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Wisdom for Courts, Laws, Society

NC-007Wisdom for Courts, Laws, Society is a 501(c)3 charity that educates the public, the media, and the elected officials about crime, our court system failing - inadequacies, incompetence, and corruption in the court system, in other crime related areas of government, and in powerful agencies that affect our safety and survival. Paragraphs below relate many crime facts, statistics, and examples proving the need for wise reforms. You can click here to bookmark this website and come back to read some each day. Only 10% of the citizens are alert they could become a victim of violence at any time. If many more citizens could become aware of this website and read it, then they will be alert about violence and corruption and have a better chance of survival.

The serious problems in the court system and other crime related systems are so strongly entrenched that it will take many millions of citizens becoming volunteers for this charity. To recruit the many millions of citizens to participate as citizen activists for this cause requires an education they won't get anywhere else but from this charity. Click on "Down to Bottom" below to read more details. If you or anyone you can refer can help by making a tax deductible donation that will be helpful. Write a check or money order to Wisdom For Courts, Laws, Society. Mail it to P. O. Box 15352, Durham, NC 27704. Thank you for any assistance or for any donations.

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LibertyBellLiberty Bell No doubt you know that the U.S.A. has been plagued by rampant crime for decades. Business Week magazine had an article that related that crime costs the U.S.A. $425 billion a year. That figure includes the costs of courts, prisons, police, alarms, private security guards, security systems, urban decay, value of stolen goods, medical care for victims, and economic loss from broken and lost lives.

2003 FBI Uniform Crime Reports say the statistics were 22,252,305 crimes in the U.S.A. in that one year. Keep in mind that many crimes aren't reported, including simple assaults, beatings, thefts, and rapes. In the U.S.A. each year 4 million women are battered and 1500 women murdered by their men. 3 million child abuse reports are filed. 1.8 million elderly people reported maltreated. Nursing home abuse doubled from 1996 to 2000. Disabled people are 4 to 10 times more likely to be victims of crimes than are people without disabilities. Since 1976 more than 700,000 U.S.A. citizens have been murdered, about 23,000 acknowledged murders each year. Males are 76.5% of the acknowledged murder victims. Females are 23.5% of the acknowledged murder victims. Very many murders are not acknowledged. Very many murders have happened in hidden ways. It seems like an undeclared war upon citizens is happening with perpetators being from within the regular population. During their lifetime 5 out of 6 U.S.A. citizens will be victims of violent crime. Unless there are wise reforms in the court system, other crime related systems, and other powerful agencies that get violent crime under control, it's very likely that, if you haven't been a victim of violent crime yet, you will be.

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CrimeChart700,000 women in the U.S.A. are sexually assaulted each year. One every 45 seconds. 61% of female rape victims are under age 18. Male rape victims are 5% of reported cases. Many rapes, possibly several millions, aren't reported. The 3 million reports of child abuse and neglect includes physical torture and starvation. In the U.S.A. at least 5,000 children, mostly age 4 or younger die every year of abuse and neglect. 142,000 are seriously injured. 30,000 are permanently disabled. From 1975 through 1986 substantiated cases of child sexual abuse increased tenfold. Federal data shows a 350% increase from 1980 through 1997. Many more cases, although true, aren't substantiated, and many more aren't even reported. I have read that several hundred thousand citizens, mostly children, are abducted/kidnaped each year. Most of them end up murdered. There is no excuse for such brutal crimes that are truly a real life nightmare for the victims.

Since 1960 crime has increased drastically in the U.S.A. Some newspaper articles relate an increase of about 400% and other articles relate a 500% increase. Some of the increase may be that more crimes are being reported than in previous decades. Part of the increase is due to the downplaying and trivialization of some crimes which promotes a continuous cycle of crimes.

NewspaperThere are many millions of crimes, including crimes of abuse and violence, that aren't even reported, or, if reported, too many magistrates, district attorneys, and judges refuse to press charges for crimes. It may be that violation of due process of law and obstruction of justice is due to those powers that be not caring about victims of violence or they may be trying to thin out the cases that make it into the court system due to not enough court time. However, they are agreeable for traffic violations to take up 50% of the court's cases. Crimes of abuse and violence should be priority over traffic violations.

Wisdom for Courts, Laws, Society has had it's headquarters in Durham, North Carolina since it's beginning. The founder has lived in either Durham or neighboring Orange County since 1978 and thus is well aware of how the court system, other crime related areas of government, and other powerful agencies have inadequacies, incompetence and corruption resulting in wrongs, harm, injuries, disabilities, and death to citizens in large numbers. However, that is often not being taken seriously by the powers that be as should be.

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North Carolina FlagSome court cases result in an adequate response to crime. However, the court system and the state legislatures do not prioritize as to where priorities of creation of laws and law enforcement should be. The system can be very serious about crimes that are not really a threat to society, for example putting money in a parking meter that is about to expire at which someone else's car is parked. Because there is a city law that says that is a crime the generous individual would be put in jail. A citizen can be charged with a crime for having more yard sales than a city law allows resulting in going to jail for that also. When people that aren't aware of the total picture as to how the system is being run, see such seriousness about trivial matters, they may think the system would surely be serious in all cases about the serious crimes, such as assault and battery, beatings, sexual crimes, and murder, but more judges, district attorneys, and magistrates in the system than many people realize downplay and even trivialize such serious crimes.

For whatever reasons of their own, whether it is bribes, trying to keep the court cases that go through the court system to a minimum or feeling sorry for criminals or fear of violent criminals, too many judges, district attorneys, and magistrates: (1) have become desensitized to terrible crimes, (2) aren't sympathetic to the victims, (3) won't always rescue women and children from the worst criminals leaving those victims in harm's way, (4) give the very worst child abusers custody of children ensuring those children will be re-victimized with physical and sexual crimes, (5) and have let dangerous criminals off easy or not held them accountable for their crimes at all.

Lady LibertyWith the way the system is being run now, the majority of the citizens are being set up to be victims of violence, with the most vulnerable citizens being victims the most often. Just like a pack of wolves circling a flock of sheep would search for the most vulnerable sheep in the flock, criminals search for the most vulnerable among the people in the society. The Durham case in which a man raped a 7 year old girl and instead of prison received probation and some jury verdicts overturned setting other dangerous felons free are examples. There are, no doubt, many more such cases that aren't even publicized in the newspapers. Another way terrible crimes are trivialized is that statewide in North Carolina only 23% of murders are brought to trial and in Durham just 4.5% of murders are brought to trial. Another statistic that shows trivialization of crime was related in a 2002 local news article which revealed an 84% increase in rapes in Durham. One would think that the Durham elected officials would be concerned about the high crime rate and taking appropriate actions to get it reduced, but they aren't. Violent crimes are increasing in Durham. The usual methods have not solved these serious societal problems.

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Where a city spends it's tax money proves what it's priorities are. In Durham, although there was plenty to do here, the elected officials have spent more and more tax dollars on theatres in which to hold plays, ballparks, sports projects, recreation centers, and an indoor swimming pool. There is a never ending quest for more and more of those things, which do nothing to stop crime. The police officers in Durham have requested a decent pay raise because they are paid less than many police officers in some other cities. Blind JusticeHowever, the people with the clout with the elected officials don't want them to get such a pay raise. They would rather have the tax money spent on entertainment, sports, and recreation as stated above.

Domestic violence is also often trivialized. Many judges have refused to make proper court rulings sometimes resulting in murders that could have been prevented. An Orange County example is that of Dawn Jolly. Warrants showed previous violence to her by her husband. He chased her on the interstate at 100 mph waving a gun out of his car window. He shot a bullet into her computer at work. Dawn pressed charges. The judge was not sympathetic to the crime victim and dropped the charges. Four days later Dawn was murdered by her husband. The Durham case in which a judge dismissed the murder charges in a wife murder and only gave 3 years probation as punishment is an example of trivialization of such murders in Durham courts.

With wife batterers and wife murderers not being dealt with properly by the North Carolina court system, it's easy to see how North Carolina ranks 6th in the nation as to murders of wives and girlfriends. The inadequate court response, which happens in many states, emboldens men to extend their violence to other people. 70% of the men that are violent to their wives or girlfriends are also violent to their children. 70% of those violent men receive court ordered custody of their children. Some of the violent men also extend their violence to the public at large. For example, after the Washington, D.C. sniper, who murdered so many people was arrested, it was discovered that he had been violent to his wife. Domestic violence costs employers between $3 billion to $5 billion dollars per year in medical expenses due to the injuries resulting from domestic violence. Another $100 million dollars to consider is from lost wages, sick leave, absenteeism, and non-productivity due to domestic violence.

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School In 2000 a local news article related that child abuse is an epidemic in North Carolina. A 1996 news article related that North Carolina had the 6th highest number of child abuse deaths compared to other states. There was an advertisement in 2001 in the local newspaper relating that Durham has a 45% higher rate of child abuse and neglect than the state average. A 2002 news article about the entire state related that school crime increased for the 3rd straight year, hit a 10 year high, and had a 56% increase. Public schools are a war zone now with helpless children being bullied with their lunch money stolen, being beat up, raped, even murdered.

The facts, statistics, and case examples written about in the paragraphs above prove that the U.S.A. is truly an uncivilized society with much corruption and violence. What has been going on for very long is a resistance to wisdom and perfection. Most citizens, regardless of whether they are Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Green Party or Constitution Party or other 3rd political parties, or not even registered to vote could agree upon many wise reforms that are much needed. There needs to be a way to bring citizens together for this project.

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Liberty BellLiberty Bell The mission and goals of Wisdom for Courts, Laws, Society are: (1) bringing together the citizens that are concerned about violence, failures of the court system, other crime related areas of government, and other powerful agencies that affect our safety and survival, and concerned about the resulting human misery, suffering, injuries, disabilties, and death so that we can be united for the second goal, (2) wise reforms in the U.S.A. so crimes of abuse and violence and failures, in other words, inadequacies, incompetence, and corruption in the court system, other crime related systems, and other powerful agencies related to our safety and survival won't be the realities of life here.

I need help with this project. Although the changes that are needed are wisdom that would be appreciated and applied in most other areas, because they are innovative and will be major reforms, it will take many millions of citizens participating in this project of much education and networking about these serious societal problems. This is a non-partisan project. Many government officials know about these serious societal problems as a result of citizen lobbying. However, nothing ever really gets done about these serious societal problems. Subsequently, just voting won't be sufficient for the needed wise reforms to be accomplished. It will take other methods - much education and networking like we've seen done with other various societal problems.


NC-007 I started this charity 20 years ago. Although I've been an excellent activist for this charity's important causes regarding the specific societal problems and thus for the citizens' safety and survival, this charity has not received many donations. I have read that there are 1.4 million charities in the U.S.A. and charity receipts of $183 billion annually. The few thousand dollars this charity received from people over the years were from a few women, including myself, who were wronged in civil court matters regarding divorce and child custody. That money was spent on previous methods. Perhaps many people think that the well known and well funded charities are saying and doing what needs to be said and done about these important causes regarding the societal problems of violence and the court system failures, but they are not.

There is a need for funding to come to this charity as here is where the knowledge, insight, bravery, methods, and wise reforms are to adequately address, tackle, and bring about the end of the U.S.A.'s serious societal problems. I have paid about two-thirds of the charity's operating expenses using my credit line because: (1) there weren't enough donations to continue with the charity's activities, which are truly needed, and (2) because it upsets me to think about the nice people that are being brutally victimized, even robbed of their very lives, and to know that thus far the government officials haven't been willing to reform the court system to compel the judges, district attorneys, magistrates, and others working in the system to always come to the rescue of victims of violence in the many cases where that is possible and to run the system in such a manner to seriously discourage violence to the public at large.

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People Protesting Over the years I've been involved with a small group of other volunteer citizen activists and lobbyists and also taken actions individually to bring forth education and promote wise reforms for the serious problems in regards to the court system, other crime related areas of government, and other powerful agencies related to citizens' safety and survival. Government officials and the media have been made well aware of what the serious problems are. I've sent them hundreds of detailed letters. Although the media has allowed some publicity for this charity, they haven't, as of this writing, understood the need for much media coverage. Thus far government officials haven't understood that wise reforms need to be done about the serious societal problems this charity is involved with. I have observed that the powerful citizens in those areas are usually not victims of violence or court system failures themselves.

Scales of JusticeFrom 25 years of experience as a citizen activist I have learned there is a strong resistance to wise reforms. For whatever reasons of their own, the government officials have been resistant when it comes to rooting out the problems and perfecting the court system, other crime related areas of government, and other powerful agencies that are related to our safety and survival. I have observed that the state and federal governments have cooperated with some of the people's demands as a result of the following: (1) large campaign contributions, (2) civil disobedience such as rioting, and (3) very large organized groups of people. I believe that the wise reforms can be accomplished non-violently if only enough people will get involved. Since government officials haven't had a positive response when individual citizens or small groups of citizens lobby them, it is necessary to develop this organization into a very large organization of people to be citizen activists for this charity and its' causes. I'm smart and thus I can analyze societal problems and think up many wise reforms that most citizens could agree upon.

Writing LettersThe activities will be simple. Through the proposed future newsletter, I will present the societal problems along with proposed wise reforms for your consideration and for consideration by the government officials. It would also help for volunteers to tell other people about this web site so that they can read it. Some people may want to help with the operation of this charity by donating a building such as a large house, automobiles, office equipment and supplies, energy expense and/or money donations.

Send E-mail To sign up send an e-mail to and ask about being a volunteer along with sending your contact information. I'll give you some ideas for volunteer activities that you can do from any place you are located. As long as we are allowed to use the Internet, it would be best for me to communicate with volunteers via e-mail. If you don't have an e-mail address yet, a librarian can show you how to sign up for that. Librarians are paid tax dollars to help people. The company with the free e-mail account with the most space for e-mails is However, I have learned that due to disasters the Internet may break down. So, it will help for me to have volunteers' U.S. postal mailing address too.

This charity needs: 1) donations to buy a larger headquarters to enable hosting charity events and inviting volunteers in to help with computer activities, which needs to be in the Charlotte, NC area 2) several more computers and a large printer, 3) furniture - desks, desk chairs, file cabinets, folding tables, folding chairs, 4) printing paper and ink to print letters, brochures, and a newsletter, 5) envelopes and postage to mail out letters and brochures, 6) other office supplies, 7) money to pay for other methods of communications such as telephone and Internet. There are costs to getting the much needed education to the public so they will be inspired to become volunteers for this cause. There are a couple of related forums that you can join. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, write a check or money order to Wisdom for Courts, Laws, Society, and mail it to P. O. Box 15352, Durham, NC 27704. Thank you for any assistance or for any donations.

Wisdom for Courts, Laws, and Society

Wisdom for Courts, Laws, Society...................P.O. Box 15352...................Durham, N.C. 27704

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