TOWNSEND is a young, all-male vocal/dance group that sings a unique hip-pop / rock style of music which they blend with a hip-hop / pop style of dancing.

In 1999, four of the members of Townsend, Todd Dolci, Ryan Torres, and twins Dominic and Nick Restani, met while working in the promotions department for a popular San Francisco radio station. The "boys" were often teamed up to work major concerts and large promotional events. The guys quickly realized that they all hired on with the radio station for the same reason: to work in the music industry. During the spring of 2000 they formed the group Townsend. In April of 2001 after searching for the perfect fit to finalize their five-piece group Matt Yoakum came along and Townsend was complete. Since forming the group the members of Townsend have devoted endless hours in pursuit of their mutual goal. Working with vocal coaches, choreographers, and producers they became more than just another group out there striving to "make it". They became a group that is "making it".

Once their act was polished Townsend began to grace the stages of Northern and Southern California as well as Nevada. With the immense support of Radio Disney Townsend has often been found at their shows sharing stages with Dream Street and Myra as well as headlining Radio Disney shows. Townsend has also shared stages with such acts as Dream, Jessica Simpson, David Crosby, Meredith Edwards, Keith Urban, and J.T. Taylor. Townsend has also had national television coverage as the half-time performers at the Silicon Valley Classic football game. In addition to their performances, Townsend appeared at numerous promotional events drawing hundreds just to come and meet and greet the group. Starting in December 2001, Townsend performed two shows per day, five days per week for the QSP Fundraiser Middle School Tour. The group continued this pattern almost every week through March 2002. Along with performances and promotions Townsend has been featured in the national magazines Teen Beat and Popstar, as well as the regional magazine Diablo.

In late September of 2001, Townsend's emphasis changed from performing to producing. Townsend completed its six song EP in December of 2001, complete with three songs written by none other than Townsend themselves. Spring of 2002 marked the release of the self-titled CD and their first single, a remake of the classic "Pour Some Sugar on Me". By summer thousands of copies of the CD had been sold, their single had earned airtime on Las Vegas's KISS FM and Oregon's KDUK, and a video for "Pour Some Sugar on Me" had been filmed.

As Townsend continues to strive for perfection and success their fans follow along, because this is the real reason for Townsend's drive and success; a group of five passionate young men backed by passionate fans eager to support them in all they do. Townsend is about their fans and their happiness, and nothing else.

"Is it the jealousy or envy that's got you hatin' on me, or is it that you're not with this Townsend dynasty. Wanna hate me? Then hate me, what can I do? Predicted to fall, so what's it to you. It's the fans that are making our dreams come true. Come second to none, so whatcha gonna do? And like Bad Boy says, we ain't goin' no where, 'cuz at the top jealousy is in the air." - Jealousy by Townsend