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Southern California Polls

Welcome to the Polls page where we list polls concerning the 2005-2006 Hesperia Christian School's Boy's Varsity.

Webmaster's 6th Season Division VAA Poll 2005-2006

Rank (last rank) School Record Comments
1 (1)Hillcrest Christian GH12-6 (4-0)Hillcrest Christian GH remains the favorite in Div VAA and again has made playoffs. The Eagles go about six deep, which is good in Div VAA. Had a tough time with Faith Baptist but was saved by Cameron Cullen's free throws in the end. They beat a very good Oaks Christian 57-44. Rutherford and Halliday continue having great seasons. They only have RHP and New Roads as remaining teams with a chance to beat them.
2 (2)Hesperia Christian13-6 (4-0)Solidly defeated their arch rival, Apple Valley Christian and also beat Joshua Springs. Defense has been the key to success this season. Billy Hague is fifth in state in steals. Are playoff bound.
3 (3)Pacific Hills15-3 (1-2)This team is very good but just had a rough week. They were first team to qualify for CIF post season tourney. Lost to Village Christian early in the week 45-43. Then lost to Windward as Cedric Lattimer had a big night against them. Still have some tough games in their league but they will be tough to beat in the playoffs.
4 (4)Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley14-1 (4-0) Only loss is to Woodcrest Christian by 3 points. They are beating their opponents 70-36 but their schedule has not been real tough. Drew Smith is better as a three rather than as a post man, with a 27 PPG. But Stovall, Hughes and Barner are all averaging scoring in double digits. All can pop off three pointers. #11 is a great stealer and very fast. No one left on their schedule to beat them. Playoff bound in first year in Div VAA.
5 (5)Upland Christian14-2 (3-0)Again qualifies for playoffs.Only team left on schedule with ability to beat them is Metro League leader, Lutheran La Verne. Only losses were a 17 point loss to Arrowhead Christian and a loss to Western Christian.
6 (6)Tarbut v Torah13-1 (2-1)Playoff bound again this season. Beat Acaciawood and Southwest Academy this week. Seem to be getting tuned up for playoffs just right. Fairmont Prep and Saddle Back Valley Christian only teams left with a chance to beat them.
7 (7)Capistrano Valley Christian15-5 (5-0)Good week for the Eagles as they beat Sage Hill and then upset St Margaret 41-40 thanks to last minute effort by Zach Brogdon. In playoffs with their fifteen wins.
8 (8)La Verne Lutheran13-4 (4-0)High scoring team (61 PPG). MacElroy is lighting up the scoreboard as is Rashhad Whitfield. Beat Desert Chapel 80-60 this week. In playoffs already and leading Metro League at the moment. Big game with Upland Christian coming up.
9 (10)Holy Martyrs14-5 (5-2)They always make the playoffs and will again this year. Beat Oakwood twice and Pilibos in a tight game. To beat them you need to get out to an early lead and keep it.
10 (11)La Sierra Academy12-3 (3-0)Only lost to Upland Christian by 1 point and to Loma Linda Academy twice. Good team but not yet an elite in Div VAA. Beat Noli Indian and Boy's Republic this week. Only Sherman Indian and CSDR left on schedule with possibility of beating them. Schedule is not strong which may hamper them in the playoffs for which they are already qualified.
11 (12)St. Anthony9-11 (2-2)Presently are tied for third in Camino League at 2-2. Beat Cantwell and St Paul this week. They may not finish in top three of Camino League so they need to find three more wins in their last six games. Remaining games are with St Paul (6-11), Cantwell Sacred Heart (3-11), St Monica (7-6) twice, Mary Star (9-9) and Cathedral (8-10). They have already lost to Cathedral and Mary Star this season for their two league losses. Should be very interesting to watch down the stretch but the Saints are fighting until the end.
12 (9)Rolling Hills Prep4-13 (0-3)They have 4 wins and need eight more with just eight games left. Tall order for the Huskies but if any team in Div VAA can do it it is them. But schedule is tough. They have Pilibos, New Roads twice, Hillcrest Christian, Com Harvest, Ribet AGBU and finish season against Price. Lost to Price and Ribet this week so they drop to #12.
13 (13)Liberty Christian12-6 (3-0)Made playoffs in first year in Div VAA. Beat Eastside Christian this week 69-58 in OT.
14 (18)Ribet Academy8-11 (2-2)They lost to Community Harvest 58-48 but beat New Roads Saturday night. They have 6 games left(including 1 with Price) and I think they must win 4 of them to make playoffs. Will be a photo finish in the Harbor League
15 (14)Eastside Christian10-5 (3-1) Only five losses are to Tarbut v Torah, Delphi Academy. Liberty Christian, Capo Valley Christian and Riverside Christian. Schedule is weak minus four games. Senior guard Merrick Drake is one of best passers in Div VAA but often his teammates are not ready to receive his passes. Should get 12 wins for playoffs.
16 (16)Saddleback Valley Christian10-9 (2-2) Not sure if they are playoff bound but I think they can find two more wins this year. Played a strong first half against CC Moreno Valley and Tarbut v Torah but could not sustain it. Lost to Fairmont this week 77-60.
17 (15)Apple Valley Christian9-7 (2-2) They should finish second or third in the Agape League and thus make playoffs. Big loss to Hesperia Christian this week but upset Bethel Christian.
18 (17)Community Harvest6-10 (2-3) Community Harvest is making one last stab at making playoffs by trying to finish third in the Harbor League. They will need help to do it. They cannot get 12 wins with remaining three games to Ribet, RHP and New Roads. Lost twice to Price and one to New Roads in past week and a half.

Other teams to watch:
Boron 8-8 (2-2) and California School for Deaf, Riverside 3-2 (0-1) and Joshua Springs 8-8 (3-1)

CIF's Division VAA Poll 2005-2006 1-24-2006

Rank (last rank) School Record
1 (1)Hillcrest Christian Granada Hills12-6 (4-0)
2 (3)Hesperia Christian 13-6 (4-0)
3 (2)Pacific Hills15-3 (1-2)
4 (4)Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley12-1 (3-0)
5 (9)Capistrano Valley Christian15-5 (5-0)
6 (8)St Anthony 9-11 (2-2)
7 (5)Upland Christian14-2 (3-0)
8 (10)Ribet Academy8-11 (2-2)
9 (7)Lutheran La Verne13-4 (4-0)
10 (6)Rolling Hills Prep4-12 (0-3)
11 (11)Tarbut v Torah13-1 (2-1)
12 (12)Holy Martyrs14-5 (5-2)
13 (13)Liberty Christian12-6 (3-0)
14 (14)La Sierra Academy12-3 (3-0)
15 (15)Community Harvest6-9 (2-2)
16 (UNR)Saddleback Valley Christian10-9 (2-2)

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