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Apple Valley Christian vs HCS Stats 2-8-05

Player Points PPG FG FG % FT FT %
Loren Barton04.40/30%0/00%
Jonny Barton24.31/250%0/00%
Sean Bayer03.90/00%0/00%
Josh EllisDNP.90/00%0/00%
Nate Glass1212.22/450%2/450%
Billy Hague107.55/863%0/00%
Zach Howard810.33/475%2/2100%
Preston LamarcaDNP30/00%0/00%
Tyler O'BrienDNP.30/00%0/00%
Mike Maerzluft36.51/333%1/250%
Jordan MartinsonDNP1.50/00%0/00%
Mike Petersen2211.69/1464%4/580%
Kyhl PearsonDNP.10/00%0/00%
Hesperia Christian
Team Totals57 TBD21/3855%9/1369%

Player 3 Pointers 3 PT % Reb Asst Stls TO BS
Loren Barton0/00%20010
Jonny Barton0/20%11020
Sean Bayer0/00%00000
Josh EllisDNP0%00000
Nate Glass2/540%53162
Billy Hague0/00%44330
Zach Howard0/30%23021
Preston LamarcaDNP0%00000
Mike Maerzluft0/00%11231
Jordan MartinsonDNP0%00000
Tyler O'BrienDNP0%00000
Mike Petersen0/00%71110
Kyhl PearsonDNP0%00000
Hesperia Christian
Team Totals2/1118%22137184

Game Stats

Team First Qtr Second Qtr Third Qtr Fourth Qtr Total
Apple Valley Christian206131554

(L)Zach Howard gets 2 of his 8 pts. (R) Mike Maerzluft drives past an Apple defender.

Game Review
Hesperia Christian met their cross-town archrivals, Apple Valley Christian and won a hard fought tight victory 57-54 in Apple Valley. HCS came out very cold and got behind 20-8 after the first quarter. They crawled back into it in the second quarter behind some nice 2 point shots from Billy Hague and only trailed Apple by 5 points at the half. Steven Messner shot the eyes out of the basket in the first half and HCS could not stop him. Messner ended up with 23 points and 5 three pointers. Mike Petersen kept HCS in the game eventually getting 22 points and seven rebounds. Apple and HCS fought to a draw in the third quarter. But it was HCS who wanted it more in the fourth quarter. HCS finally tied the game for the first time at 5:08 in the final quarter. Fortunately in the end Apple was forced to foul and made the mistake of fouling Zach Howard. Howard made his only two free throws of the night to seal the victory. Apple Valley Christian is now 6-3 in Agape play and has sealed up third place. Both first and second place will be decided Friday in Antelope Valley Christian's gym when 8-1 HCS plays the 8-1 Eagles.

Game Preview
Hesperia Christian plays the first of two critical games this week. It is the Showdown in the Apple Valley Recreation Center. At stake is the Agape championship. It is a must win game for both teams.

This game will have the intensity of a playoff game. It means making free throws since a single missed free throw can be the difference in the game. It means getting over 38 rebounds as a team and playing strong defense against Apple Valley Christian. It means preventing the Warrior's three stars, Nunes, Kudrle and Watts from having a breakaway game at the Patriot's expense. At the same time, HCS must insure that Scranton and Messner don't get any points. And stopping Nunes must be of paramount importance. Because the game is at Apple, it is impossible for Nunes to foul out so the HCS big men have to be ready for a hard and tough 32 minutes of defense. HCS presently has more losses than they have had in each of the last four years and more than they had all last season (8). But they have qualified for post-season play with 11 wins. But that was assumed before the beginning of the season. The real prize is the Agape League championship. HCS has never won the title outright. Will this be the year?

Apple Valley Christian Warriors.

Number Player Points 3 pointers
21Justin Nunes230
5Peter Kudrle80
3Wes WattsIR0
44Steven Scranton00
XXMichael HarrisonDNP0
xxSteven Messner235
xxAdam Rodriquez00
Team Totals54 5

(L)HCS defenders defend against Justin Nunes (R) Mike Petersen goes for 2 of his 22 points.

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