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Victor Valley Christian vs HCS Stats 1-28-05

Player Points PPG FG FG % FT FT %
Loren Barton44.42/2100%0/10%
Jonny Barton94.60/20%6/6100%
Sean Bayer040/00%0/00%
Josh Ellis0.80/00%0/00%
Nate Glass1412.54/1136%3/3100%
Billy Hague47.32/540%0/00%
Zach Howard99.63/838%0/00%
Preston Lamarca83.31/1100%6/6100%
Mike Maerzluft137.14/580%5/5100%
Jordan Martinson41.61/250%2/2100%
Tyler O'Brien000/00%0/00%
Khyl Pearson000/00%0/00%
Mike Petersen610.82/825%2/450%
Hesperia Christian
Team Totals71 60.719/4443%24/2789%

Player 3 Pointers 3 PT % Reb Asst Stls TO BS
Loren Barton0/00%82131
Jonny Barton1/333%31101
Sean Bayer0/00%00110
Josh Ellis0/00%00010
Nate Glass1/714%120340
Billy Hague0/10%55641
Zach Howard0/00%11300
Preston Lamarca0/30%10010
Tyler O'Brien0/00%00000
Mike Maerzluft0/10%23051
Jordan Martinson0/00%42000
Khyl Pearson0/00%00000
Mike Petersen0/00%80130
Hesperia Christian
Team Totals3/1916%361416224

Game Stats

Team First Qtr Second Qtr Third Qtr Fourth Qtr Total
Victor Valley Christian21592147

Preston Lamarca for two. Glass and Martinson fight for rebound.

Game Review
Hesperia Christian opened the second half of the Agape League schedule with a win over Victor Valley Christian, 71-47. The Patriots were led by senior Nate Glass who had a double double with 14 points and 12 rebounds. Soph point guard Mike Maerzluft had 13 points in tonight's game. Frosh Preston Lamarca and Soph Jonny Barton provided nine points in support of the victory. Junior Mike Petersen had 8 rebounds and six points tonight. Most impressive tonight was the HCS' free throw shooting. They shot a blistering 89% from the charity line and missed only three free throws all night. Almost everyone was perfect shooting 100%. And soph Jordan Martinson continued his streak of never having missed a free throw in his varsity career.

Game Preview
Hesperia Christian begins second half league play against Victor Valley Christian on Friday night. HCS last met the Royals a month ago in Hesperia and won 75-40. Nate Glass, Mike Petersen and Billy Hague all had solid games against the Royals.

HCS will need to recover from its awful loss to Antelope Valley Christian earlier this week. They need to start playing defense again and rebounding. HCS presently has more losses than any HCS team in the last four years.They need two more wins to make CIF Southern Section playoffs.

Victor Valley Christian Royals.

Number Player Points 3 pointers
4Tim Abraham10
10Tyler Rasmussen81
12Lavelle Etheridge111
14Kaylan RubleDNP0
21Josh Laube20
23Mark Brewer60
30Jimmie Pickett110
32Daniel CarringtonDNP0
34Andrew Porter81
40Nick CourtierDNP0
Team Totals47 3

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