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Hesperia Christian Varsity Boys Basketball

To Week Seven in the Agape League.

2005-2006 Agape Week Seven Basketball Schedule

DATE Home Tm Away Tm Score Conf./Non Conf.
Jan 9 Bethel ChristianOxford Academy BC Win 71-24 Conf
Jan 10Apple Valley ChristianJoshua SpringsJS Win 39-34 Conf
Jan 10Victor Valley ChristianBethel ChristianBC Win 74-51 Conf
Jan 10Antelope Valley ChristianHesperia ChristianHCS Win 53-32 Conf
Jan 12AAEBethel ChristianBC Win 71-56 Conf
Jan 13Apple Valley ChristianVictor Valley ChristianAVC Win 57-44 Conf
Jan 13 Bethel ChristianHesperia Christian HCS Win 45-35 Conf
Jan 13 Antelope Valley ChristianJoshua SpringsJS Win 54-36 Conf

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