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Adventures in Amethyst Series

Amethyst, WI is a small, peaceful town on a pristine lake with an active tourist season in summer.
When the air turns chill, the area is transformed into a ghost town with only a handful of lifers who stay.
Populated with colorful characters, Amethyst is bursting with mystery, romance, and jealousy.
Come and visit a place where anything is possible all-year-round.

Amethyst WI
(Map Designed by Karen Wiesner)

Adventures in Amethyst Series Collection (Books 1-4)
A Rose for Romeo (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 1)
Revenge in Amethyst (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 2)
Reckless Rose (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 3)
Christmas in Amethyst (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 4)
Til Summer Comes Around (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 5)
Rose and Thorn (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 6)
Briar’s Patch (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 7)
For Auld Lang Syne (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 8)
Forbidden Fruit (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 9)
Blame it on the Rain (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 10)
Adventures in Amethyst Series Trio of Holiday Romances (3 in one volume) (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Books 11-13)
Never a Bride (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 11)
Unlucky in Love (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 12)
Shotgun Wedding (Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 13)

From the author: You might be wondering, What’s up with “Dame Amethyst”? Award-winning author Karen Wiesner was Dame Amethyst, the founder of Jewels of the Quill, an award-winning group of authors in all genres banded together to promote their many books. Jewels of the Quill produced two award-winning group anthologies per year from 2005-2011 (all currently out of print). Karen edited all 14 anthologies and designed the covers as well as contributing a novella to each. Additionally most of Karen’s contributions were put in “Dame Amethyst” collections. All of these have been revised and reissued, including Books 1-4 below.

Adventures in Amethyst Series Collection
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Adventures in Amethyst Series (Books 1-4)
by Karen Wiesner
Novella Collection
ISBNs: 979-8690866310 (trade paperback); 978-1-925191-08-0 (electronic)

Amethyst, WI is a small, peaceful town on a pristine lake with an active tourist season in summer. When the air turns chill, the area is transformed into a ghost town with only a handful of lifers who stay. Populated with colorful characters, Amethyst is bursting with mystery, romance, and jealousy. Come and visit a place where anything is possible all-year-round. The ADVENTURES IN AMETHYST SERIES is a collection of all four of the novellas in the series, including:

A Rose for Romeo, Book 1: Adventures in Amethyst Series
Contemporary Romance Novella

What happens when a nationally renowned sex therapist and author begins to abhor every aspect of her successful occupation? She falls in love, of course.

Dr. Melina Rose is sick of discussing, listening to, and writing about sex. She’s spent her life avoiding intimacy in her own personal life. After abandoning everything she’s worked all her life for, she returns to the small, peaceful town of Amethyst, Wisconsin she grew up in only to discover that everything has changed—everything except her crush on her sister’s old boyfriend Scott “Romeo” Romero.

Revenge in Amethyst, Book 2: Adventures in Amethyst Series
Romantic Thriller Novella

After abandoning everything she’s worked all her life for as a nationally renowned sex therapist and author, Melina Rose has returned to the small, peaceful town of Amethyst, Wisconsin she grew up in and fallen in love with her sister’s old boyfriend Scott “Romeo” Romero. Scott and Melina are ecstatically expecting a baby and planning their wedding. Everyone in town has agreed to keep Melina’s past as Dr. Mindy Rose a secret. However, someone in Amethyst is driven by jealousy to see Melina’s dream-life come crashing down. Before long, every newspaper in the country is flooding tiny Amethyst in search of the scoop on why she quit her practice.

Unfortunately, a prominent former patient who’d revealed his disturbing fantasies only to Dr. Mindy Rose doesn’t want his fetishes broadcast to the world at large…and he’s prepared to do anything he has to in order to keep his secrets safe.

Reckless Rose, Book 3: Adventures in Amethyst Series
Contemporary Romance Short Story

Even bad girls need love...

When Reece Childs rolls back into Amethyst to stay, Lona Rose realizes her reckless crush on the older brother of a former beau is still waging hot and heavy. But how to prevent the rumors and mistakes of her past from ruining the start of something wonderful?

Reece has just the plan to head off the rumor mill...and make this reckless rose his own forever.

Christmas in Amethyst, Book 4: Adventures in Amethyst Series
Romantic Thriller Novella

Eager to make it up to her son's many disappointments in the past year, single mom Sheila Mason takes a shift at the restaurant she works on Christmas Day in order to buy Dev a puppy. When a creepy customer follows her on the deserted road from the restaurant to her home in Amethyst, her holidays go from bad to worse.

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Til Summer Comes Around
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Til Summer Comes Around,
Book 5: Adventures in Amethyst Series
by Karen Wiesner
Contemporary Romance Novel
9798698429197 (trade paperback);
978-1-925191-09-7 (electronic)

When Quinn Rutledge and Summer Rosales met on a warm summer night on the shores of beautiful Lake Amethyst, they were both young, all was right in the world, and the only thing on their agenda was romance—one that neither of them wanted to end with the summer and closing of resort town Amethyst’s tourist season. Promises and plans were made. Promises were broken…

Summer was just about to begin law school with her closest friend—her pole opposite who’d dragged her to Amethyst in the first place. Apple Wooten came from a rich family she didn’t appreciate and was sliding her way through life, trying to get the most fun she could out of it—including stealing just to see what she could get away with. Summer found herself in the unfortunate position of taking the blame for one of Apple’s thefts, and not only spent time in jail but also was the victim of an inmate’s wrath that led to the disfigurement of one side of her face before she was acquitted of all charges and allowed to pursue her law degree.

Quinn had a lucrative dream career stretching out before him as an author who’d already won numerous accolades despite his youth. Though he’d returned to his livelihood after the summer with the woman he’d fallen so hard for, his heart prevented him from keeping away until they could see each other again the following summer as they planned. When Summer didn’t show up, he’d tried to find her and couldn’t. Though he should have returned to his writing, he’s instead found himself settling in Amethyst, waiting hopefully, and probably foolishly, through endless winters until Summer comes around…

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Rose and Thorn
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Rose and Thorn,
Book 6: Adventures in Amethyst Series
by Karen Wiesner
Contemporary Romance Novel
9798698430520 (trade paperback);
978-1-925191-78-3 (electronic)

Every rose has its thorn…

Reece Childs finally has his rose—Lona Rose, that is, a woman from his past and everything he’s ever wanted after a lifetime of the kind of sins he holds inside the darkest part of him—and never, ever wants Lona to find out about. He’d been as close as a kiss to having her as his wife, too. He and Lona had left Amethyst for a few weeks to combine their wedding and honeymoon in Las Vegas…only having more than one disastrous divorce already under her belt had shattered Lona’s illusions about the institution of marriage and made her superstitious about taking that journey again. So they came back and let everyone in town believe they were married. Now their little daughter is two years old and life seems perfect. Reece can’t imagine the thorny, black secret from his past could destroy his present and future happiness.

When Reece came back to Amethyst and fell for Lona Rose, he’d left behind truck driving—and everything associated with it. He’d had no clue that Angelina Batista, his “port” in the city he made his most frequent run to, was pregnant. Now she’s in Amethyst, demanding in no uncertain terms that he be a father to and provider for their son, who’s not much older than Reece’s daughter. Not only has Angelina picked up and left everything else behind to pursue him, but she has medical proof that the boy is his.

The world drops out on Lona, who confronts secrets about the man she loves that she could never have imagined in her worst nightmares. Even as she’s furious and intent on doing everything to drive this overbearing usurper as far from her happily ever after as she can, and unwilling to share her man with someone he never loved, regardless of the intimacy in their uncommitted relationship, she suspects she’s fighting a losing battle because, even to keep Lona happy, Reece can’t turn away from his own son…

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Briar’s Patch
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Briar’s Patch,
Book 7: Adventures in Amethyst Series
by Karen Wiesner
Contemporary Romance Novel
9798698430957 (trade paperback);
978-1-925191-96-7 (electronic)

As a teenager, Roman “Bud” Marasek was shy, a farmer’s kid who grew up to be a farmer himself. The first girl he loved was Briar Sankey. It took him years to work up the courage to ask her out, and their date was the best night of his life. But, when she started dating the star athlete, he’d realized he’d only been wishing for the moon. Years passed, Bud fell in love with Evette, had a daughter, and his wife died unexpectedly. Raising Harper hasn’t been easy alone, but at forty-seven he feels completely unprepared for being both father and mother to a teenage daughter. He turns to Briar for help. Briar is running her parents' restaurant, and, unbelievably, has never married and seems content to be alone. Looks are deceiving…

Briar had spent her life confident she had all the time in the world to make a life for herself and any choice she wanted. At forty-seven, she no longer has the same choices. With both of her parents gone, she’s the only one left to run the restaurant, what she considers her “patch” in the big, wide world.

Letting slip an unintended faux pas, a friend of both Briar and Bud reveals to Briar that Bud has had a thirty year crush on her. Suddenly his reason for coming by the café nearly every day of his life takes on startling meaning. When he asks her for help with Harper, she can’t refuse. And suddenly she’s seeing Bud in a whole new light…and falling in love with the sweet, shy man who’s been there all along.

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For Auld Lang Syne
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For Auld Lang Syne,
Book 8: Adventures in Amethyst Series
by Karen Wiesner
Contemporary Romance Novel
9798698431985 (trade paperback);
978-1-922233-99-8 (electronic)

At the ripe old age of thirty-six, Clay Wooten is tired of his law career and his insane, meddling family. Between constantly having to rescue his younger sister from her life-and-death antics and his parents’ high-handed belief that they can manage his life better than he can, he wants out. At the very least, he wants to escape long enough to figure out on his own which direction to follow for his future.

Harper Marasek had spent her teenage years wanting nothing more than to escape the stifling, suffocating small town she was born and raised in. When the charming and much-too-old-for-her Clay Wooten passed through Amethyst when she was fifteen years old, she found herself smitten…and a few years later she headed to New York to start college and learn how to be an independent woman. Harper secretly hoped to meet up with Clay and, though for the years she was in college they shared an off-and-on intimacy that could never be enough for her, she unfathomably finds after getting her degree that she misses Amethyst, her family and old friends, and the small town values she’d dismissed as old-fashioned when she was younger. With the offer of a job waiting for her in her hometown…and a marriage proposal from her high school boyfriend…Harper contacts Clay to say goodbye forever.

Clay has spent a lifetime unwilling to allow himself to be shackled by anyone or anything except his family. Women have merely been a means to an end and unfettered pleasure for him. But, realizing he’s losing Harper, he suddenly wants nothing more than to hold on tight to the best part of his life. On the pretense of getting away from his family, he suggests to Harper that they take a road trip, to end in Amethyst, for auld lang syne.

Harper has resigned herself to never capturing Clay’s heart, but she’s loved him for as long as she can remember. How can she refuse his offer when her happiest moments have been spent with this man?

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Forbidden Fruit
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Forbidden Fruit,
Book 9: Adventures in Amethyst Series
by Karen Wiesner
Contemporary Romance Novel
9798698432456 (trade paperback);
978-1-925574-11-1 (electronic)

Rich and superficial, Apple Wooten knows best that she’s wasted her life, in and out of rehab, betraying those she considers friends, and never forming attachments with anyone but her unhealthily cloistered family. When her brother shocks all of them by announcing he’s leaving the Wooten Law Firm in New York City and moving to Amethyst, Wisconsin, a mere blip on the map, to marry a small town girl, Apple is prodded by her mother to rush in and talk sense into him. Though it’s the last thing she wants to do considering she’s just been released from another rehabilitation she doesn’t expect to stick and Amethyst is the hometown of a friend she all but destroyed with her selfishness, she nevertheless sees no way to avoid her mother’s bidding. She’d never been able to refuse her parents anything—and not simply because they control the purse strings.

The one person in Amethyst who will give her the time of day is Bailey “Bay” Johnson, who also went into the family business. The Johnsons own a slew of resort cabins on Lake Amethyst and, during the tourist season, they do brisk, bustling business. Apple had met Bailey years ago, the first time she ever came to Amethyst, when she’d ordered him around and all but made him her servant. Bailey didn’t seem bothered by her cruel teasing then, just as he doesn’t seem to be affected by her humbled, fumbling attempts at kindness now.

As the youngest of nine siblings in a close-knit family, Bailey has learned that acceptance is far easier than fighting. Unfortunately, a bad experience with love when he was young also taught him that folding is preferable to holding because reaching for forbidden fruit like the treacherous, beautiful disaster, and—recently—child-like and fragile Apple Wooten could be the worst mistake he’s ever made.

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Blame it on the Rain
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Blame it on the Rain,
Book 10: Adventures in Amethyst Series
by Karen Wiesner
Contemporary Romance Novel
9798698433651 (trade paperback);
978-1-925574-12-8 (electronic)

Talise "Tally" Johnson is the second youngest in a family of nine siblings, having grown up a lifer in the small town of Amethyst, where thousands of tourists flock in summer. Once the tourist season is over, the remaining residents do anything and everything to get through the long, hard winters. Tally's family owns Johnson Resort. Tally has managed to cultivate her job there to include professionally cleaning businesses all around the area throughout the year. Like most Amethyst lifers, she can't imagine ever moving, but Amethyst isn't exactly a hotbed for excitement. She and handsome bad boy Adam Schaefer have been an item since high school. Against all odds and despite being a reckless youth always in trouble, Adam is one of the few born and bred in Amethyst who have managed to get out into the big, wide world. As a pilot for a large commercial airline, he's barely home two weeks out of every year. Tally and Adam's informal engagement has stretched out into years and, seeing the happy couples getting engaged, married and starting families all around her, she begins to wonder if he's serious or simply sees her as a convenient stop on the never-ending tour of his life.

Donnie Garner's best friend Adam is easy to admire. Though they grew up together and got in the same fracas as boys, Adam has made something of himself. Donnie still lives in Amethyst, still works in his dad's vehicle repair shop with no other career aspirations, still loves the same girl he spent most of his teenage years obsessed with though she's happily married with kids. Donnie finds himself longing to experience the kind of loyalty and crazy-love with a soulmate that he also sees all around him. For once in his life, he'd like to be the hero in some amazing woman's life.

Donnie isn't blind to the shoddy way Adam treats beautiful and sweet Tally, cheating on her without remorse and bragging to him about it, while Tally carries on believing the best of him and his future intentions toward her. Almost unconsciously, Donnie finds himself in love with his best friend's girl and trying to make her see she'd be better off without Adam--maybe even better off with him. But, even when Tally falls in love with Donnie instead, she can't easily turn away from the father of the child she never expected to be carrying…

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Adventures in Amethyst Trio of Romance
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Adventures in Amethyst Trio of Holiday Romances (3 in 1 volume)

by Karen Wiesner
Contemporary Romance Novels

Coming 2021
Coming soon (trade paperback);
Coming soon (electronic)

Three holiday stories in one volume, including:

Never a Bride, Book 11: Adventures in Amethyst Series
Contemporary Romance Novel

Once upon a time, Ben Johnson believed he had forever sewn up with Layla. But fairy tales rarely come true in reality. Long before her nephew was in a hunting accident and she blamed Ben for not preventing it, the two of them had broken up, citing irreconcilable differences. Layla hadn't wanted his family to know the truth. Following the accident, she walked out--for good, he assumed.

Charlize Seagrave never fit in anywhere, drawn to danger, darkness, and drugs. For years, she was the guitarist and songwriter for a death-metal band and involved with the frontman who only encouraged her deadly addictions. In order to hide from Freyr, Charlize checked herself into rehab. Later, clean--another first in her life--she attended her new friend's wedding and met Ben. Despite their instant connection, he was supposedly in a committed relationship and she had no interest whatsoever in commitment. If only Ben wasn't so unlike every other person she's ever known. If only she didn't feel like he alone understands and gets her.

When Charlize returns to Amethyst at Halloween, Ben knows loneliness has nothing to do with his feelings for her. His attraction to her the last time she was in Amethyst wasn't something he was comfortable with, despite that he and Layla had broken up even before his family learned of the fact. But now Layla is implying she's had a change of heart. Ben wonders if this is all getting too complicated…or if the solution is as simple as a kiss.

Unlucky in Love, Book 12: Adventures in Amethyst Series
Contemporary Romance Novel

Layla Dupriest's father was killed in a hunting accident when she was a child and, though her family is made up of avid hunters, she can't get over the loss her mother suffered. The once-upon-a-time love of Layla's life, Benji Johnson, encourages her nephew Jack to go hunting and he's hurt in an accident that so easily could have proved fatal. Distraught and reeling, Layla blames Benji and walks out.

By the time she comes to grips with reality, months have passed. She's changed, and she can see in hindsight she wasn't fair to Benji. They'd broken up long before the accident yet she'd asked him not to tell his family, who'd become as close as her own. Despite that she can't seem to escape the sense she and Ben aren't meant to be, she's found it nearly impossible to let go of the dreams they'd built for a future together.

Adam Schaefer has loved Tally Johnson, Benji's sister, since he was a teenager, but his love of flying and freedom surpassed anything that might clip his wings--like a wife, monogamy, marriage, and settling down. The last thing he expected was for her to fall in love with his best friend--and to have that man's baby.

Unlucky in love and unable to count their blessings during the Thanksgiving holiday, Layla and Adam find themselves jilted at the same time by a person they assumed was their soulmate. Heartbroken, snowed in, and forced to share the only available cabin in town, they have no choice but to re-evaluate everything they've ever wanted in life…and love.

Shotgun Wedding, Book 13: Adventures in Amethyst Series
Contemporary Romance Novel

Trevor and Eden were married right out of high school. She'd believed she was pregnant, but that hadn't been her sole motivation. Wildly in love with Trevor Johnson, she'd worried he was becoming disenchanted with her, his attention consumed by the needy and seductive Delaney Foster who came to Amethyst every year with her family. In the years Eden and Trever have been married, she's never felt quite secure in the belief that he married her by choice, in love.

During the Christmas season, plagued by unspoken guilt and doubts, she finds herself again competing with a soon-to-be divorced, distraught, and disgustingly gorgeous Delaney--and Trevor seems to be on her speed-dial for every little thing. Eden is obsessively aware she's no longer as young, thin, or sexy as she'd been before she had three sons.

To top off her growing stress, Eden has discovered she and Trevor's oldest son and his girlfriend, in their senior year of high school, are sexually active. The last thing they need is another shotgun wedding and the potential that a marriage undertaken for the sake of a baby isn't necessarily one of choice or love.

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