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Joshua Springs vs HCS Stats 2-4-05

Player Points PPG FG FG % FT FT %
Loren Barton54.71/333%2/2100%
Jonny Barton54.41/1100%0/00%
Sean Bayer24.41/1100%0/20%
Josh Ellis0.90/00%0/00%
Nate Glass812.22/922%4/667%
Billy Hague97.43/560%0/00%
Zach Howard2110.44/757%1/250%
Preston Lamarca030/20%0/00%
Mike Maerzluft26.71/425%0/00%
Jordan Martinson01.50/00%0/00%
Tyler O'Brien0.30/00%0/00%
Kyhl Pearson0.10/00%0/00%
Mike Petersen17118/1267%1/1100%
Hesperia Christian
Team Totals68 6121/4448%8/1362%

Player 3 Pointers 3 PT % Reb Asst Stls TO BS
Loren Barton0/00%50210
Jonny Barton1/250%20010
Sean Bayer0/00%40101
Josh Ellis0/10%00010
Nate Glass0/60%74021
Billy Hague1/333%28601
Zach Howard4/757%61110
Preston Lamarca0/00%20020
Mike Maerzluft0/20%22111
Jordan Martinson0/00%00020
Tyler O'Brien0/00%00010
Kyhl Pearson0/00%10000
Mike Petersen0/00%90211
Hesperia Christian
Team Totals6/2129%401513135

Game Stats

Team First Qtr Second Qtr Third Qtr Fourth Qtr Total
Joshua Springs101291445

Game Review
In their final regular season home game, Hesperia Christian handily beat Joshua Springs 68-45. It was Senior night and the HCS crowd honored seniors Loren Barton and Nate Glass who had 5 and 7 rebounds respectively. Junior Zach Howard lead all scoring with 21 points and got a career high 6 rebounds also. Junior Mike Petersen again had a solid night getting 17 points and 9 rebounds. HCS played a good defensive game tonight not allowing the Lightning stars to have good games. Joshua Springs Thomas Higgins had 15 points and Kyle McClay had 13 points.

HCS dominated the boards with 40 rebounds and had a +2 assist to turnover ratio tonight, both stats contributing to the victory.

(L)Mike Petersen up the middle for 2 of his 17 pts. (R) Nate Glass gets triple teamed by the lightning.

(L)Zach Howard lays up two of his 21 points. (R) Joshua Springs triple team can't stop Howard.

Game Preview
Hesperia Christian plays its final home game of the regular season against Joshua Springs.

HCS beat Joshua Springs 75-64 in Yucca Valley in January. The Patriots are a better team than when they played the lightning last time. But still HCS will have to play exceptional basketball for the next three games to ensure they get that Agape title.. They will have to jump out to an early first quarter lead and then hold off Joshua Springs' attempts to get back in it. It means making free throws, getting over 38 rebounds as a team and playing strong defense against Joshua Springs. HCS presently has as many losses as they had all last four seasons but has made CIF Southern Section playoffs. If they can win the next three games in a row, they will win the Agape League outright.

Joshua Springs Lightning.

Number Player Points 3 pointers
15Thomas Higgins153
50Kyle McClay130
32Terrel Risper40
23Kenny Takata00
45Chris Gray80
10Max Velarde20
35Shawn Vrooman30
Team Totals45 3

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