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Unofficial Home Page of Hesperia Christian Patriots Basketball, 2006-2007

Welcome to the unofficial home page of the 2006-2007 defending Agape League Champions, Hesperia Christian Patriots Boys Basketball team of the Agape League.

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So now the 2006-2007 Patriots take the court to continue the legacy of Hesperia Christian of being one of the premier small school basketball teams in Southern California. The biggest change for HCS is being a Division IVAA team. So now HCS must deal with larger enrollment schools and new schools not yet seen. HCS and the Agape League (with two new teams, Excelsior and AAE) will compete in Southern Section playoffs with teams from the Academy, Christian, Garden Grove, Mission Valley, Sunkist and Victory Leagues. As the 2006-2007 Patriots develop and improve they will be up to the task.

In 2005-2006, they finished 20-7 (10-0)(1-1) winning sole possession of the Agape League Championship for a second straight season. All losses were against Div I thru Div IV teams. They had lost only one game since Dec 29, 2005 until losing in the quarterfinals of the 2006 Div VAA Southern Section Playoffs.

They lost in a quarterfinal playoff game against Upland Christian at Hesperia on February 21st 69-66. This was Hesperia Christian's first loss to a Div V school last season.

Hesperia Christian ended the 2004-2005 season beating Apple Valley Christian at the Apple Valley Rec Center and then beating Antelope Valley Christian at Lancaster on Friday to win the Agape League outright, a first for HCS. So HCS finished 14-10 (9-1). Despite a rough start, HCS persevered in beating Desert Christian, Bermuda Dunes 58-51 on Feb 17 at home in first round playoff action. On Feb 22 in a poorly played game by the Patriots they lost to AGBU in Canoga Park, the #10 seed 59-47 ending their playoff run 1-1. Hesperia Christian ended the season 15-11 (9-1) and did not make CIF quarterfinals for the first time in four years. Thanks to Nate Glass and Loren Barton for all they gave to the team's efforts this past season. They ended up ranked 8th in Socal Div VAA.

In 2003-2004 they finished 18-8 (8-2) (1-1) and won for the first time the Agape League along with Antelope Valley Christian and Apple Valley Christian. They beat Boron and then lost to St. Anthony in the quarterfinals 51-46. HCS ended up ranked #5 in Div VAA. It was a great and exciting year for Patriot fans. Congratulations to Josh Hamilton for being named the MVP of the Agape League and to Trevor Wagstaffe and Loren Barton for being named to the All-Agape League first team.

The HCS Patriots ended 19-8 (8-2)(2-1)in 2002-2003. They finished in second place in 2002-2003 in the Agape League, one of the toughest leagues in Div V in the Southern Section of CIF. They were 8-2 in league and 19-8 overall. In 2002-2003 HCS got to the quarterfinals of the CIF Div VAA playoffs, beating AAE and La Sierra Academy before losing to Rolling Hills Prep 91-75.

In 2001-2002 HCS got to the quarterfinals of the CIF Div VA playoffs, beating Westview and Baptist Christian, Hemet before losing to Price 113-49. Congratulations Patriots on a great three seasons!

We would like to thank Dale Josephson for providing many photos for this site. Visit his site to see many more HCS photos at Sideline Photography

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