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The Gandharbas of Nepal are a musician caste, one of the many poor "untouchable" castes of Nepal.

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Catholic Church Position on Gays
Sister Ruth and the Gay Community

A missionary nun with a message


Sister Ruth is a missionary nun who has travelled to over 200 countries carrying a 3ft. statue of the Virgin Mary. She prays with Hindus , Buddhists, Jews, Moslems, Protestants, Communists and atheists

Sister Ruth is a graduate of Keele University in England where in the early 60s she studied English History. For 30 years she belonged to an order in London and worked for a children's charity. Now she is in an order based near the shrine to Mary in Knock. It was then she began her travels around the world with the message of Jesus, carrying the statue of the Blessed Mother.


This beautiful miraculous photo was taken by US pilgrim Mrs Haas in Israel. She had her films developed when she returned home, and this image was among them. She told the staff in the photographic shop she had not taken this image. She then heard the holy voice of Jesus say it is a miraculous photo and she should promote it worldwide. He said it should not be framed behind glass; and it will prepare humanity for His final coming!

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