Towards the end of his life, Puck realized he would have to step down as the Small and Furries Party Candidate.
He decided to endorse the candidate who most reflected the values of his party.
He chose John Kerry, the man who had once saved a hamster from drowning.

Here are some photos that were taken of him campaigning during his final weeks.

Puck campaigning at the wheel

"Do you want 'more of the same', more endless running in the wheel with no forward movement?"

"Or do you want a man who is willing to put his foot down and stop the cycle of misstep after misstep?"

When his health started to decline, Puck campaigned from his death bed.

"It is important that we vote for a man who can adapt to the current times and needs of our nation."

"I will not rest until I am certain that my message will be spread across this nation.
Please vote for John Kerry. "

Do you want to deny a hamster his final request made from his death bed?

Vote for John Kerry on November 2.

"My name is Puck, and I approve this message"



Copyright 2004 Karen Biehl
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