"Song Of the Little Lost Loved Ones"

In Memory of Prancelot

"On zephyr wings and sylvan sighs,
She heard the sound of friends above,
The pitter patter of tiny feet,
The heartbeats of the ones she loved.

A nibble here and a rustle there,
Their little tremors filled the air,
With melodies to soothe her soul,
To show her just how much they care.

We really haven't left you.
Our little spirits fill the air with Eternity.
We're always here to greet you,
Although we come to earth to meet you ephemerally,
Our souls live on.

Karen Biehl

"Song of the Little Lost Loved Ones"
Performed by Karen Biehl, Peaseblossom and Pleiades
Written and recorded by Karen Biehl
Copyright 2004 Karen Biehl