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Apple Valley Christian vs HCS Stats 12-11-04

Player Points PPG FG FG % FT FT %
Loren BartonIR90/00%0/00%
Jonny Barton32.80/10%0/00%
Sean Bayer050/30%0/00%
Josh Ellis000/10%0/00%
Nate Glass2016.55/1145%1/333%
Billy Hague48.52/450%0/30%
Zach HowardSUSP110/00%0/00%
Preston Lamarca0.80/10%0/00%
Carlton Leppelman1.30/00%1/250%
Mike Maerzluft1410.35/863%4/850%
Jordan MartinsonDNP00/00%0/00%
Kyhl PearsonDNP00/00%0/00%
Mike Petersen773/1030%0/00%
Hesperia Christian
Team Totals49 6115/3938%6/1638%

Player 3 Pointers 3 PT % Reb Asst Stls TO BS
Loren BartonIR0%00000
Jonny Barton1/250%00000
Sean Bayer0/00%40010
Josh Ellis0/20%00110
Nate Glass3/743%80440
Billy Hague0/30%23021
Zach HowardSUSP0%00000
Preston Lamarca0/10%00000
Carlton Leppelman0/00%10000
Mike Maerzluft0/00%31110
Jordan MartinsonDNP0%00000
Kyhl PearsonDNP0%00000
Mike Petersen0/40%42022
Hesperia Christian
Team Totals4/1921%2266113

Game Stats

Team First Qtr Second Qtr Third Qtr Fourth Qtr Total
Apple Valley Christian1718121259

Game Review
In the Championship match, Hesperia Christian met their cross town arch rival Apple Valley Christian and lost 59-49 despite a valiant comeback attempt in the fourth quarter.

Game Preview
Hesperia Christian meets Apple Valley Christian in the Championship round of the Hesperia Christian Holiday Classic. This rivalry is one of the most fierce rivalries in the High Desert. The last time these two teams met, HCS won in the final .2 seconds of overtime on a shot by junior Zach Howard. Apple Valley Christian has three super stars and thats is it. HCS will have to insure that Justin Nunes, Peter Kudrle and Wes Watts are kept under 60 points. And HCS needs to again get their point average of 65 points. Hindering HCS in tonight's game is the injuries to Mike Petersen and Lorne Barton. Along with the injuries, the Patriots will be without the services of Zach Howard who is suspended for tonight's match based on his two techs from the game with Upland Christian. But it is said that good teams win when things are going against them or they are playing bad. Tonight we see if HCS has championship heart!

Apple Valley Christian

Number Player Points 3 pointers
21Justin Nunes200
5Peter Kudrle184
3Wes Watts132
44Steven Scranton30
XXMichael Harrison00
xxSteven Messner31
xxRicky Luevano00
xxAlex Patag00
xxAdam Rodriquez20
xxJonathan Hoyt00
Team Totals59 7

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