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Women's US Soccer Team

designed by Kayleigh Paulin

US' Womens Soccer Team went to the Olympics in 2004 and came home sporting the gold medal! Is this your dream? Well there is something you need to know, all these stars went to college before they played for USA. It is here that you will find out where our girls went to college.

Not only will you find out where they went to college but also some recommended colleges for student athletes such as your self.

Our Girls' Colleges
1 Briana Scurry University of Massachusetts
2 Kylie Bivens Santa Clara University
3 Christie Pearce Monmouth College
4 Cat Reddick University of North Carolina
5 Tiffany Roberts University of North Carolina
6 Brandi Chastain Santa Clara University
7 Shannon Boxx Notre Dame
8 Shannon MacMillan University of Portland
9 Mia Hamm University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
10 Aly Wagner Santa Clara University
11 Julie Foudy Stanford University of California-Berkeley
12 Cindy Parlow University of North Carolina
13 Kristine Lilly University of North Carolina
14 Joy Fawcett University of California-Berkeley
15 Kate Markgraf/Sobrero Notre Dame
16 Tiffeny Milbrett University of Portland
17 Kate Slaton Santa Clara University
18 Siri Mullinix University of North Carolina
19 Angela Hucles Virginia College
20 Abby Wambach University of Florida

If none of these schools appeal to you then visit this site. Universties in the US