Eli's Recovery from Knee Surgery
Patellar luxation correction on right knee
Performed by Dr. Prata, December 29, 2008

December 30, 2008
When Eli got home, the first thing he did was stand in the sun.
I put down his mat, so he would be comfortable.
He spent most of the day basking there, letting the warmth comfort his knee.


Two years ago, it took 8 weeks for him to put his paw down after surgery on his left knee.
This time the recovery was quicker. When he arrived home, he was already starting to use the leg.
Here he is after dinner on his first night home.

December 30, 2008
Although doing well, Eli was still smart and knew
that his body needed rest in order to heal.
He spent most of Day 2 sleeping.

and cuddling with his squeaky platipus

Within a few days, he was wanting to play with his toys again.
Here he is on Day 4, January 2, 2009

On Day 5, I saw Eli pee standing on his right leg and lifting up the left!
Eli also started to play his favorite game: covering his
squeaky toys with his blankie and digging them out.
January 3, 2009

Even though he was doing better, poor Eli still needed to wear an e-collar
when home alone or at night when he slept, so he wouldn't mess with the stitches


The next day, Eli would walk on all 4 legs when walking slowly.
On leash, he still walked quickly on 3 legs.

Day 8: After a week, Eli's stitches were taken out.
Here he is when he got home from the vet's. January 6, 2009

Eli was now allowed to lick his scar, since the stitches were out.
After just one day, his scar looked even better.
Eli's fur was starting to grow back too. Day 9, January 7, 2009

Day 12: Eli's scar is becoming harder to see. His fur is also getting longer.
Although his pain meds ended yesterday, he seemed fine.
Every day he uses his leg a little bit more.



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