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The SEG will set out to provide a safe zone for its trade and operations. Standard defenses comprise of laser towers overlooking every gate entrance. As soon as an undesirable enters through the gate, they can be terminated most efficiently. As well as this, the SEG mantain an overt military presense in their sectors.

Too large to dock. A SEG Peacekeeper glides past an Argon Shipyard. The modified TL has proven to be a valuable asset to the SEG.








We provide a service of protection for nuetral and friendly traders. Weapons will be tolerated on any ships except the heavy Gamma HEPT and the Hornet Missile. We don't care about the others, but we take serious offense over these two. The Gamma HEPT is found on most larger ships, so we feel it is an act of respect for a battleship to change from Gamma HEPTs to something less dangerous. (Alpha and Beta HEPTS and Silkworm missiles are fine.) I doubt this should be a problem.

A warning to aggressive and non-aggressive pirates. We will tolerate the goods you carry through our sectors except for slaves. We will not tolerate you attacking other ships in our sectors. If you attack a nuetral pilot or a friend, we will terminate with extreme prejudice!

Gate Defense. Note the positions of the laser towers. They can both face inwards and eliminate threats as soon as they arrive.

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If someone wants to trade with us that's fine. Providing they comply with the SEG laws regarding illegal cargo and disarming of dangerous weapons there will always be a place for trade in our sectors.

Gamma HEPT; Hornet Missile; - We see these as icons of aggression and ask that these two specific weapons be disarmed to something less agressive.

Slaves; - If we ever learn that a ship is carrying slaves we will request that the slaves be set free. Failure to comply after three warnings results in loss of license, capture or detaining of the ship(s) involved or, if neccessary destruction of the ship(s) in question. We never want to go to such measures, so do not force us by carrying slaves through our sectors.

Race Relations:

All races are to be treated equally. We have no prejudice against any race, except enemies to the SEG. (Ie. Xenon, Pirates, other Guilds)


Needed protection. An Argon Lifter flies under SEG escort to Argon Prime. With an increase in pirate numbers pilots cannot fly alone.