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AGBU vs HCS Stats 2-22-05

Player Points PPG FG FG % FT FT %
Loren Barton401/333%2/2100%
Jonny Barton601/1100%4/4100%
Sean Bayer501/1100%3/475%
Josh EllisDNP00/00%0/00%
Nate Glass802/729%1/250%
Billy Hague000/40%0/00%
Zach Howard901/813%1/250%
Preston Lamarca300/20%0/00%
Mike Maerzluft000/00%0/00%
Jordan Martinson000/00%0/00%
Tyler O'BrienDNP00/00%0/00%
Kyhl PearsonDNP00/00%0/00%
Mike Petersen1203/1030%6/1060%
Hesperia Christian
Team Totals47 TBD9/3625%17/2471%

Player 3 Pointers 3 PT % Reb Asst Stls TO BS
Loren Barton0/00%31110
Jonny Barton0/10%31230
Sean Bayer0/00%30001
Josh EllisDNP0%00000
Nate Glass1/333%11053
Billy Hague0/20%41420
Zach Howard2/367%50180
Preston Lamarca1/333%20020
Mike Maerzluft0/00%00021
Jordan Martinson0/00%00000
Tyler O'BrienDNP0%00000
Kyhl PearsonDNP0%00000
Mike Petersen0/10%131230
Hesperia Christian
Team Totals4/1331%34510265

Game Stats

Team First Qtr Second Qtr Third Qtr Fourth Qtr Total

Game Review
In a poorly played game by the Hesperia Christian Patriots, AGBU dominated this Sweet Sixteen playoff game and won 59-47. HCS got off to a poor start losing the 1st quarter 18-8. In the second quarter they began to play a little defense but still could find no offense, losing that quarter 6-5. The third and fourth quarters ended up no better. It was actually hard to believe that the Patriots had beaten teams like Antelope Valley Christian and Apple Valley Christian. Only Mike Petersen brought any game to Canoga Park, getting a double double with 12 points and 13 rebounds. His point outage would have been better had he been able to shoot more than 60% from the charity line. Sean Bayer had one of his best nights from the free throw line, getting 75% but continued to have difficulties with the smaller but faster Titans. Billy Hague and Zach Howard did not play the games they normally do hindering any Patriot efforts. Howard had 8 turnovers which somewhat negated his 9 points. Mike Maerzluft was not able to deal with the speedy Titans and was mostly ineffectual. Nate Glass, until tonight the Patriots leading scorer was stifled by foul trouble. He ended up with only 8 points and despite being almost four inches taller than anyone on the floor had a single rebound. He also broke the all-time HCS turnover record set last year by Trevor Wagstaffe with five turnovers tonight. So HCS does not advance to the quarter finals for the first time in four years. However despite everything, it does not take away from this team being the first Patriot team to win solely an Agape League championship. The team loses only two seniors and should be expected to play even better next season. Of course their LA reputation (losses to New Roads and AGBU) will prevent them from being ranked next season.

HCS was able to limit AGBU's Arden Koskerian. Senior Loren Barton played with heart all night.

Shaunt Aslanian split the HCS guards all night. HCS never could put it up without pressure.

Game Preview
Hesperia Christian now continues on the Road to Loyola Marymount in a second round playoff game against AGBU Titans. It is a time for HCS to demonstrate that they have the defensive abilities to go far in the playoffs. It means making free throws since a single missed free throw can be the difference in the game. It means getting over 33 rebounds as a team. It means playing hard-nosed defense as they have in the past six games. And finally HCS is going to have to really press their inside game against the smaller Titans.

AGBU finished the season 15-8 and 8-1 in the Westside League as the league champion. They are now 1-0 in playoff after defeating Laguna Blanca in a tight hard fought match on Friday night 46-41. The Titans' two shooting stars are #25 Gaby Taslakian and #32 Arden Koskerian who each can easily put up twenty points a night. AGBU's major weakness is a lack of height. But against Laguna Blanca they demonstrated an ability to defend against two 6-6 players, basically negating the Owl's big men all night.

This will be the first ever meeting between HCS and AGBU. AGBU was knocked out of the playoffs in 2004 by Apple Valley Christian 59-44. The game against HCS will be the first time the Titans have advanced to the second round.

AGBU has no common opponents with HCS. Their worst loss of the season was at the hands of Cleveland High School 95-28. Their toughest losses were by 3 points to Pilibos and by 5 points to Pacific Hills. They have beaten Community Harvest twice this season. Presently they have a three game winning streak.

AGBU Titans

Number Player Height Points 3 pointers
1Armen Avedian6-1100
23Shaunt Aslanian5-11130
xxNareg Guregian6-300
25Gaby Taslakian5-9252
15Alex Esmailian5-700
15Alex Sevadjian5-700
21Vatche Baboyan6-120
10Armen Rostamian6-100
32Arden Koskerian6-070
Team Totals59 2

Arden Koskerian is the Titan's big man. Gaby Taslakian is their big shooter.

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