Beginning in 1997, Karen studied Reiki Levels 1 & 2 with two different Reiki Alliance masters, and after a long search for the right teacher, continued her masters training with Amy Rowland, author of "Traditional Reiki for Our Times" and "Intuitive Reiki for our Times", until she was initiated in 2005. Over the course of a year, Karen traveled to Pennsylvania on weekends to study with this very gifted teacher who had studied with Beth Gray, one of the original masters attuned by Hawayo Takata. With Amy, Karen also studied the Japanese techniques (Usui Reiki Ryoho) and Intuitive Reiki. Karen studied Rising Star in a joint training with Stephanie Azaria, Sherri Greene and Kathy Mulligan, all of whom trained directly with Rising Star creator Derek O'Neill. Karen had studied several other healing modalities before finding Rising Star, which she considers to be in highest alignment with her true spiritual self, along with Reiki. More recently, Karen has been taking self-empowerment seminars with John Demartini and James Ray, both of whom were featured in the movie "The Secret". Karen trained in Vocal Performance at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, but in recent years has been composing spiritual chants. She is also an initiate in the Great Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.


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Karen Biehl
Traditional Usui Reiki Master
Rising Star Practitioner
(212) 580-3540

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