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Hello, welcome to my site. Hm, I finally had the initiative to get off my lazy butt to put all my website together to form one BIG gigantic one. Well, I'm still working on this ..I'll tell you what's new in here in the UPDATE section. Too bad I had the idea of making this page when I was going to be a freshman in college in a week! Well, anyway, just take a look around, and I hope you guys get amused by the stuff in here. Ok, ciao.


+ i don't know why the heck angelfire deleted my movie files in my other angelfire site...they have a new stupid policy now. well i have to reload some of them. other than that, enjoy!


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AIM SNz- o0olilpnayo0o, WhOoAaMaMa


right now, i'm feeling sorta bummed. maybe if i woke up earlier this morning-like around 7 am-maybe i would have taken my test today! but now..i have to wait for a long time! and my dog's a little tired, so i'm worried. i hope nothing happens. thanks, bye. i hope people would start coming to this website.


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anime reviews

« ayashi no ceres
« card captor sakura
« digimon
« escaflowne
« fushigi yuugi
« gundam wing
« mononoke hime
« nausicaa of the valley of the wind
« neon genesis evangelion
« please save my earth
« pokemon
« record of the lodoss wars oav
« record of the rodoss war cohk
« rurouni kenshin
« sailor moon
« multimedia

all about me

« information
« my slambook
« my online diary
« my poems
« pictures
« !!anything anime webring!!


« diana's page
« alexandra's page
« my friend test
« some funny tests
« want to kill some time?
« emode quizzes
« my friend's cousins homepage
« funny site
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