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NOR Top Pick 5 Stars and Reviewer Top Pick! “Degrees of Separation is the first book in the Falcon's Bend Series and it was a page turner with twists and turns to boot. If you like a book with a lot of twists and turns this is definitely the book for you. I loved how the story kept me guessing and it will keep you guessing all the way through to the end. You won't believe who did it. Sit back and kick off your shoes and welcome to Falcon's Bend.” ~Night Owl Reviews

champagne flute glass "[In DEGREES OF SEPARATION, Book 1 of the Falcon's Bend Series] bit by bit, we come to know and appreciate both Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent for the excellent detectives and also the fine men that they are. Their stories are as much of interest as the mystery itself. The book would be seriously lacking without Shasta and Vincent’s strong presence. In a finely crafted mystery, we are jettisoned against the docks along with the tide of the story. Character development is very well done, but never gives away too much information about the actors too soon. Wiesner and Spindler are able to work together to create a tight, seamless plot that leaves us guessing until the very end. DEGREES OF SEPARATION merits [our highest rating, with] a bottle of Champagne plus a flute as a standing ovation to the authors. This reviewer waits impatiently to read the second in the Falcon’s Bend Series." ~Cocktail Reviews

5 beacons! "DEGREES OF SEPARATION is a masterpiece with twists and turns and a suspenseful touch of erotic pleasure, and romance with just the right blending of intriguing characters to make this story excellent beyond words. It is so compelling that it sticks with you like glue even days later. Pete and Vincent dive into a whodunit with a good solid plot and so much fascination that not only will the story have the detectives guessing this incredible mystery; the readers will be equally amazed and surprised! A great colorful cast of characters that interweave to create a well-crafted brilliant story. Woohoo to Pete and Danny, a handsome duo that I hope have many more crime-solving capers under their belt. I loved the way the authors gave them a life as Pete had thoughts of what his wife would think with his long hours of duty. The two authors have thought of everything to keep the reader hypnotized. I absolutely love their style of writing. You could almost visualize Danny and Vincent as they asked questions and jotted down notes. Authors Karen and Chris have devised an exciting story that has a consistent smooth flow with the dialogue and scenes. They have penned a book that keeps you glued to your seat. It is sensual and full of great creativity and that is why I give this book a 5 rating. Their writing is impeccable and extraordinary and this book truly delivers and excels!! Keep writing because you both are truly talented beyond words." ~Lighthouse Reviews

5 hearts! "Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler weave a tale of suspense that will keep the reader spellbound. Ms. Wiesner thrilled me with her Incognito Series but this one written with Ms. Spindler seems like it will be even better. The detectives, Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent, may live in a small town but their lives and attention to detail would make them great cops anywhere. Each of the women who seems to be under the control of Trelawney is built as an individual we come to know well as the tale unfolds. Characterizations of Melody, Cherry, Sugar, Deidre, Lacy, and Vanessa are well done. We can't help but hope that the murderer isn't within the household. Each girl becomes both a suspect and a person the reader hopes won't be guilty or fall victim to the killer! The authors keep the suspense building throughout the book. This is a great tale that's hard to put down. The Falcon's Bend Series just earned a place on my list of must read books." ~Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

5 beacons! "DEGREES OF SEPARATION is a masterpiece with twists and turns and a suspenseful touch of erotic pleasure, and romance with just the right blending of intriguing characters to make this story excellent beyond words. It is so compelling that it sticks with you like glue even days later. Pete and Vincent dive into a whodunit with a good solid plot and so much fascination that not only will the story have the detectives guessing this incredible mystery; the readers will be equally amazed and surprised! A great colorful cast of characters that interweave to create a well-crafted brilliant story. Woohoo to Pete and Danny, a handsome duo that I hope have many more crime-solving capers under their belt. I loved the way the authors gave them a life as Pete had thoughts of what his wife would think with his long hours of duty. The two authors have thought of everything to keep the reader hypnotized. I absolutely love their style of writing. You could almost visualize Danny and Vincent as they asked questions and jotted down notes. Authors Karen and Chris have devised an exciting story that has a consistent smooth flow with the dialogue and scenes. They have penned a book that keeps you glued to your seat. It is sensual and full of great creativity and that is why I give this book a 5 rating. Their writing is impeccable and extraordinary and this book truly delivers and excels!! Keep writing because you both are truly talented beyond words." ~reviewed by Linda for Lighthouse Reviews

4 out of 4 elephants! “Yes! A new series for my collection. Ms. Wiesner describes her and Ms. Spindler’s new series the following way: “None of the Falcon’s Bend Series books are cozies. They’re all mystery/police procedurals. All are whodunnits except….” I’ll keep you in suspense as to the “except.” I agree completely. There is something gritty and basic about Falcon’s Bend. While set in Wisconsin, Falcon’s Bend, isn’t some cliché filled “one-horse town.” Lieutenant Pete Shasta and his partner Danny Vincent are not bumbling, overly polite, happy go lucky, perfect officers. They’re cops. They have a murder (or two) that needs solving and like dogs with old bones they’re not letting go. They are flawed; they are human. Pete and Danny have a presence here, but it's subtle and knowing there's four other books my gut tells me the complexity of the characters will show more as the series moves along. DEGREES OF SEPARATION surrounds the murder of a stripper. Something strange is going on at the Danse de Minuit. One character’s abuse history did get to me, pushed my comfort levels, but not enough to turn me against story. Sadly, it was needed for this character’s realistic development. Behind every face there’s a story and reason why they are who they are and how the monsters find them. Did I solve the murder mystery? Sorta. Given the quality of writing, I knew Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler wouldn’t throw their readers an out-of-the-blue-unwarranted solution. However, they offered enough evidence that I could have been wrong. The ending left me well satisfied. As the title might suggest to you, “Degrees of Separation,” we’re all linked and our lives change by degrees. Take a left here; make choice A over B; one misunderstanding and our lives change. Each solution fit the individual with only the minimum fairy tale ending. Hey, even a realistic police mystery deserves at least one happy ending. A potentially strong series that I suspect will have a few surprises. I’m visiting Falcon’s Bend again and again, but you’ll have to come back for those.” ~reviewed by Christine Steeves Speakman

"DEGREES OF SEPARATION is an excellent title for this psychological thriller. What causes people to react the way they do? Delve into the twisted minds of the characters in DEGREES OF SEPARATION with Danny and Pete while they go about solving the newest murders in Falcon’s Bend. The main characters of Danny and Pete, which are introduced in [FALCON'S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I], are likeable and the reader can’t help but get caught up in their personal lives. All who enjoy a good thriller do not want to miss a novel penned by these two wonderful authors. Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler are experts at weaving an exciting thriller." ~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited

4 1/2 stars! "Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler bring the reader a haunting story of murder, love, and dark secrets. It is hard to put this book down. The plot’s twists and turns will keep the reader breathless. This is the first book of the Falcon’s Bend Series. I cannot wait to read the next one." ~Candy Bezner for

4 1/2 stars and March Top Pick! "This initial series offering, set in fictional Falcon's Bend, Wisconsin, gets off to a great start in its exploration of obsession and manipulation. A newly opened "gentleman's club," populated by a dynamic group of young strippers and their charismatic protector, is rocked by the murder of one of the women. Local detectives and childhood friends Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent must tread carefully to find her killer. The authors carefully weave together a tricky plot spiced with well-drawn characters and motives aplenty, as Pete and Danny creep through the seamy underbelly of the club and the girls' mysterious pasts. Although the solution centers around an often-used plot device, there's enough of a twist to make it fresh and to keep the reader guessing. Pete is a particularly likeable hero, just flawed enough to seem human. The authors are deft with dialogue and good at drawing small-town dynamics, and the psychological suspense is well played. Though occasionally graphic, this looks like a series worth following." ~Donna Carter for Romantic Times BOOKclub

4 cups! “From the ominous beginning to the surprising climax, this is one story that had me hooked and unable to stop reading. The characters are vividly drawn and the plot is a suspenseful page turner. I loved the FBPD’s intense investigation which is very well done. The authors do a wonderful job of describing the hold Andre has over his little harem and why they stay despite it all. The budding romance between Melody and Danny is intense and fraught with conflict due to Melody’s fears and lack of trust with Pete’s stable relationship with the very patient Lisa as a counterpoint.” ~Maura for Coffee Time Romance & More

"With extremely detailed characters, Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler create a graphic, complicated plot of depravity and decadence that will have readers on the edge of their seats wondering who done it. Pete is a complicated individual who has serious abandonment issues with women. His mother left him and his father at an early age, and his first wife couldn’t handle the pressure of being a cop’s wife and also left him. His only saving grace is his second wife Lisa, who keeps him focused and reassures him by being there to listen and to love him. Danny is somewhat more of an enigmatic character. He is a playboy with a quick mind and sharp wit. He also has a soft spot in his heart for the underdog and an extreme hatred for those who prey upon the young and innocent. Together they are a formidable force, and with a little smooth detective work, they discover the truth behind the murder. This novel has all of the elements needed to make it a great mystery. With extremely detailed research, main characters with depth and personality, as well as diabolical bad guys, this story is sure to please any reader. The secondary characters are given the same attention to personality and detail as the main characters, rounding out this story quite nicely. If you are seeking a rollercoaster ride that will leave you captivated until the final chapter, be sure not to miss DEGREES OF SEPARATION." ~Edith Morrison for Romance Reviews Today

5 Stars! “Someone is killing the midnight ladies from a strip club in a small Wisconsin town with more churches than bars. Falcon's Bend rarely had this much excitement. Investigators Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent have to tread softly to get answers from the strippers, but the owner of the club is insisting on being part of the interviews. Pete and Danny can tell that the dancers will say whatever their boss wants them to. DEGREES OF SEPARATION is an awesome story filled with of jealousy, greed, and murder. I never wanted to put this book down. I’m delighted to find out that there are many more stories in the Falcon’s Bend Series.” ~Linda's Reviews

"I enjoyed reading DEGREES OF SEPARATION. The storyline is provocative and masterfully exploited." ~Walker Jackson, author of the PI Walker series

5 stars! "Writers Wiesner and Spindler have done an commendable job in this their first of the Falcon's Bend Series. Fixation, machination, intrigue and artifice abound in this provocative, skillfully wrought tale filled with resentfulness, malice, passion and envy. DEGREES OF SEPARATION is a fast paced page turner peopled with enigmatic characters, obsession and a pleasantly puzzling story line that holds the reader mesmerized from the opening lines of the epilogue right down to the last paragraphs. A picturesque mélange of striking, engaging characters filled with a veritable flood of impetus, quick moving plot, apprehension, taut and at times gritty dialogue, ruthless passion, obsession, a peek into the dark depths of the human psyche, DEGREES OF SEPARATION has it all. Capturing the helplessness felt by those least able to defend themselves against the machination welded by a tyrant, the writers carry the reader along to a satisfying conclusion in this powerful read. DEGREES OF SEPARATION is...not for the faint of heart. A good book for those who take pleasure from a long lazy afternoon set aside for enjoying a compelling account." ~author Molly Martin

"There was a lot of suspense and, in spite of the many characters, the authors kept all those balls in the air. At the end I was rooting for the main characters to come through and also for them to find some happiness.... The authors are a good team, the book flowed well and the dialogue...was well written." ~Lorraine Gelly for

"Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler are two ladies who know how to write a spellbinding whodunnit that will have you hanging on their every word. I found myself totally absorbed with the characters and the plot in this tale of murder and mayhem. If this story were set to film, it would make a great series and would definitely give shows like NYPD Blue and Law & Order a run for their ratings. Karen and Chris have created a story that will have you coming back for more. I look forward to reading the second installment in the series called TEARS ON STONE coming in 2005." ~Diane T. for Fallen Angels Reviews

"I'm dead tired this morning. My own fault. I had to finish the last hundred pages of DEGREES OF SEPARATION last night. It was only 1:30 when I finished, but my mind wouldn't quit analyzing all the intricacies of the plot. [Karen and Chris have written] a great book. I loved it and can't wait for the next in the series." ~Liz Hunter, author of BEYOND THE SHADOW

"[T]he reader gets sucked into this mystery as surely and quickly as Dan and Pete do. This first book delivers a fast paced, riveting storyline wrapped in a well-crafted mystery that's sure to please fans of the genre. It also sets the stage nicely by introducing Shasta and Vincent. Though very different characters, they play well off each other and are both well realized within this engaging plot. This is an extremely promising first book, and if the series can retain this level of quality, it will surely pick up a nice, devoted fan base." ~Blue Iris Journal

"DEGREES OF SEPARATION is the first book in the Falcon's Bend Series. It is the result of the combined efforts of two established and award-winning authors. The book is well written and the characters are all too real. An unexpected treat was the insight into different life philosophies of the two investigators. One believes environment and situation could change a good person into a monster, just as they could change a monster in a saint. The other believes that people decide their own destinies. He thinks that using circumstances, as an excuse for bad behavior is a cop-out, that people should have the willpower and strength to rise above their circumstances. Quite an interesting question! The follow [up] books to this series are TEARS ON STONE (March 2005) and THE FIFTEENTH LETTER (March 2006). I recommend you get in on this series now and enjoy the thriller/mystery of it while at the same time contemplating the philosophical questions it presents." ~Reviewed by Barbara Wright for Murder and Mayhem Bookclub

"DEGREES OF SEPARATION is a terrific police procedural with detectives struggling to uncover who and why. Pete is a fabulous focus to the fine plot as he worries that his second wife will dump him like his first spouse did because he works long, diligent hours on the case instead of on her. His partner adds depth with his big city cynical outlook, though under thirty (five years in the Big Apple will do that). The dancers have unique personalities, and Andre is a way out antagonist who has no apparent reason to kill the victim. ...sub-genre fans will appreciate this tense, one-sitting Falcon's Bend offering." ~Harriet Klausner

5 stars! "Here is a "whodunnit" that will intrigue all mystery fans! It is loaded with twists and turns to keep you guessing until close to the end. Every time I thought that I had figured it out another juicy surprise would pop up. The novel focuses mainly on the case. The subplot, involving Danny, is pretty subtle but seems to round out the novel wonderfully. I can only hope that the authors allow me to visit the town of Falcon's Bend again in the near future." ~Reviewed by Detra Fitch for HUNTRESS REVIEWS

4 Stars! “Falcon's Bend, a small sleepy town in Wisconsin, is just that, and doesn't see an overabundance of violent crime. That is until one fateful night… I found DEGREES OF SEPARATION to be a very good read. The characters are well defined and the dialogue skillfully done. Moving between characters, the authors adeptly bring the reader on a wild ride to a satisfactory conclusion. The reader will find it to be a very good mystery story.” ~Readers Favorite

4 stars! “DEGREES OF SEPARATION opens with the past and quickly moves to the murder of one of the dancers. It immediately snagged me and kept me reading. The story is tight and the pacing is perfectly cadenced. As usual, with these two authors, the characters and relationship dynamics are as interesting as the mystery. The whodunit was satisfyingly difficult. I enjoy a challenging mystery and changed my mind several times trying to figure this one out. I usually read a series in order but that wasn’t the case with this series. I read the third and fourth. The first two weren’t available at the time. Having enjoyed them so much I was of two minds about reading the first. There are series that start off slow and become better with time and some that do the opposite. Some are consistently good and that’s the category the Falcon’s Bend Series belongs in. I’ve enriched my enjoyment of the series by playing catch up with the first book and look forward to reading both the second and book of shorts with high hopes that they’ll stay true to the standard set. For anyone who enjoys excellent characterization, whodunits that make you think and exceptional writing I humbly recommend DEGREES OF SEPARATION.” ~reviewed by IvyD for Manic Readers

"Fantastic, stays on shelf! I was instantly drawn into the story with the heartbreaking choice of separating the twin girls at birth. With home lives exact polar opposites of each other it was clear both girls would grow up very differently. Even through the nightmarish milieu of murder, strip clubs, and what I’ve dubbed as the harem house, the true killer isn’t revealed until the very end. Vivid engaging characters such as Pete and Danny, the detectives, make DEGREES OF SEPARATION a pleasure to read. I truly felt the emotion Pete felt for his wife, Lisa, and his regret at all the time he was forced to spend away from her. Danny’s fall for Melody, though expected, was a bright ray of sunshine in an otherwise sordid sort of tale. I enjoyed Degrees of Separation immensely." ~Brynna Curryþ for WRDF Review for WRDF Review

"In Falcon's Bend, nothing extraordinary normally happens. Certainly nothing that could be considered "severely criminal." That is until the day little Davy York finds a woman shoved under a bridge in the park. Upon closer inspection, Detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent discover that this is not just any run-of-the-mill woman either, what with her coffee-colored skin and waist-length blonde hair. This girl was extraordinarily exotic...especially in the dancing department! Upon further inspection they discover that the dancer's name is Teresa and she was a stripper at the local men's club, Danse de Minuit, which is owned by one Andre Trelawney. Who killed Teresa? Was it one of her fellow dancers out of jealousy? Was it her boyfriend because he didn't want her to dance?---or was it Andre because he didn't want her to have a boyfriend? All of these questions and many more are answered in Karen Wiesner & Chris Spindler's nail-biting, dying-for-more "DEGREES OF SEPARATION." The team has woven an amazing story of suspense and "whodunit" that will take the reader through the smoky underbelly of the world of prostitution, strip clubs, and secret lives. This novel is rival to that of some of the queens of suspense, Iris Johansen and Patricia Cornwell, with the only difference being that in their novels 9 times out of 10 the main character is a heroine and they have opted to have two very handsome and very charming heroes instead. They have done a spectacular job of taking a hodgepodge assortment of colorful characters and making each of them mesh together as a family. These bright men and women are part of what makes this story so much an enjoyable read that a girl just couldn't hardly stand to put it down! In my opinion, DEGREES OF SEPARATION is just another notch in Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler's belt of great books; and I for one look forward to reading more of Pete and Danny's crime-solving escapades!" ~Reviewed By Summer Hepler for Roundtable Reviews

"Karen Wiesner's and Chris Spindler's DEGREES OF SEPARATION opens with the chilling premonition of a young life destroyed. Wiesner's and Spindler's first book in the Falcon's Bend series introduces the reader to the small town of Falcon's Bend, Wisconsin via its inhabitants: police investigators Danny Vincent, Pete Shasta, their families, and, the newest and oddest family in town, the ladies of the "gentleman's club," their bodyguard, and the head of their household and boss. Through strong characterization, the reader learns of the strain police work puts on a relationship, the motives of the suspects for the lives they are living as well as murder, and the resiliency of the human spirit to survive if given a chance. A fast read that will keep you guessing right up to the end and characters you will want to visit again, I highly recommend DEGREES OF SEPARATION." ~Reviewed by Barbara Raffin, author of the soon to be released THE VISITOR

"DEGREES OF SEPARATION is a teaser-a fast-paced whodunnit with complex characters and an intriguing plot that keep the reader mesmerized and coming back for more until each fascinating clue is stripped down to the naked truth." ~Barbara Colley, author of the MAID FOR MURDER

"DEGREES OF SEPARATION is a compelling, skillfully crafted tale that explores the dark depths of the human psyche. Not for the faint of heart, it sticks in your mind like a burr and may follow you into your nightmares." ~Pauline B. Jones, award-winning author of DO WAH DIDDY DIE

"DEGREES OF SEPARATION is a page-turner that combines the twists and turns of tightening suspense with eroticism, social commentary, romance and an assortment of intriguing characters." ~Louise Titchener, bestselling author of BURIED IN BALTIMORE

"Karen and Christine have written a fast-paced, exciting book, the subject matter of which could be crass in less competent hands. Not so with these ladies. Obviously no strangers to erotica, they sail through their explicit scenes and dialogue like pros. DEGREES OF SEPARATION is a sensual book that will keep you glued from the first page to the last." ~Celia Ann Leaman, author of MARY'S CHILD

"I've just finished reading DEGREES OF SEPARATION by Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler and, for those of you who like suspense, I recommend reading this debut book. Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler take you into the fictional town of Falcon's Bend, Wisconsin where Detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent try to unravel the murder of a stripper in this otherwise peaceful town. Go to Falcon’s Bend to find out more about the community and what's up next for Pete and Danny when they return to solve another trial of death in TEARS ON STONE." ~Debbie Fritter, author of THE PERFECT MATCH


Reviews for TEARS ON STONE, Book 2

NOR Top Pick 5 Stars and Reviewer Top Pick! “This is the second of the Falcon's Bend series and the authors do not disappoint. I enjoyed every minute of this book. Pete's brother, Jordan, has new neighbors. MaryEmma Gold, or "Marigold" as he nicknamed her long ago when he first met her. Marigold has changed; she still loves gardening but is withdrawn and unapproachable. Way different from when he knew her all those years ago. He comes up with the idea to have her bring back to life the stone garden, that has been neglected for many years, as a way to bring her back to life. Then he also has to figure out what is going on with her sister, Shelley and their other roommate Pam. Both are very secretive and wary of anybody who tries to make conversation with them. What is it that they are hiding, and could it jeopardize what he is trying to rekindle with Marigold? When Pete and Danny check things out there appears to be a lot more to the story than what is on the surface. All this makes for a very exciting and interesting story. Come on back to Falcon's Bend and sit a spell as you get taken on a roller coaster ride once again.” ~Night Owl Reviews

5 beacons! "In book two of the Falcon's Bend Series, TEARS ON STONE, the reader is once more enthralled in a web of intrigue that is mesmerizing... Falcon's Bend is one small town that instills a certain quietness about it, yet really paints some wild sheering excitement. The emotion is tight and well written... Pete and Danny indeed have their days filled with trouble with this psychological chiller that once again has the reader on the edge of their seat. When Jordan was talking to MaryEmma and held onto her, I could feel the intensity and almost see all the painful expressions layered on their faces. Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler have generated a most thrilling novel that has the reader wishing to ride shotgun with Pete and Danny. With more entertaining characters, these two talented authors have penned a well-developed plot and captivating story that is a winner. Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler are so brilliantly ingenious that they have again created another masterpiece. This book is definitely a top-notch winner and that is why I rate it a 5." ~Lighthouse Reviews

5 Stars! “Authors Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler really gain their stride in the pacing and momentum of TEARS ON STONE. And there are no throw-away characters. One of the most surprising and engaging sub-plots, for example, is the developing relationship between two little girls, three-year-old Ariel and Jordon’s six-year-old daughter, Nicole. In a subtle way, this relationship is a foil to the one among the grown women in the story. I found this book to be a tantalizing read, a page-turner that kept me up all night. You’ll want to read it yourself to find out if it has the same dangerous effect on you.” ~Readers’ Favorite

champagne bottle "Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent are back for another thrilling mystery in TEARS OF STONE. This time we get to know more about Pete and Danny and their wives. We get to know Pete's brother, Jordan, Pete's younger brother. The authors compassionately draw us into the suffering of the abused women and children. This leads Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent into twists and turns of possible motives for this crime and, soon, for others. A bottle of champagne is merited by this book. It is a good mixture of a love story and a murder mystery wrapped up in a nicely coherent package. The sequel to a successful first book is often a disappointment. But TEARS OF STONE shows just how talented Karen Wiesner and Christine Spindler are. This reviewer awaits the following book in the Falcon's Bend Series." ~Cocktail Reviews

5 hearts! "Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler continue this series with another suspenseful tale that's a real winner for romance and for keeping us guessing. Detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent both have issues they have to cope with in this one. Pete's brother may be involved with a killer. Danny's new marriage turns rocky. Still the two guys and new officer Amber Carfi show other not so dedicated officers of the law how it's done. These two great authors don't let Amber be just a token woman on the police force as her photographic memory and abilities help them wrap up the case. Mss. Wiesner and Spindler do a wonderful writing job as they blend the complex issues of abused women into the storyline. The characters run the gamut from stalkers to husbands who will abuse anyone who gets in their way.. We get an honest look at law enforcement officers who ignore abuse because they feel it's a spouses' right to dish out punishment. At the same time they don't feel the abused spouse has any right to self defense. It's easy to compare that to Officers Shasta and Vincent who may be small town detectives but their hearts are solid gold tempered by an ultimate belief that the system can work. This second book in the series is another example of writing that keeps us on the edge of our seat while still challenging us to think of the issues of abuse in a new light. The first two books plus the case file addition in the Falcon's Bend saga are highly recommended by this reviewer." ~reviewed by Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

5 Stars! “This novel may be hard for some readers to read because of sensitive topics. I liked MaryEmma and Jordan from the beginning. When they met, he was popular in school yet went to MaryEmma's aid when kids bullied her. MaryEmma understands abuse. She was told to protect her younger sister no matter what. The police were no help. After her dad died, her mother relocated her and her sister. 22 years later, she returns to Falcon’s Bend and moves in next door to Jordan. Divorced, Jordan is home to stay in order to raise his daughter. TEARS ON STONE is an amazing novel with so many twists and turns. I was rapidly reading and crying at the same time as the story brought a killer to light and victims to justice.” ~Linda's Reviews

5 beacons! "In book two of the Falcon’s Bend Series, TEARS ON STONE, the reader is once more enthralled in a web of intrigue that is mesmerizing... Falcon’s Bend is one small town that instills a certain quietness about it, yet really paints some wild sheering excitement. The emotion is tight and well written... Pete and Danny indeed have their days filled with trouble with this psychological chiller that once again has the reader on the edge of their seat. When Jordan was talking to MaryEmma and held onto her, I could feel the intensity and almost see all the painful expressions layered on their faces. Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler have generated a most thrilling novel that has the reader wishing to ride shotgun with Pete and Danny. With more entertaining characters, these two talented authors have penned a well-developed plot and captivating story that is a winner. Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler are so brilliantly ingenious that they have again created another masterpiece. This book is definitely a top-notch winner and that is why I rate it a 5." ~reviewed by Linda for Lighthouse Reviews

4.5 stars! "Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler revisit Pete Shasta and the Falcon’s Bend Police Department as they solve a string of murders that seem to involve female members of the community. Someone killed abusive men from Falcon's Bend. Is the same killer responsible for all of the deaths or is something much darker infecting the people of Falcon’s Bend? This story is a mystery lover’s dream. It also has all of the elements of a good love story. I cannot wait for the next book in this series!" ~Ecataromance Reviews

4.5 Stars! “TEARS ON STONE, Book 2, is another exceptional entry in the Falcon’s Bend Series. I have to admit to putting off reading this one for a while due to the subject matter. Books about abuse really affect me. I finally bit the bullet though because, without reading it, my appreciation of and for the series wouldn’t be complete. Just as I’ve come to expect, the flow is seamless, the plot tight and the mystery captivating. As has been the case with the others, the prologue always starts in the past. TEARS ON STONE is shades of grey. Very thought provoking, tense and seen from different perspectives. Right, wrong or indifferent, the letter of the law doesn’t always serve and protect victims of abuse as it should. The victim’s perspective is always heart-wrenching, especially when that victim is a child. The willing victim is, for me, anger-inducing and one of the hardest to understand. Giving your marriage your best shot is one thing, but there are limits. Then there’s the perspective of the law in the form of the Falcon’s Bend Police Department, including their two detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent. They know the law often fails and can cross the line into neglect and in some cases become dirty. They don’t always agree with what they have to enforce, but they do believe in the law—another of those grey areas. In my opinion, the Falcon’s Bend Series ranks right up there with Shannon and McBain for procedurals. I highly recommend TEARS ON STONE and the rest of the series to anyone who enjoys a well-crafted procedural mystery.” ~IvyD for Manic Readers

4 ½ stars! “Let me get to how much I enjoyed this story! There are a few sub-plots to keep things moving along at a brisk pace. I never found myself getting bored. The characters are well developed and I came to care for many of them. I look forward to more stories in Falcon's Bend.” ~reviewed by Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 Stars! “I’ve come to expect a high standard from Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler. Once again they live up to my expectations. The emotions run high as the authors focus on abuse. The dynamic duo does it again.” ~Readers Favorite

4 stars! "Detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent investigate a murder that has surprising twists. The authors have done a terrific job of creating fully dimensional characters. While the expert detective work of Pete and Danny is highlighted, we also get a look at their off-duty life in the small Wisconsin town of Falcon's Bend." ~Sandra Garcia-Myers for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

4 angels! "Authors Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler have written a very intense story that deals with the very personal and touchy subject of abuse. I think these ladies did a fantastic job of bringing the subject to the forefront and dealt with it extremly well. I could feel the fear, pain and confusion coming off MaryEmma in waves and wanted her to have the warmth and safety she so deserved. The pain of Pam’s past also came through with her advice to MaryEmma and Shelly and at times I just wanted to jump into the pages and shake her! I really love a book that can make me feel that wide range of emotions, and I have to give TEARS ON STONE 4 Angels and say well done ladies!" ~Tammy for Fallen Angel Reviews

4 stars! "Centered on the terrible toll spousal abuse takes on women, their children and whole families, Book 2 of the Falcon's Bend Series, TEARS ON STONE presents a cast of characters who are not always as they seem [and] carry the narrative in breathless fashion toward a satisfying conclusion. Writers Wiesner and Spindler have crafted a well written, forceful tale focused on what remains at times an ignored, denied and prickly issue of spousal abuse. The helpless, hopelessness these women experience, particularly when they have children to protect, is well portrayed on the pages of TEARS ON STONE. The writers have done a remarkable job of bringing a thorny subject to the forefront as they weave a tale surrounding that which is understandable in scope, not permissible in the legalistic sense, however is sometimes the only method left to those who must deal with the impossible. The dread, hurt and bewilderment presented by each of the three main characters is palpable, different for each, and offers the reader opportunity to realize that we each react to adversity in our way. While not a true story, TEARS ON STONE brings home the point: There is no hard and fast do-this-or-do-that when irrational, abusive relationships are in play. Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend." ~reviewed by Molly Martin for Molly's Reviews

3 elephants! “TEARS ON STONE is disturbing. Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler quietly explore the issue of abuse while putting the spotlight on recognizing and surviving abusive relationships. But what happens when one sees abuse around each corner, in every relationship, with every man? Reading TEARS ON STONE, I felt the underlying pain and newfound happiness of the characters. The lostness of MaryEmma’s niece hurt this mother’s heart. TEARS ON STONE is a powerful stand-alone novel.” ~reviewed by Christine Steeves Speakman

"Settle into the back of the squad car and ride along with Lieutenant Pete Shasta and his partner, Danny Vincent, as they solve the latest murders in Falcon’s Bend. It seems that someone is killing off the abusive men in the town. Pam Garland has set up an abuse center for women. The deeper Pete and Danny dig into the Society of Survivors background, the muddier the facts. These two extraordinary detectives have more to untangle than a couple of murders. Something is not quite right in the Society of Survivors. The Falcon’s Bend stories spring from the fertile minds of Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler. Womens tears have made no impact on the stony hearts of the men who abuse them. That makes TEARS ON STONE the perfect title for this novel. I highly recommend this novel to any reader who loves mysteries and psychological thrillers." ~Dawn Myers for

"Get ready for a great read! While it’s not essential to have read the first in the series, DEGREES OF SEPARATION, by Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler, knowing the continuing characters in Tears on Stone adds a layer of familiarity and depth. For a small, one-horse town, Falcon’s Bend has more than its share of excitement. Police Lieutenant Pete Shasta and his partner Danny Vincent have their hands full when trouble comes to town in the form of three women with a hidden past that threatens to erupt into fireworks. Rich with emotion and intricate details in a framework packed with increasing suspense, I dare you to put down MaryEmma and Jordan’s story short of the explosive and satisfying ending." ~Liz Hunter, author of PLAIN JANE'S TIGHT END

“I enjoyed the fact that I was kept guessing as to who the murderer might be. That it could even be the heroine in the novel made me read on into the night. The underlying love story couldn’t be rated anything but G, but this is no romance novel. The pacing was good, and each character grew within his or her world. Very short chapters. A good read.” ~Olivia Brynn for WRDF Review

"TEARS ON STONE is a good book that is thrilling, suspenseful and entertaining. Hidden in the pages you will find a sweet romance in which Ariel's Princess Marigold finds and marries her Prince George." ~reviewed by Pat Elliott for BookLoons Reviews


Reviews for FALCON'S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I

NOR Top Pick 5 stars and Top Pick! “This is a book that introduces the reader to the town of Falcon Bend and their new detective Pete Shasta with a set of novellas to whet the reader's appetite. There are five novellas that help the reader to get to know Pete at the beginning of his career in Falcon Bend. If you need a quick escape with a good mystery than this book is for you. So sit back and get to know the people of Falcon Bend and its newest detective. I’m highly recommending this set of stories for readers that like suspense. I don’t want to give anything away as the blurb tells you enough. Once you start you will want to read them all.” ~Night Owl Reviews

5 beacons! ""Bugs": After reading about the aerators cutting the victim to ribbons, it was like the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention. "Broken Wings": The ending in this story is so twisted; I had to do a double take on it…wow! Intense. "Obsessions": This story will have your adrenaline racing as Pete scurries through every obstacle in his path. "Blind Revenge": This story had me tossing in the covers and at times still feeling for my eyes. "Fixated": Okay, for sure, anyone in a chat room even briefly should be extra careful. "Murder is usually the start of the investigation for Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent but not without a bit of desire, retribution, betrayal, and atonement. In this anthology there are five stories that will quench the thirstiest mystery readers. The whole series surrounding Detectives Pete and Danny are fascinating; not to mention fast-paced and loaded in emotion that will have you spellbound. Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler are such great collaborators. They take a story and turn it into a piece of art. Their suspense chillers are so cleverly dazzling that it leaves the reader eagerly anticipating the next installment. Their writing is so driven that it leaves the reader with the story still refreshed in their mind days later. This is a collection of stories that readers should not miss. The plots are so well developed with enormous twists and turns that leaves the reader rapidly turning pages to the end. A good mystery always leaves the reader delighted but an even greater mystery full of bone-chilling suspense leaves the reader completely satisfied. Once you read one of Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler’s books, you just can’t stop! Five mystery suspense tales that leave you breathless until the crime is solved. I really enjoy their style of writing. If I could I would give this anthology a ten, it is so incredible!" ~reviewed by Linda for Lighthouse Reviews

5 hearts! "This is a great set of five stories involving a couple of detectives in the small town of Falcon's Bend, Wisconsin. Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent each take a starring role in the mysteries whether working alone or with one another. The stories fill in background for some the of circumstances mentioned in DEGREES OF SEPARATION, Book 1 of the Falcon's Bend Series. In “Broken Wings” the authors tell a well crafted and emotional tale of Keith Pierce and his daughter Quinn. Keith only knew Katerina Fulton for a few torrid days of romance at a music festival. Until the feisty teenager showed up on his doorstep he didn't know a child had resulted from the affair. Cynthia Fulton, Kat's sister, is also searching for her. Their stories put Detective Pete Shasta in search of a missing person, possible murder victim, while coping with his failing first marriage. This is one of those heart wrenching but hopeful novellas that really shines with the authors' gifted characterizations and dialogue. Who would kidnap a newborn baby boy? Pete has to answer that puzzling question in “Obsessions”. The answer is elusive but with Pete Shasta on the case we know there'll be an answer. He and his friends on the Falcon's Bend police force unravel all the twisted details until they find the right culprits. The added details about Pete's instant attraction to his wife Lisa are great as he struggles with obligations, rules, and the call of his heart. It doesn't seem like the order in which you read this book or Book 1 of the series would make too much difference. Personally I adored the first book of the series and was thrilled to see this one come out. It seems like it could be a stand alone anthology if you read it first.” ~reviewed by Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

4 1/2 stars! "Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler produce a firm foundation for their full length Falcon’s Bend stories. After reading these short stories, the reader will want to get to know the members of the Falcon’s Bend Police Department better. These authors know how to keep the reader interested from the first page to the last. I cannot wait to find out what new adventures await the Falcon’s Bend Police in the full length books that will be released shortly. I look forward to reading them." ~Candy Bezner for

4.25 stars! ""Bugs": I thought this story was a great way to get to know Detective Pete Shasta and some of the townsfolk of Falcon’s Bend. "Broken Wings": This was a very intense story, especially towards the end. While I thought I had this one figured out, it did give me a few glitches on the way to the ending. Keith Pierce is incredibly funny as he tries to figure out what to do with a teenaged daughter whom he doesn’t know. Just the byplay between them is enough to make you roll on the floor. If you have teenaged daughters or if you know any teenaged daughters, you’ll love the teen attitude. "Obsessions": While I spent my time focused on the missing baby and who could have stolen her, Lt. Shasta is starting to have feelings (in a romantic way) towards a suspect. It added another layer of depth to the story and made Lt. Shasta a little more real to me as a reader. This was my personal overall favorite from the book—although the next two stories had me gripping the edge of my seat. "Blind Revenge": This was the most chilling story in the book. I read it right before bed and had trouble sleeping. We don’t know Lindsay for long, but the ramifications of her death and her nightmares just don’t stop. Could it be the new lover she just met on the night of her murder? If not, than who could have killed her?? Each twist takes you a step deeper into the unknown and the ending will knock your socks off. "Fixated": Wow! I would say that Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler really hit their stride in the last half of the book. This story was wild and crazy. Without giving away the ending (which was a surprise and a half), I was stunned. You’ll be amazed at the reality of this story. It’s one of those things that really could happen--even to you. Risa and Victor’s budding romance is just icing on the cake of this story. Hang onto your hat and enjoy the ride. Overall, I really enjoyed the book. I’m looking forward to more mysteries/suspense stories from Falcon’s Bend. I thought each story touched a different part of me as a reader. I was able to associate in unique ways with each of the situations and characters... I think Ms. Wiesner and Ms. Spindler have a great collaborative future together. " ~Robyn for'sBend1Review.html

4 stars! "This tautly written quintet of detective stories jumps into the trenches with a small-town police force that deals with the same crime found in the big city. The writing is crisp and the strength of the recurring characters fosters anticipation for each new yarn spun by this talented teams." ~Donna M. Brown for Romantic Times BOOKclub

4 1/2 stars! "Five mystery suspense tales that will leave you wanting more. But that's okay. Book 2 [will be] out [July 2006]! Wonderfully told short stories." ~Huntress Reviews

4 Stars! “Pete Shasta is a vulnerable, believable, likable police inspector. He is the kind of book cop you really want to get to know. And get to know him you do in the five tightly crafted crime tales that comprise FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I (The Early Cases)—a smooth, easy read. Wiesner and Spindler’s clear, short, targeted descriptions put me right into the picture (including, memorably, even the sewage treatment tanks). The authors have fashioned the people of Falcon’s Bend in such a way that they appear so real. Their human natures, clearly delineated, give credence to the fact that such awful things happen in such a nice place. Under the protection of Inspector Shasta, this book is a safe and cozy way to experience them.” ~Readers Favorite

4 stars! “FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I sets the backdrop for the rest of the series. While the series can be read as stand-alone books, having the background books helps to flesh out characters in the series. Avid readers of mysteries will no doubt be able to pick up any of the books and move forward or back with ease. Volume I offers a compilation of five tautly written early cases as the authors jump into the action where a small-town police force faces many of the same crimes as are found in larger cities. Authors Wiesner and Spindler weave compelling tales filled with an excellent group of recurring characters, secondary characters as well as detailed scenarios and locales to provide lots of interest and suspense building moments. This first collected works detailing early cases investigated by Falcon's Bend Detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent is filled with snappy, attention-grabbing prose, coupled to the strength of established characters promoting eagerness for each new anecdote offered by this witty duo of writers. This anthology is a great addition to the Falcon's Bend Series whether read as the jumping off point leading to the rest of the series, or is read at some point after beginning the other works.” ~reviewed by Molly Martin for Molly’s Reviews

4 cups! ““Bugs”: I like the way this story shows Pete as a person with feelings as he is concerned over his marriage, and also finding if there is a killer in the town. I found it eerie the way the victim was discovered in this spine-tingling tale. “Broken Wings”: I liked this story. To me, it showed the deep emotions that abound between the love of a father for a child. The way Keith and Quinn meet for the first time, as they learn about the other, is a bonding experience that reached out to this reader. I enjoyed the little twist along the way. “Obsessions”: This story was gripping. One moment I was fixated on Pete finding the baby, while the other part of me was engaged wondering if he and Lisa would ever make a connection. I loved how the story showed he could be vulnerable and real. “Blind Revenge”: I am still reeling over this read. When Lonnie has to identify Lindsay, the tension is so strong it pulls the reader into the story. It is chilling the way even Danny must push himself to unlock the reason for Lindsay’s fears and her death. “Fixated”: I enjoyed the way Risa and Victor has a blossoming romance. The blending in of the stalker and Victor’s concern for her is brilliantly penned. The ending definitely leaves the reader intrigued. These fast-paced stories keep the reader engaged throughout. I simply adore how Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler team up to bring mystery and suspense to life in these pages. Their masterminds have taken five stories and bedazzled this reader. The chilling suspense in FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I (The Early Cases) is awesome. I believe I had an adrenaline rush with just about each of them. This assortment has clever plots that thrill and send chills at the same time. The believable characters left an impact on this reader.” ~Cherokee for Coffee Time Romance & More

""Bugs": Entertaining, engaging! This “who done it” short story introduces Lt. Pete Shasta and his hometown Falcon Bend to the readers. I found the characters to be engaging and the story pleasant to read. I enjoyed reading about and getting to know Pete as he investigates and then solves his first murder case. "Broken Wings": Fantastic! I really enjoyed reading Keith Pierce’s story. I couldn’t stop reading until I found out what happened to his daughter’s mother.(The daughter that until recently, he didn’t even know existed) That and the romance that sprung up between Keith and his new acquaintance kept me reading until the very end. "Obsessions": Stays on shelf! Once again I enjoyed reading about Pete Shasta as he solves another mystery. We are also introduced, via phone call, to his friend Danny Vincent. The romance that springs up between Pete and Lisa was a great touch. I was pleasantly surprised by the twist towards the end…as he solves the baby’s mysterious disappearance. "Blind Revenge": Pleasant! The readers are introduced to the new investigator Danny Vincent. I really loved his personality. If you like otherworldly reading with weird twist and turns, then this is the read for you. I personally liked the characters. "Fixated": Good, memorable! Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent get to investigate a case together. An enjoyable read, I loved the sizzle between Risa and her cute neighbor…and I also enjoyed the chase as they tracked down Risa’s stalker. It was a thrilling moment when the stalker got his just deserves in the end." ~Deborah Truesdale for WRDF Review

"Falcon’s Bend Case Files is an anthology of five different short stories about the case files of the Falcon Bend police. Investigator Pete Shasta is the main character and is always on the case. He can’t let a case go unsolved and it will cost him personally. The collaboration of Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler is a huge success. The psychological thrillers being penned by these two are some of the best on the market. I dare other readers to read "Blind Revenge" and not stay awake thinking about it that night. That story kept me awake for several nights after I read it. "Broken Wings" is another story with an awesome twisted ending. I look forward to reading more novels about Falcon’s Bend. Those who love thrillers do not want to miss this collection." ~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited Reviewer

4 Stars! “Bugs is Pete Shasta’s first murder case on the FBPD. We get a look at Pete and Donna while still married. The story clarified a lot for me regarding his previous marriage. In Broken Wings we meet Jennifer, Warren Jensen’s wife. Her cousin, Keith, returns to Falcon’s Bend with a 17 year old daughter, Quinn, he was unaware of until recently. They’re looking for Quinn’s mother, Katerina Fulton. I really enjoyed the glimpse of Jenn and Warren before it all fell apart. Just seeing how in love and happy they were gave me a greater appreciation and understanding of future events. In Obsessions Pete Shasta meets Lisa Mercer. This is the case that’s referenced in later books that brings Pete and Lisa together. So glad I finally got to read this. Blind Revenge is Danny Vincent’s first case alone after returning to Falcon’s Bend and becoming Pete’s partner. For Lindsey’s murder he has a decidedly twisted tale to unravel. Creepily unnerving, this story really sticks with you. It’s my favorite. Fixated tells the story of Risa Nitzberg, Falcon’s Bends newest resident. She has a stalker following her. When the stalker attempts to get more personal her neighbor, Victor Brooks, steps in to save her. This is actually quite a sweet story and an upbeat way to end the book. FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I is a definite must read for fans of the series. It filled in some spaces for me, making the series even better. If you’ve never read any of the books, it’s a great introduction to one of the best police procedural series currently being written.” ~IvyD for Manic Readers

4 angels! "Pete Shasta is the common thread in FALCON'S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I. There are five short stories all set a couple of years apart that make up the case files. And it’s interesting to see how Pete as a character evolves over the years. You read of his loneliness, his dedication, and his falling in love. In fact, all the characters in FALCON'S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I have follow up stories which are almost like part of a television series. The book is an interesting refection on life in a small town, the people, the scandals and the mystery. I particularly like the short story entitled "Blind Revenge." It was just plain creepy, but all the short stories are interesting and unique in their own way. The fictitious town of Falcon’s Bend is no different to anyone’s own hometown. You always wonder about the people around you. I enjoyed FALCON'S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I and would look forward to reading to further case files." ~Fallen Angel Reviews

"Do you like your mysteries varied? Read the FALCON'S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I. Are you short on time? Read Karen Wiesner’s and Chris Spindler’s collection of case files told in short story form. But most of all, read the FALCON'S BEND CASE FILES if you just plain like good mystery stories. Murder may be the result, but explore in this anthology’s four stories the driving forces of revenge, greed, obsession and redemption. Explore the early years of Falcon’s Bend police investigators Danny Vincent and Pete Shasta, introduced in Wiesner’s and Spindler’s debut novel of the Falcon’s Bend Series, DEGREES OF SEPARATION. A fast read, a unique read, a fascinating read you won’t be able to put down. I highly recommend the FALCON'S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I by Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler." ~Barbara Raffin, author of THE VISITOR

4 stars! "An enjoyable read of different mysteries that occur in the same town with many of the same characters. I can't wait for the next one!" ~Sime~Gen

“Danny Vincent and Pete Shasta are best friends and detectives in the small town of Falcon's Bend. Previous books recounted happenings in their lives and jobs. FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume I is an anthology (including two short stories and three novellas) about Shasta and Vincent's early murder cases. “Bugs” is about Shasta's first murder case. Shasta literally gets his feet wet when a body floats up in the oxidation ditch of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. “Broken Wings” involves a missing person cold case. “Obsessions” is about a missing baby - Pete learns that obsessions can be dangerous. “Blind Revenge” really creeped me out. It is about nightmares and a mother's revenge. “Fixated” is probably the most satisfying of the stories. In it, a woman is being stalked, and her neighbor steps in to save her.” ~reviewed by Pat Elliott for BookLoons Reviews

“I’ve mentioned before that reviewing anthologies, short story collections, or any short story is different and slightly more difficult than reviewing a larger piece. The reason being with less material there’s a greater chance of giving the story and ending away. Now, less material does not mean less story, less impact, less craft. No, there are times when a short story will pack more punch than any full length novel. I discovered Falcon’s Bend a few years back through a previous publisher and am glad to see the series thriving and growing. Listed as a Mystery/Police Procedural this series as the feeling of a cozy…coming home to a familiar setting and character-friends. The difference between Falcon’s Bend and cozies is its boldness. The authors have found a balance of small town closeness and strong edged crime, murder, and mystery. With a touch of the extra…see story Blind Revenge. Other aspects of collections/series are the similarities within each story. Not that authors copy or repeat themselves, but plot patterns can be found, story rhythms felt as you read each book. Falcon’s Bend doesn’t quite fit this scenario. The main characters follow their established behaviours and so far they haven’t veered off illogically. The plots vary. However, the action centers on the main police characters more than anyone else in Falcon’s Bend. It’s not the community I know—it’s the detectives. Well, the exception might be in the short Fixated. Here we visit through the other side of the crime. With this all said and done, the bottom line is, when you’re searching for a solid police character driven mystery, Falcon’s Bend is the place. For me, it’s been too long and I’m glad to be back. What’s even better is I have a few more books, a few more stories to visit.” ~Christine Steeves Speakman


Reviews for THE FIFTEENTH LETTER, Book 3

NOR Top Pick 5 Stars and Reviewer Top Pick! “Welcome back to Falcon's Bend, where we meet the newest patrol officer Amber Carfi. She gets the news that her father, Zeke is getting paroled and coming to live with her. He's been in prison for 15 years for armed robbery. Each year on the anniversary of what was supposed to be his and his partner's biggest heist, he gets a letter. He got caught when his partner, Nelson, decided to take a life and ended up paying for that life with his own. Nelson's family blamed Zeke for his death so every year he get a letter on that day as a reminder of what happened. The [local] department knows about Amber's dad's past, his arrest, as well as his release. Now things become interesting. Amber gets her dad's diary and, while she goes to pick him up, it was stolen. Inside the binding was a key that she found when the binding came loose. She gave it to her partner, Jensen, for safekeeping. Could this have something to do with her father's release and has he actually mended his ways or is he still after the big score? Take another trip to Falcon's Bend to see if Pete, Danny, Amber, and Jensen can follow the clues left behind to uncover the threat to her father and her before it’s too late. I love how all three of the books have included the elements of the earlier books. I have to agree that these are standalone novels. However, to thoroughly enjoy this series, you need to read them all. As the saying goes, ‘You can't have (read) just one.’ Sit back and enjoy the small town life at Falcon's Bend.” ~Night Owl Reviews

5 Pixies! "The FIFTEENTH LETTER evoked, for me, Dell Shannon's Luis Mendoza and McBain's 87th Precinct. This is small town USA, however, not the big city. This doesn't mean the crimes are small though. I didn't read the first two books in this series and that's often a handicap. As a general rule, I like to start with the first one. The authors of THE FIFTEENTH LETTER did such an exceptional job of bringing me up to date on the relationships without it feeling like that's what they were doing. I in no way felt that I was missing something, as so often happens when you read a series out of order. The camaraderie between the characters flows easily. They really care about each other and it shows. Amber isn't made to feel like a token, being the only woman officer. Then again, she was the only female player on the football team. That's where she met her partner, Jensen. I really enjoy her. She's not real girlie but deep down she's feminine. She has a soft side; she just doesn't know how to show it. I especially like the evolution of her relationship with Jensen. It all rings true. I appreciate the characters interactions, not only at work but in their personal lives as well. The mystery/crime is excellent. The past does come back to haunt you and karma is brutal, especially when it comes in the form of Kiah Roberts and Roman Salim. That people like that really exist is scary enough, but when they get together it's truly frightening. Toward the end of the book, I found myself leaning into my screen and so tense my neck hurt. That's how intense the action got. If you're a fan of Shannon, McBain or just excellently executed procedurals, I highly recommend THE FIFTEENTH LETTER. I know I'll be reading the prior books and the fourth installment." ~Ivy for Dark Angel Reviews

5 Stars! “There was a lot going on in Falcon’s Bend with Amber Carfi introduced as a new officer at the police department. I admired that the tough pixie Amber fought hard to be on the all-male football team in high school. She’s very good at kicking anyone's butt, and it’s no surprise she wanted to be a cop. Also a factor in this story was a mild romance angle. Wow was I caught up with Amber and her cop partner Warren’s ongoing relationship. 10 years older than her, he’s still getting over his wife, who died of cancer years ago. Finally, her dad had made a career of stealing but with the death of her mom and her dad getting caught for his crimes, everything changed. Amber never gave up on him, despite all the reasons she could have. THE FIFTEENTH LETTER had me rapidly reading. I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to read the next one in the series.” ~Linda's Reviews

5 hearts! “Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler continue this well done series of mysteries with another great one. Amber Carfi and Warren Jensen take center stage this time. Their fledgling romance can't seem to get off the ground. Not many of us would want to have a criminal element adding life and death struggles that help goad us along in our relationships. For Amber and Warren it seems like that's what it takes before they can admit their feelings for one another. Part of the draw of this great series is that the characters go through some of the same upheavals in their lives as the reader. Like regular human being everywhere they compartmentalize their own problems into a private space to deal with when the needs of others isn't at the forefront of their lives. This series is as addictive as your favorite TV show! The officers of the police force and the town has grown on me more with each story. I sincerely hope Mss. Wiesner and Spindler will continue to dream up more villains for these characters to handle so the books can continue for a long time.” ~reviewed by Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

5 stars! “An excellent story with a lot of mystery, drama, and excitement. It is obvious to me that the authors, Wiesner and Spindler, complement each other's writing styles. Every single character is well developed and the emotions seem real. Totally fascinating!” ~reviewed by Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

5 cups! "THE FIFTEENTH LETTER is the third book in the Falcon’s Bend Series. While it is a standalone read, it has enough hints at the past that you will soon find yourself wanting to read the previous books. The authors worked well together and created characters that are strong and complement each other while remaining independent. Along with a totally original twist on the ‘sins of the father’ theme that is the base of this story. I hope to find both Amber and Warren happy in the next installment of this police series." ~reviewed by Hollie for Coffee Time Romance and More

5 Stars! “Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler weave a mystery that keeps the reader on edge throughout THE FIFTEENTH LETTER. Without a doubt the authors write with an intensity that kept me immersed. I felt I was with Amber Carfi at every turn in her search for the truth. At the same time their characters’ personalities and quirks demonstrated both their best and unscrupulous sides which adds to entertainment for the reader. Descriptions easily allowed me to imagine the lives as well as scenes throughout the novel. The authors fulfilled the promise of a good read while creating an easy flow of action from page to page. I look forward to reading other books in the Falcon Bend Series.” ~Readers’ Favorite

4 stars! “Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler never disappoint their readers. THE FIFTEENTH LETTER offers readers an edgy, page turner. The story is intricately woven threads all leading to a climax that will surprise readers. Mysterious globes, maps, diaries, bank robberies, kidnappings, and romance are all combined into one thrilling story.” ~reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

4 stars! “Once again Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler’s police procedural, THE FIFTEENTH LETTER, conveys the reader to Falcon’s Bend where twenty four year old Patrol Officer Amber Carfi and her partner Warren Jensen, who is a decade older, have been working the Christmas holiday to allow those having families time at home. The pair has no yearning for spending holidays home and alone. Jensen has not quite recovered from the death of his wife. It was 4 years ago that Jen died due to ovarian cancer. Carfi is not certain how she feels regarding her father’s impending parole hearing. Abruptly the crackle of the car radio jars them back to reality, a bank robbery is in progress. From that opening the reader is initiated into a mystery filled with distrust, expectation, death, aspiration, tracking devices, pandemonium, abduction and trepidation. A diary, deliberately aged to create the appearance that it is older than it is, kidnapping, torment, an assortment of stolen maps, bank thefts, and even romance are all included on the pages. Overflowing with energy, joie de vivre and air of mystery, THE FIFTEENTH LETTER is a commendable account transporting the reader along on a breathless ride. That authors, Wiesner and Spindler, reinforce each other's writing approach is unmistakable, transitions are faultless, characters are abundantly developed, settings are detailed to draw the reader into the sequence of events, storyline is plausible and emotions exhibit are believable. This book conveys an exhilarating many-sided page-turner offering readers all the excitement and conundrum they may look forward to when reading an edgy police procedural mystery. That puzzling globe, along with the group of maps, menace, more than one stray bullet, and even the commencement of a romance are all combined into one rousing chronicle. Watch the red herrings! Happy to recommend this book for those who take pleasure in a good mystery well done, and in particular for those who have a preference for police procedurals. While I do not keep all the books I receive for review, this is one that I will be keeping on my own library shelf.” ~reviewed by Molly Martin for Molly’s Reviews

Rating: Memorable! “Lots going on in THE FIFTEENTH LETTER. All and all Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler have written a great mystery, filled with suspense and even some romance thrown in. The book grabbed my attention and held it until the end. The plot was new and inventive as well as plausible. I found THE FIFTEENTH LETTER a well written, well plotted mystery/suspense well worth the read. I will definitely go find the first two in the series and watch for the next. These are two great authors.” ~reviewed by Debbie Gould for WRDF

"This is a gripping drama about a girl who lost her father at a young age, now trying to be a tough cop who doesn't need any man in her life, not her father and not her partner. Zeke leads Amber and others searching for the money on a merry chase that puts Amber's life in danger. The book is well written and suspenseful." ~reviewed by Pat Elliot for BookLoons

"This is an exciting suspense thriller supported by a mystery (Amber’s need to know why her hero father turned bank robber) and a hint of romance (between the police partners). The key to this interconnected family drama is all the prime players--from the Salim and Carfi families--behave plausibly with vengeance and death being the links. Fans will relish this fine tale as the truth will not set anyone free because the pivotal moment in the past will always haunt those still living." ~Harriet Klausner for The Mystery Gazette

“When two talented writers put their creative minds together, the Falcon’s Bend Series is the result. Amber Carfi is a character that all tomboys can relate to. She is carving her way in a man’s world and doing so successfully. I like this character because she is strong and ethical in spite of her personal hardships. Warren Jensen is a character you can’t help but fall in love with. He loved his deceased wife and is battling his own demons when it comes to the new exciting relationship he is developing with Amber. I look forward to reading the next book in this series and hope it continues their relationship.” ~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited Reviewer

3 stars! "A daughter's love for her father is tested in the third installment of the Falcon's Bend Series. A taut mystery is the reward for the reader who sticks with this story to the end." ~Cindy Himler for RT Book Reviews

"I stepped into the Falcon's Bend mystery series with book three, THE FIFTEENTH LETTER, and I wish I'd found the police duo of Amber Carfi and Warren Jensen long ago. Amber Carfi can be as unorthodox as Grace Anakarko on the hit television series Saving Grace, but Amber doesn't stray too far from the straight and narrow. She's had to work doubly hard to achieve the rank she has because she's the daughter of a convict. Fifteen years before, her father was convicted of armed robbery and shooting his partner while committing the crime. Amber knows what he did, but has always visited him in prison and even testified at all of his parole hearings. When her father is released on parole, she thinks it will be a warm reunion with the father who used to devise elaborate codes and puzzles with her. What she doesn't realize is that her father has left some unfinished business that puts not only his life and her own in danger but that of her partner Warren Jenson as well, a partner who is becoming more than just someone to share a stake-out with. The writing team of Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler have crafted a thrilling page-turner with realistic characters I really liked! Amber and Warren are both tough and hold back their emotions so sometimes I just wanted to scream at them to talk to each other. But that was just the kind of tension Wiesner and Spindler wanted to create and it really cranks up the sizzle. I can't wait to catch up with Amber and Warren in their next book ROMANTIC NOTIONS." ~Janie Franz for


Reviews for ROMANTIC NOTIONS, Book 4

5 Stars! "A terrific blend of romance, mystery, and homicide police work. As with each book in this series, you do not have to read any of the other books to fully enjoy and understand the story. Yet those who read the series in order will feel as though they know the characters on a personal level. Putting together a homicide investigation and yet making sure readers feel as though they are part of the small town (in this case, Falcon's Bend) is not an easy thing to do. It is even harder when there is more than one author working on the story. These two authors make it seem easy. The story flows smoothly and I could not tell that there were two different people, two different personalities, shaping the plot. Totally exquisite." ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

5 hearts! “Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler have again combined to give us a romantic thriller full of action and the type of relationship building that makes this such an addictive series. The people on the police force in this small town seem to grow on me more and more. Danny Vincent, one of the detectives, is battling his fear of what may happen if his wife gets pregnant. Pete Shasta, his best friend and fellow detective is supportive in his own unique way as are others. Warren and Amber have been trying to hide their relationship at work but it seems like everyone knows anyway. Many in this great town seem to give them help when they hit rocky spots. The killer is vicious, insidious and hard to catch but the authors weave the story in such a way that it keeps me on the edge of my seat guessing and searching for clues with the law officers. One of the many strengths in this series is the seeming reality of the relationships, dialogue, and characters. I highly recommend this series for any lovers of great romantic suspense.” ~reviewed by Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

5 pixies! "ROMANTIC NOTIONS takes place a couple weeks after The FIFTEENTH LETTER ends. The mystery is interesting even though figuring out who “did it” isn’t difficult. It’s all about how the cops get to the solution. The doggedness of the pursuit, searching out and investigating every morsel of information they believe pertains to the case. There’s a lot of gut instinct but it’s always backed up with cold hard facts. I enjoy watching the case being built step by step. Amber undercover was a joy to behold. The way she totally changed was fascinating to watch. It was pretty tense playing up to a suspect, flirting, keeping them on the hairy edge knowing Jensen was watching and listening. Their relationship is pretty fragile for reasons on both their parts and this certainly doesn’t help. I found myself really rooting for one of the main suspects. That was the whole point with this character though. The odious FBI agent Lock, from previous books in the series, returns. There was one scene I especially enjoyed with him. He comes to town, puts everyone on edge and wreaks as much havoc as he can. He’s so smarmy and self serving it makes you want to hurt him. His only saving grace is that he comes through in the end. I almost have to wonder if he’s really as shallow as he appears. It’ll be interesting to see how and what direction his character takes in forthcoming books. I really enjoyed ROMANTIC NOTIONS. The character development is excellent and totally believable. I really like how “real” these characters are. The mystery was interesting and the ending just right. I can’t wait for my next trip to Falcon’s Bend. I do believe I’m hooked on the series now." ~reviewed by Ivy for Dark Angel Reviews

5 Stars! “This story continues after Amber and her dad are rescued in THE FIFTEENTH LETTER, Book 3, and she and her partner at the Falcon’s Bend Police Department Warren are closer than ever, trying to hide their relationship from everyone. Warren knows Amber’s keeping a secret from him. Meanwhile Amber goes undercover to find a killer. ROMANTIC NOTIONS is filled with action and just as awesome as the previous book that had me longing to read more about Falcon’s Bend and the characters who live there.” ~Linda's Reviews

4 stars! “Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler have a multifaceted talent. They combine romance and mystery to create an entertaining read. Amber and Warren’s relationship is interesting, because we are watching it develop. Mystery/romance fans, if you are not familiar with the names Wiesner and Spindler, you should be.” ~reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

4 stars! "The authors continue their well- written Falcon's Bend Series with the fourth book, which focuses on Amber and Warren. The motivation behind their actions and thoughts is clearly characterized, and readers will feel as if they know them personally. It's easy to be swept away by this story." ~Barb Anderson for RT Book Reviews

“ROMANTIC NOTIONS is a wonderful continuation of Amber and Warren’s story. While they are tracking a murderer, they still have time to continue their developing relationship. The storyline is full of romantic suspense. I really liked the secondary story of Danny and Mel and their misunderstandings about having a baby. I also liked that Warren was able to admit his feelings for Amber and make a commitment for their future together. Chris Spindler and Karen Wiesner are a dynamic duo when they collaborate on a series. Each novel in this exciting series just gets better and better.” ~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited Reviewer

"I enjoyed this mystery and the ups and downs of Amber and Warren’s relationship. Amber is very new at having a relationship and lacks confidence in herself, and Warren’s former relationship makes it difficult for him to form a new one. The mystery itself is engrossing, as is the love story." ~Maura Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Rating: Memorable! “Review in a word—gripping! This blend of love, serial murders, misogynistic philosophy, insecurity, pasts and present loves competing, infidelity, etc. makes for a heady read. The plot is as beautifully crafted as the serial killer’s calling card with the single red rose and the wedding band. Both Amber Carfi and Warren Jensen’s characterization is multi-faceted and their struggles to find true love in each other makes for a satisfying romance just as their quest to find the serial killer is a perfect mystery. The twists in the plots are wonderfully unexpected—you really don’t see them coming, and the authors throw suspicion on all the suspects in a believable manner. Both the romantic and the violent conflicts in ROMANTIC NOTIONS blend in beautifully and the supporting characters make the Falcon’s Bend Series something to look for.” ~reviewed by Raakhee Suryaprakash for WRDF

"Forgiveness is such a simple word, with a profound definition. To truly forgive yourself and others you must let go. ROMANTIC NOTIONS is a story about people needing to forgive themselves and let go. It’s also a story about the consequences you suffer when you can't let go, and the pain that causes you. Did you ever do something that you deeply regretted? Did you allow that one action to color the decisions that you make for a long time? Did you ever allow one decision to completely alter the way that you look at yourself and your future? Do you ever feel that you are not worth of forgiveness? If you can answer yes to even one of these questions then you know exactly where the heroine of this book is coming from. Amber Carfi is running from herself, her past, and desperately trying to stay in the immediate present, even though she's yearning for a dream life with her dream man, Warren Jensen. Amber and Warren are both Patrol Officers on the Falcon Bend Police Department. They are joined by a great cast of characters that will be well known to followers of this series. Each of those characters play a role in the book, and the reader is brought up to date on all there past favorites. In this installment of the series, a murder rocks the small town, and leaves the police department baffled. The who's, why's, and how's aren't adding up. The only way to solve the murder is to send Amber into the thick of danger, as the bait for a murderer. What follows is a well thought out story; it has all the key elements of a good crime drama. It has well developed characters, a thoughtful plot, and some steamy love scenes. The story flows well, and keeps the readers interest. It's a great character development story, as the characters follow through the different stories, and get more depth as the story line progresses. There are a lot of entwined relationships that I enjoyed seeing unfold. I also enjoyed the small town character study that this book is: without being too obvious the town is one of the main characters; its focus on small town life, relationships, prejudices, heroes, and villains is very entertaining. I would recommend this book to my friends, with the stipulation that they read the rest of the series first." ~reviewed by Kimberly for Once Upon A Romance

"This is an intriguing small-town police procedural with a romantic subplot between two of the cops. The investigation and its subsequent undercover operation engages the audience who, like Amber, will suspect the victim’s boyfriend though other individuals have motives; while ironically the concealing of their romance by Amber and Warren seems to have failed as not just readers can sense the attraction. Fans will enjoy this fine cop thriller that contrasts a loving love with a lethal love." ~Harriet Klausner for The Mystery Gazette

"This is a good romantic suspense. Both the romance and the suspense are superb. Readers can look forward to the next Falcon's Bend Series mystery and hope Amber and Jensen are part of the scene." ~reviewed by Pat Elliott for BookLoons

"The fourth installment in the Falcon's Bend Series by Karen Wiesner & Chris Spindler mixes romance and police work in larger doses than in their previous book, THE FIFTEENTH LETTER. First of all, ROMANTIC NOTIONS explores the burgeoning romance between Officers Amber Carfi and Warren Jensen that was made evident in the third book. But this romance, with its haunted secrets, is overshadowed by the gruesome murder of a young woman who had been raped and stabbed, then cleaned up and posed with a red rose in her hands and an intricate rose ring on her ring finger. Dubbed the "Romantic Notions Killer," the murderer seems most likely to be the dead woman's boyfriend; and Amber and Warren, as well as Detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent, dig deep to find evidence, even putting Amber undercover as a sexy neighbor in the boyfriend's apartment building. At first, I wondered why there seemed to be another story stream about Danny Vincent and his wife trying to have a baby and facing invasive questions from extended family members every time they had a family get-together. But that story was a foil to Warren's own history with his dead wife and how it complicated his new relationship with Amber. It was a nice touch. The ending of ROMANTIC NOTIONS was satisfying. I would recommend ROMANTIC NOTIONS, especially for romance readers. And I would want to read more by Karen Wiesner & Chris Spindler." ~Janie Franz for



NOR Top Pick 4 1/2 Stars and Reviewer Top Pick! “Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler have done it again. This is the second volume of mini novellas in the Falcon's Bend Series. There are six novellas in this volume and they take place in 2005. Each story was thoroughly engrossing. I found it hard to put it down. I love these mini stories that take place between the major cases that face Pete Shasta and his crew in Falcon's Bend. They are separate stories, but they each tie together in subtle ways. Pay attention and the reader can figure out how they tie together to make a complete story. Great job, once again.” ~Night Owl Reviews

5 Hearts! "In another wonderful book from Mss. Wiesner and Spindler the officers of my favorite police force work to solve some bizarre crimes while giving us a look into their personal lives at the same time. One of the best things about the Case Files is that the authors are able to delve into so many different types of crimes. Each challenges the officers to step away from their needs as people to focus on the happenings that confront them on the job. They step up to the tasks, sometimes sadly but always professionally. These men and women could police my town any day. They're the type of characters we wish lived in our neighborhood. This is another exceptional example of the collaborative efforts of the two authors. Murder on the Heartstrings has Detective Pete Shasta trying to get away from murder and mayhem to celebrate his wife Lisa's birthday. Seems crime follows the cop everywhere as the hotel masseur is killed the first day of their vacation. Flashback gives us Detective Danny Vincent trying to solve a bizarre case where a woman apparently became the mate of the devil for seven months then returns to go on a killing spree. Double Take pits officers Amber Carfi and Warren Jensen against an art thief. Mix in a little marijuana selling, the possibility that Amber is pregnant and Voila! another great suspense. Retribution sometimes happens in strange ways. Melody Vincent and Lisa Shasta are getting a little tired of the femme fatale enticing all the men in the neighborhood. Lisa stumbles into a crime that threatens her life. Up In Smoke tells the tale of the poor Christmas tree farm owner with the nagging wife. In Ghost of the Past, sixteen year old Ericka Callister has everything until she gets pregnant and makes a life altering decision. Life goes on in Falcon's Bend amidst tragedy the officers see in their work. All this reviewer can wish is the authors don't run out of ideas for unique villains! This book, like all the others in the series, is superbly crafted, full of action and great police work." ~Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

4 stars! "These six short stories, a collection of cases solved by Falcon's Bend detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent and patrol officers Amber Carfi, are all suspenseful and entertaining." ~Barb Anderson for RT BookReviews

5 Stars! “I truly felt bad for Detective Pete Shasta in Murder on the Heartstrings when his plan to take his wife on a romantic trip is thwarted. They barely arrive at the resort when they’re snowed in--and there’s a murder. Pete’s on his own, given that the local authorities can’t get to the lodge with the roads impassable. I have to give Pete a high five for at least making the effort to et away from work with his wife, even if it didn’t work, and the together time they had was Lisa helping him solve a murder. This story was a real head scratcher. In Flashback, Detective Danny Vincent always gets the creepy cases whenever his partner is away. A missing woman suddenly shows up again after seven months. Before Lucinda Staub disappeared without a trace, she was married to an older man and had an affair with her neighbor (and boss). Her husband refused to give her a divorce and her lover refused to run away with her unless she was divorced. Since showing up again out of the blue, she’s claiming to have no memory of where she's been or how she returns seven months pregnant. Just like Danny is, I found the quirky circumstances unsettling. As I read, I constantly had to look over my shoulder. This story really creeped me out! In Double Take, Victor Brooks, the owner of Brook's Gallery is married to Risa Nitzberg from Fixated in Falcon's Bend Case Files, Volume I. When three paintings are taken from his gallery, Amber and Jensen are called to the case. I loved how they used their abilities to solve this mystery. In Retribution, both Lisa and Melody aren’t too happy that their husbands Pete and Danny spending so much time in the backyard watching their neighbor strut around in a tiny bikini. Cassandra just moved in the house next door with her two children who aren’t allowed to play in the backyard. Jealousy aside, Lisa and Melody are convinced something isn't right next door. With Melody now pregnant, my heart ached for Lisa, who can’t have children of her own. The two wives decide to take matters in their own hands. Lisa caught the sleuthing bug in Murder on the Heartstrings, and it was interesting (scary for Pete) to watch her solve this. In Up in Smoke, Pete wants to find the perfect Christmas gift for his wife. I understood how hard it was for him, knowing Lisa was ready to start a family together by adopting, but he came from a dysfunctional family. He’s not sure if he’s emotionally up to the task of fatherhood. This mystery was so funny, I laughed myself silly while Pete rooted out the criminal who set fire to the only Christmas tree farm in Falcon's Bend! In Ghost of the Past, a story unfolds about a spoiled 16 year old who got pregnant. Scared, she gave birth and put the baby, alive, in a dumpster! Now, countless years later, Ericka believes she's being stalked. Amber solves this 16-year-old mystery, leaving the reader feeling sad and shocked. All these stories make me hunger to read the next in the series and find out if Danny gets any more weird cases!” ~Linda's Reviews

“The return to Falcon’s Bend for six more cases is a terrific anthology that looks deep into the lives of cops and their significant others as each thrives for normalcy while also conducting investigations into the abnormal behavior of criminals.” ~reviewed by Harriet Klausner for Follow the Clue’s-bend-case-files-volume-ii-karen-wiesner-and-chris-spindler/

4.5 stars overall! “4 Stars! Murder on the Heartstrings: I had fond memories of the tales of Sherlock Holmes when everyone within the luxury resort were told to gather in the lobby for questioning. The story fills just under one hundred pages. This means I found myself treated to a short "who-dunnit" mystery with ample enough information to test my wits and try to solve the case before Pete and Lisa did. 3 Stars! Flashback: Detective Danny Vincent had begun to superstitiously associate Pete Shasta's vacations with spooky, unsettling cases. Anytime his partner took time off, Danny seemed to get the most eerie and bizarre calls. This time is no different. Readers...follow Danny as he struggles to make sense of what is going on. I did enjoy the supernatural elements. 4 Stars! Double Take: The officers in this investigation helped Danny during the last story. By showing Carfi and Jensen having their own personal lives, outside of the art theft case, it made them more realistic to me. Well done! 5 Stars! Retribution: Lisa steps into the spotlight for this mystery. Lisa may not have kids of her own, but she is sharp as a tack when it comes to paying attention to kids. The first story of this book seems to have given Lisa a taste of Nancy Drew's life style--and she loves it! 4 Stars! Up in Smoke: This case is short, only about fifteen pages. This is where it finally hit me that the personal lives of the Shasta and Vincent families are continuously running subplots throughout all the stories. 4 Stars! Ghost of the Past: Pete Shasta has a cameo or two in this story, but Amber is the main focus. Ericka's crime is told in a long prologue. Therefore, readers know from the beginning who the teen following Ericka must be. So the question for readers now is, What does he want?” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 Stars! “Murder On The Heartstrings: Fun whodunit read. Flashback: Weird and spooky barely scratch the surface for this story. No easy explanations for this scary, but engrossing, tale. Double Take: The mystery is a good one and we briefly, thank goodness, see Agent Lock again. Retribution: The title of this story couldn’t be more perfect, great read! Up In Smoke: This case is just flat out funny. Ghost of the Past: A truly excellent short on the consequences of our actions. FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume II takes place after the books. I very much enjoyed catching up with some characters from previous stories. I’m caught up on the whole series now and really looking forward to a new book. I still think it’s amazing that this series is written by two authors in different countries. It all flows so seamlessly and, as I’ve said before, is one of the absolute best procedurals being written. If mysteries/procedurals are your thing, the Falcon’s Bend Series should be considered a must read.” ~IvyD for Manic Readers

4 Stars! “A deliciously intriguing place to read about, but I won’t want to live there. Those were my thoughts as I finished reading the six sagas that comprise the latest Falcon’s Bend chronicle, FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume II. Valiantly, detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent and their families carry the reader through horrors that pass as everyday occurrences in the Falcon’s Bend. Authors Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler do a solid job of stoking and sustaining what I have come to call “the Falcon’s Bend Creepies,” even when the book’s characters are not in Falcon’s Bend. The first story, for example, Murder on the Heart Strings, finds Pete and Lisa Shasta heading for a romantic Valentine’s getaway at an isolated and distant mountain resort. But murder finds them there anyway. Shut in by a blizzard, the spot is so remote that Pete is the only law on the scene, and Lisa finds herself working as her husband’s right hand sleuth. You get the picture: Honeymoon Haven Inn morphs into The Orient Express. Meanwhile, back at The Bend, Danny Vincent attempts to hold his nerves together while managing his wife’s first pregnancy and a case in which a husband claims his wife has come back from the dead. Flashback emits such an unsettling, bizarre atmosphere I didn’t close my shower curtain for two days. On the other hand, Up in Smoke had me laughing throughout all of its wacky fifteen pages. And when the Shastas return to Falcon’s Bend from their “relaxing” vacation, Lisa continues to hone her gumshoe skills in Retribution. Wiesner and Spindler have perfected the fine art of developing characters while not slowing down the plot. For example, in Double Take, the interaction between Patrol Officers Amber Carfi and Warren Jensen gives us deeper knowledge of their personal lives without diverting off into a romance novel. The couple remain cops focused on the main narrative: finding an insatiable art thief. FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume II is like a box of six small candies. Each story is a tasty morsel, just enough, complete and fulfilling. And the wonderful thing about this batch of goodies? When you finish reading them, you can go back and read them again. They are just that good.” ~Readers Favorite

“This collection of mystery mini-novels include police procedural, amateur sleuthing, paranormal, and revenge stories. The heroes and heroines who range from detective working for the Falcon’s Bend police department to their significant others/spouses are trying to have a normal family life in spite of the murders and mysteries that keep interrupting their vacations, family plans. My favorite [story] is “Retribution” because the suspense is built nicely. Lisa places herself in danger by going alone to talk to a dangerously suspicious man who has lied about his name and his relationship to the children. Even after she is abducted and placed in a car trunk, she is able to help free herself and the two children and to help solve the missing person case. I admire both her courage and her ability to think quickly.” ~reviewed by Kathy Johnson for TCM Reviews

“FALCON’S BEND CASE FILES, Volume II includes 284 pages with six short stories featuring Detectives Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent (along with Officers Carfi and Jenson). The stories are well written, properly mysterious, and give a real life feel for characters we know from previous books. “Murder on the Heartstrings” is an entertaining, plausible story. “Flashback” will send shivers up your back. Do not read it in the dark, alone. It features Danny Vincent, who is sure he gets all the supernatural cases when Pete is out of town. “Double Take” is about a missing painting. “Retribution” finds Lisa Shasta and Melody Vincent (wives of Pete and Danny) rescuing two children, and putting away a kidnapper and a rapist. “Up in Smoke” is about the destruction of a Christmas tree farm at the peak of the season. Was it an accident or was it arson? “Ghost of the Past” features Officer Amber Carfi as she befriends a woman who claims someone is following her. The moral of this story is ‘Be sure your sins will find you out’.” ~Pat Elliott for Book Loons Reviews

“Murder on the Heartstrings: I love a good mystery! A man and wife detective team even better. The two planned a nice quiet vacation, and instead are stuck in a winter storm and Pete is coerced into detective duty. Lisa, I feel your pain. I found this story to be enjoyable. I loved how Pete and Lisa's different ideas meshed, and the confusion over who the killer was, was well played. Overall, a good read for a snowy winter afternoon. Flashback: Of all of the stories in the collection, this is my favorite. The very first chapter will reel you in, and you won't want to stop until it's all over. There is suspense and mystery combined with a hint of supernatural, making Flashback reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock. I loved learning the details along with Danny. Double Take: Wow. For a small town, Falcon's Bend sure has a lot of crime. Some weird ones at that. In Double Take, we have stolen art. To Amber and Warren, it sounds like a serial crime, and they just know the thief will be back. I enjoyed the interaction between hero and heroine. The mystery itself was the focus of the story though, and I do like the way the authors kept me invested in the story. Double Take is a sweet story. Retribution: What a year the Falcon's Bend Police Department is having! Who says small towns are boring? In Retribution, Lisa plays a main role in her sleuthing. I liked the fact that she took charge. The ending wasn't what I expected at all. Well-paced and a good length for a quick read. Up In Smoke: A very short case file, a tale of a hen-pecked husband and a psychotic wife. I'd really like to visit Falcon's Bend someday. The citizens are awfully interesting! Up In Smoke is a good story, with a twisty ending that I didn't expect. Ghost of the Past: An eerie tale. Amber stumbles on a strange case of a woman with a guilty conscience and a young man with a vendetta...or is it? We've tied up a loose end with Amber and Warren.” ~Jade Ryan for Between The Lines Review

“Murder on the Heartstrings: This is a classic Christie style mystery with a group of strangers stranded at a murder scene. The author does a good job of presenting the mystery and creates some very vivid and unique characters. Flashback: This is an interesting if bizarre tale. Double Take: This is an interesting mystery with a few intriguing side trips. I really enjoyed it and the chemistry between Warren and Amber. I also enjoyed reading about their reactions to the possibility that Amber might be pregnant. Retribution: Lisa Shasta is coming into her own as a sleuth and once again finds vital clues to solve the mystery, nearly costing her her life. Her longing for a child is getting stronger, making her more intuitive in this case. Up in Smoke: In this story, Pete Shasta cleverly solves a tricky case, while working on some personal problems. The mystery is well written with a nice twist at the end. This is a quick and enjoyable mystery. Ghost of the Past: Amber solves another intriguing mystery in her own inimitable style. Her relationship with Warren is still going strong, even if he has been acting a bit strange. I am amazed at their closeness. Being together twenty-four seven is difficult. This is an excellent collection of stories. I would hesitate to move to Falcon's Bend due to the inordinate amount of violent and bizarre crime, but really enjoy reading about the strange things that happen there.” ~Maura for Coffee Time Romance & More


Reviews for AS PATIENT AS DEATH, Book 5

5 Stars! “The fifth Falcon’s Bend Series mystery is a twisting (even more than San Francisco’s Lombard Street), tense amateur sleuth story that contains a viable but stunning climax. Extremely difficult to put down for even a moment, the captivated audience (and Lisa) will want to know what really is going on with the Boca couple.” ~MBR Bookwatch/Harriet Klausner

“Though this is number five in the Falcon’s Bend Series, the authors did a good job of bringing the reader up to speed with the characters and past events. As the story moves along, it becomes apparent that nothing is as it seems. If you like reading a mystery that follows a crooked path, one that will keep you guessing to the end, AS PATIENT AS DEATH, is one for you.” ~Kings River Life Magazine

4 Stars! “You do not have to read the previous mysteries to enjoy this one, but for those who have read them you will be see more of the ongoing dramas among the main and secondary characters. As for the Bocas, I admit to having a difficult time trying to figure out if Jerome was “a Prince Charming or a creep” and if Eva was “a liar of just brave and selfless.” The situation becomes even more convoluted when Eva’s brother enters the scene. This episode has many twists, turns, and even a few surprises that will keep all mystery fans guessing. Wonderful!” ~Huntress Reviews

5 Stars! "I like that As Patient as Death contains more of the Falcon's Bend residents' lives. Investigative partners at the Falcon's Bend Police Department, Pete and Danny have a lot going on in their personal lives. Danny's having a hard time with his marriage. I understood how hard it was for him to be cool with his beautiful wife's boss flirting with her, especially when she starts coming home from work later and later each night. He's afraid to lose her (and possibly their daughter), and the couple fight every day. Pete and Lisa's family is growing, and I was so proud of Pete for agreeing to adopt despite his own emotional issues stemming from his upbringing on the subject of family. Lisa has quit her job to be a full-time mommy. But she caught the amateur sleuth bug in previous books in the series and now her obsession with their suspicious new neighbor is causing problems none of them could have imagined. She even gets Patrol Officer Amber Jensen to look into the husband's background because she's so certain he's up to no good, maybe even trying to kill his wife. My fear for her inadvisable snooping made me wonder how this could possibly end well. Thankfully, there's never a dull moment in Falcon's Bend these days. I can't wait to read the last few books in the series, but hopefully Lisa loses her interest in detective work after this traumatic experience!" ~Linda's Reviews

“This unique novel contains many twists, turns, and surprises keeping readers guessing until the very last page, the most interesting wrap-up I’ve ever read. The novel addresses a number of important issues including relationships, terminal illnesses, and family issues causing readers to shed a tear or two. It’s amazing how much goes on in this small sleepy town, and how many people think they know, but they don’t. …the story line is provocative and well worth reading.” ~BellaOnline's Mystery Books


Reviews for PRETTY FLY, Book 6

5 Stars! “There is never a dull moment in this mystery drama (and romance). The focus switches between the relationships of Danny’s family, [his sister] Shayna and [her boyfriend] Gage, and a serial killer who has unusual way of killing someone with small chance of discovery. Something is always going on. This is the type of story where you really must pay attention or you may miss something vital. As I read, my rainy afternoon seemed to fly by. (I looked up and was surprised to notice the sun had gone down.) Karen Wiesner packs a lot in each Falcon’s Bend novel. Even a couple of secondary characters (two dating patrol officers) get a bit of time in the spotlight. I cannot recommend this story highly enough.” ~Huntress Reviews

5 Stars! “Falcon’s Bend police detective Danny Vincent's sister, Shayna and her co-worker Gage’s feelings for each other run deep. But Gage has a dark secret he’s afraid will end their relationship if he reveals. And, when it does finally come out, Shayna flees to her hometown of Falcon’s Bend. Naturally, something bad happens immediately. She’s staying with Danny and Melody, and his neighbor is Shawn Futrell, the source of her bad-boy crush as a teenager. Even now, his hypnotic spell on her doesn’t seem to have broken. Meanwhile, Danny and his investigative partner Pete Shasta have a difficult case to solve. They’re called out to a campsite where they discover Shawn’s wife, who’s been missing for a week, is dead inside the tent with her illicit lover. As suspicions abound and too many suspects are in question, I found myself without a clue who the murderer was. This book rocked me with the emotions pulling at me from all the characters’ situations even as the mystery scared me into nail-biting reading.” ~Linda's Reviews



4 Stars! "This is a collection of six novellas involving the characters from the Falcon's Bend Police Department (Falcon's Bend Series). You do not have to be familiar with the series or the characters to love these tales of crimes and adventures. Each novella picks up where the previous leaves off, but the characters change. This makes the novel a more interesting read for me. Each novella has a synopsis, followed by a review. Enjoy. First Sight: Sloane may not believe in love at first sight, but she soon believes in love at first sound. Though Warren and Amber are responding officers, Chad is the real hero. I am amazed how the authors were able to give the characters developed backgrounds even though the story is novella in size. Super job. Identity: Warren and Amber from the previous novella are mentioned but take a backseat as the story focuses on the Shasta family. Pete may be a cop, as was his father, but his sister Crystal was the opposite. Having served her time, the authors brought the siblings together. Watching this family's drama play out was considerably interesting to me. Cupid's Romance: Characters from the two previous novellas in this novel are mentions but only in passing. Though Amber is Danny's temporary partner, the main focus is on him. The man with the stalker is shady from the start and I, as the reader, found his accusations against his wife to be volatile. Until Danny asked if he know one hundred percent that it was his wife, the man would consider no one else. The authors insert an interest twist toward the end to make the story even more intriguing. Out of Mind: For those who do not know, anterograde amnesia means the person goes to sleep and forgets everyone and everything that happened to her since the trauma or event. Molly is twenty years old and wakes up believing she is five. The story is...very well told. Time is also spent with Amber and her husband, whose lives together becomes more developed. Lonely Hearts: This novella is told from the viewpoint of several characters, mainly Shelley and Lisa's. All the characters from the former novellas are preparing for a busy holiday and, feeling as though I know them personally by now, it is fun to watch the group as they begin to gather. Shelley and Ariel have been in previous novels, but if you have not read any of the previous titles, you will still be able to fully enjoy this story of fraud and murder. Assassin: This novella, in my humble opinion, should have been a full-sized novel." ~Huntress Reviews




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