages. Your smile is one that I will not soon forget. How can yuo be so much prettier and so much more feminine that other girls?
AJ | | June 03, 2006

I would just like to express my appreciation for such a gorgeous ladies photo collection. Every single picture is fabulous. You are truly stunning.
Sean | | November 19, 2006

wow sweetie, your absolutely stunning!! love to know more about u somtime? let me know im in northern calif here where u ?:)

get back to me if and when u can gorgeous!! :)

eric | | July 08, 2007

Hi Beautiful how are you . Just wanted yo say i love your pics your a 10 hun . I would love to get to know you . I hope we can talk sometime

Joe Poirier | | December 29, 2007

Hi. Just a note to say I liked you're photos.Would like to get to know you.
Neil Jackson | | January 12, 2008    Next