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Southern California Polls

Welcome to the Polls page where we list polls concerning the 2004-2005 Hesperia Christian School's Boy's Varsity.

Webmaster's February 14, 2005 Season Division VAA Poll 2004-2005

Rank Last Ranking School Record Comments
12JSerra14-12 (NA)Solid starting five. Toughest schedule in Div VAA. They will be tough in Div VAA playoffs. Lost tough game to St Anthony 58-55 on 1-7-05, proving that Div VAA teams can beat the Lions. But beat undefeated La Verne Lutheran. Had two final wins against Vasquez and Ontario Christian.
11Pilibos17-4 (2-2)Was number one for beating RHP and Hillcrest Christian in same week. San Gabriel Academy is their only league loss. Barely beat Valley Torah the first time and then were solidly beaten by them at home the second meeting.Went on to beat Ribet and AGBU after VT loss. Now has San Gabriel Academy left to prove their worth.
33Hillcrest Christian GH16-5 (6-0)Hillcrest Christian GH has three solid All-CIF stars in Drew Rigney, Dallas Rutherford and Ryan Halliday. Rutherford is an outstanding frosh who occasionally shows frosh inexperience But Halliday and Rigney are really two of the best players in Div VAA. It is a tough threesome to defend against this year. They are not much deeper than those three. Hillcrest Christian has only lost to Montclair Prep, Village Christian, St Francis, Pilibos,and Oaks Christian in OT. Win over RHP was impressive in demonstrating their strength.
44Rolling Hills Prep12-11 (4-2)RHP improves each game. Huskies have three real solid All-CIF players as well in Tristan Smith, Courtney Beach and Cameran Edison. Edison has made real improvement this season and plays way bigger than his 6' frame. He is a great point guard with great vision. Beach is awesome going to basket. And Smith provides them solid leadership. #23 and #32 are becoming good role players on this team. They only go about six or seven deep. Losses to West Torrance, Palos Verde, Hueneme, S. Pasadena,Palos Verde Estates and Sherman Oaks (Smith out for that game) Hillcrest Christian, New Roads and Pilibos. Still has Price one more time.
55Capistrano Valley Christian16-6 (5-3)1st Div VAA team to qualify for playoffs. Very solid team with Scott Ross and Scott Mac Rae leading the way. Not a deep team but Coach King gets the most of what he has. Only losses are to Chadwick, La Jolla Country Day, Arrowhead Christian,Brethren Christian (twice) And St Margaret's. They still get to replay St Margaret's.
68Hesperia Christian12-10 (7-1)They are lacking depth in the guards positions. Strong and tall backcourt. But team has not really played to their potential all season. Rebounding is poor and free throw shooting is very suspect. Loren Barton, 6'4" returns with a new knee and soph Sean Bayer at 6'5" returns with a new leg but neither is able to play to their capability yet. They also have Nate Glass at 6'6" who has improved to be their top scorer. Both frosh Preston Lamarca and Soph Jonny Barton have been pleasant surprises this season. HCS has played up all season. Did not have answer for Apple Valley Christian though in their Xmas Tourney but played best game of year against the Warriors in league last Friday. Then played worst game of season against Antelope valley Christian at home. Must beat Apple one more time and Antelope Valley Christian once this year to get the Agape championship.
79Apple Valley Christian15-3 (6-2)Have three top stars in Wes Watts, Justin Nunes and Peter Kudrle. Kudrle and Watts are not consistent in their scoring. No bench strength. Very weak schedule so far with only 29 Palms, Antelope Valley Christian (#5 in Div VA) and HCS twice as real opponents.
86St. Anthony11-12 (4-4)Senior star Karl Dehesa, Jed Hernandez and Aundre Cummings continue to provide the offensive power. Biggest win of season was against JSerra at home. Losses are to St Monica, Calvary Chapel Downey, LJCD, Cabrillo, San Gabriel Academy and San Pedro. Had great win over JSerra 58-55 on 1-7-05. Only beat Mary Star by 2 points!!! This team is very inconsistent.
910AGBU13-7 (6-0)AGBU's top players are Arden Koskerian and Gaby Taslakian but to win both must be on which does not always happen. Triangle and two may be best defense against them. They play a very tough schedule (including Pilibos, Hillcrest Christian, and RHP) this year which will test them to the fullest. Their losses are to Blair, Cleveland, Kilpatrick, Delphi Academy, Pilibos and Pacific Hills.
107Community Harvest11-7 (3-4)They play in the toughest Div V league in Socal. Sy Prescott gets them their points. Lost to AGBU, Price and RHP twice (badly), and Milken Community. Beat New Roads, Highland Hall, Ribet and Shalhevet.
1111La Verne Lutheran16-2 (4-1)Was last undefeated team in Div VAA and then got whupped by JSerra. Andrew MacElroy, Matt Johnson and Rashid Witfield seem to routinely get double digit scores each game.
1212Tarbut v Torah15-5 (5-2) They have again played no one except Sage Hills who has beaten them twice and Fairmont Prep and Lutheran (La Verne) who beat them. Jamie Stopnitzsky is their top scorer.
13NRBoron12-6 (6-2) Losses to Antelope Valley Christian and Desert Christian twice.
14NRTrona16-4 (11-0) Has one star 6-7 Joel Corrion who rebounds and scores for the Tornadoes.Losses to Boron and Antelope Valley Christian. Loss to Excelsior Education Center questions their ability.
15NRLone Pine14-9 (4-4) They have again played no one except Sage Hills who has beaten them twice and Fairmont Prep and Lutheran (La Verne) who beat them. Jamie Stopnitzsky is their top scorer.
16NRHoly Martyrs15-5 (5-2) They have again played no one except Sage Hills who has beaten them twice and Fairmont Prep and Lutheran (La Verne) who beat them. Jamie Stopnitzsky is their top scorer.

Other teams to watch:
Whitewater, Lone Pine, Trona,Holy Martyrs, Upland Christian, Eastside Christian and Boron

Below is the final seeding CIF poll of 2005 from 2-14-05

Rank School Record Last Ranking
2Hillcrest Christian GH14-53
4Rolling Hills Prep10-94
5Capistrano Valley Christian14-65
6St Anthony11-106
7Community Harvest Charter9-57
8Hesperia Christian10-108
9Apple Valley Christian13-39
11Lutheran La Verne15-110
12Ribet Academy14-611
13Tarbut v Torah13-512
15Holy Martyrs12-916
16Upland Christian14-6NR

Below is the last CIF poll of 2004 from 2-16-04

Rank School Record Last Ranking
1Rolling Hills Prep18-81
2New Roads21-52
3Hillcrest Christian GH21-93
4St Anthony15-154
5Hesperia Christian18-86
6Apple Valley Christian18-65
7Ribet Academy11-99
8La Sierra Academy16-88

Jack Pollon's Pre-Season Division VAA Poll 2004-2005---11-23-04

Rank School Record
1Rolling Hills Prep1-1 (0-0)
2Hillcrest Christian GH0-1 (0-0)
3St Anthony1-1 (0-0)
4JSerra1-1 (0-0)
5Hesperia Christian1-0 (0-0)
6Community Harvest Charter1-1 (0-0)
7AGBU1-0 (0-0)
8Pacific Hills0-1 (0-0)
9Pilibos0-0 (0-0)
10Tarbut v Torah2-0 (0-0)
11Ribet Academy0-0 (0-0)
12Holy Martyrs0-0 (0-0)
13Apple Valley Christian0-1 (0-0)

Other teams to watch:

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