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We love you so much it may hurt you. That is, this pure love sent to you feels foreign and is at first repulsed. It is an autoimmune disease that many suffer from. We in spirit regret this trend away from that which is your birthright and true nature. The lupus, cancer, and other diseases stem from the root cause of Self-rejection.

It is in allowing and being with all energies that the human thrives. Can you see a flower purposely refusing water or sunshine and growing wilted and weak? That is what occurs on the earth. Because of this tendency to resistance no tolerance or capacity is built up in the human energy field for optimum health.

Start where you are and begin to just relax and flow and sense all that is without and within, so simple. Begin to commune and communicate with the smallest atoms to the biggest galaxies. Talk to every creature you meet, including yourself and the bigger picture emerges. Even what you hate is part of you just asking to be loved. Shine the light of love on all that you are and all that surrounds you.

This category 5 hurricane is not an ill wind. It is a large vortex of energy galvanizing all into action. Tap into it and see what message is contained therein and do not fail to note the calm eye at its core. No matter the chaos, it is rooted in peace, love and joy. Rather than being destructive think of it as a natural part of the cycle of creation-manifestation-recycling that is eternal and ongoing. The hurricane is a phenomenon temporarily occurring in the sky…what is the nature of the sky?

Keep this in mind for all natural events and so-called acts of God. Notice what in the area is ready to be cleaned up and out and rebuilt, ultimately the recycling provides the space for renewed growth and vigor, just think of it as heavy-duty air pruning.

Many will point to the cost in lives and property. Yet these too are impermanent marks of men. Souls agree to leave in vast numbers knowing they are immortal. So they take the opportunity to ascend in a group or individually. There is no rhyme or reason. It is a free will choice and spiritual lottery.

Some line up and others just go along on the ride, it all leads to the same place…realization of the self’s true nature. During the ascension there is giddy release and remembrance of the all that there is. Do not be dismayed by this time of transition, it is joyful for the being, sad for those who do not grasp its full possibilities.

Mourning and grief are more for the loss of Selfhood than the being who is buried. Death is always the reminder of the dividing line between the finite and the infinite. Death, ultimately lifts the curtain in the last act, and reveals the truth under the veil of Maya and suffering.

We share this in love and light,
Sananda Council of 12